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    The Truth Changes Everything.

    Friday, December 28 2012
    Hope and Steffy bicker over Liam, Bill reacts to Caroline's betrayal, and Caroline prepares to face Bill.

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    Posted by hecate2909 at Sunday, December 30 2012 10:39 AM

    @notodo - Hoola's and LMAO!

    "so beat him down Danielle...beat that sucker down....LOL"

    Loves It!

    I needed a good Chuckle!

    (Smiles @ Ya!)

    Posted by hecate2909 at Sunday, December 30 2012 10:43 AM

    @ceelo - Yes Hun! Brooke was Right about that! but so very WRONG about Liam!

    Dammit Brooke!

    I find it hard to stay mad at Brooke for very long!
    but then she keeps doing things that P me off!

    Now she is into Bill!
    I am Madder than the Mad Hatter at Brooke Still!

    But Rick is a better Man because of Caroline's influence!
    they do make a good couple!


    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 30 2012 11:03 AM

    hecate2909 !i cannot see why any woman or mother will ever want a man like loser liam for there child.. WHY..

    Posted by hecate2909 at Sunday, December 30 2012 11:04 AM

    @ceelo - LOL!
    Yes he needs to Suffer!

    "thank you .. but we useing a basball bat ..for p...let thats
    no gun dead to fast.. slow death is better.."
    He's going Down!
    and I hope he loses Everything! and Everyone!


    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 30 2012 11:28 AM

    hecate2909 I hate big man playing with people life..

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 30 2012 11:28 AM

    hecate2909 I hate big man playing with people life..

    Posted by hecate2909 at Sunday, December 30 2012 11:47 AM

    @ceelo - Me Too!

    (Smiles & Winks)

    Posted by SUMMERSTORM at Sunday, December 30 2012 12:56 PM


    Posted by YeaRight at Sunday, December 30 2012 03:59 PM

    @YeaRight - Okay you have explained respectfully so I will afford you the same courtesy!

    I have not been enjoying my time on the Board mostly because of the Level of Hate I see directed at a character I Love!

    I know she isn't real but she evokes Real feelings in me!

    The bashers just run off their mouths with No Thought to consider the other posters if anything to provoke and bait them!
    I have had enough of that juvenile behaviour!

    There is a rumour that you have more than one posting persona!
    which you just explained how your style changes in your response to me!
    I also find that to be true! how we do adopt each others Style and terminology at times!
    I guess I just don't want the hassle any more of Debating with people who have no intention of seeing any other perspective or giving credence to any other opinion!

    Apologies if I seemed Harsh!

    I am just trying to Cut Through The BS!

    I am over being Taunted and provoked!

    I just want to post about the show that i love and support the characters I love!

    I guess my dislike of Taylor and how vocal I am about it may make me seem a bit of a hypocrite!
    and I truly hate Bill!

    The difference I see is in that I believe they deserve it and Hope does not!

    Though I know you have many arguments that support the opposite theory!

    I am just not wanting to engage and do Daily Battle as it is exhausting and not much fun mentally!

    (Smiles & Sighs)
    Sorry to take so long to respond, on a family outing with friends.

    To the poster who ask if I would want a daughter like Steffy, I have three daughters, and they are great girls. To be honest I don't have a vested interest in how the characters act in certain ways, I don't mix it up with real life, that why I don't feel or get really upset when Steffy get diss, and I don't fly off the handle at posters who berate or call her degrading names because its just sparring to me and I pick a side base on what I saw when I start out watching as a child, and use information available and my interpretations to put forth a worthy defence or a rebuttal.

    Hecate, to be honest 100% I don't hate any of the characters, they are all fun and useful and play their part to make the soap interesting.

    It was a real pleasure to meet Kitt077 the other day, glad you found your friend again.

    I love the daily battle, its fun to me, sometimes I don't enter because I see that others are holding down the fort, so I just relax and read, other times I am in battle mode ready to defend my Steffy fearlessly, everyday before I enter I read several sites, I google key words to check the status, spoilers, any form of interview, which character made the gold standard, I just love information to banter.

    To me the real bashers are persons who hate the posters and disrespect them just because they have a different opinion.

    You know what I wish, I wish this board was more interactive so we the posters play games, like having reverse day, where we switch team just for the fun of it.

    I get your views and understand, I understand your support Hope and see why you are so protected, but I won't support her ever,only if she she is as bad or worst than how others see Taylor as Hope is too judge mental and smug because she been given everything (Brook and Ridge and everyone over compensate for her lowly conception ),as a result all the other kids were back burner and though maybe not intentionally were treated less favourably and made to feel inferior.

    So I back Steffy, she has had to work hard and compete to get any attention from her dad because Hope was always the focus, and on the first day of work, she was basically overthrown for Hope who was just an intern still in high school, yes Steffy has made some mistakes but she was a young angry impressionable woman and instead of reaching out to her, Brook threw her under the bus while Ridge just stood there and watched all Steffy hard work go down the drain while she was humiliate, no wonder Steffy became upset and became hell bent of holding her own. Steffy is fierce and loyal and any flaws are as a result of the trauma at the hands of Brook and her weak spine less father who instead of treating all the kids equally, he kept Hope on a pedestal where she could do no wrong, while Steffy was left to feel like she had to work very hard to earn his love at all times, no wonder Steffy work so hard in her relationship with Liam. So I give Steffy a break, she has been through a lot and deserve it so Steffy all the way. Lol

    Posted by YeaRight at Sunday, December 30 2012 04:15 PM

    I meant only if she took a bullet for Steffy, otherwise she is worst than how others view Taylor, twice as judgement and she does free advertisements with her press conferences. Lol

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