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    So Many Memories.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Hope and Liam recall Italy, Taylor visits Brooke, and Steffy questions Bill.

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    Posted by uggh at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:43 AM

    oh-oh wait, wait, wait - notodo

    Maybe I don't want a "safety"

    I don't want the change of possession

    Never mind - I'm staying away from "bling"


    Posted by teacup1 at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:43 AM

    Just stopping in to say hi to all..have good weekend. Arthritic hands acting up so no extra use. Enjoy all!

    Posted by H and S fan at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:43 AM

    For those who are sick of the triangle... It looks like its going to be on for awhile, but this new Latino they're bringing onto the show will possibly be the end of it... Lets keep our fingers crossed!

    It also looks like Brooke is going to end up breaking up another marriage, and end up pregers after all is said and done... Not sure tho, that storyline still a puzzle in working progress...

    Posted by notodo at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:46 AM


    I will NEVER look at a safety the same way again...LOL

    Hard for me to type......from water in my eyes....

    Have a great day my "witty" friend......I'm still laughing!

    Hard for me to type......from water in my eyes....

    Posted by uggh at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:46 AM


    lol - I was laughing so hard too - so much fun with you my friend!


    Posted by ceelo at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:52 AM

    uggh i am still there but i like next door right now they doing well .. with nicole gabi and kristen ..
    i hope and pray that hope did not take loser liam back..
    i hate that boy..

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Saturday, December 01 2012 08:04 AM

    Posted by crystalturquoise at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:25 AM

    Why is Taylor being called names and being bashed; She was the only one trying to help Katie. Brooke knows what Taylor is telling her is the truth; Taylor doesn't what Katie to go through what she went through with Brooke;remember Taylor was the one who told Katie about her daughter & Bill. Taylor is not a saint, but she does know Brooke and what she is capable of. Steffy is being bashed for?????, oh she is making out with the man she lives with. I noticed that Hope didn't go to see Will or Katie just stood there giggling with Liam hmm.... why did she come over there? Caroline you're so quick to rat out Bill; how about telling Liam what Rick did; and while you're at it find out the whole story; Bill got Deacon out of jail to break up Hope and Liam; but Deacon made the choice to sell his daughter out. If Deacon was any kind decent father he would of refused to help Bill with his scheme; blame Bill all you want, Deacon could of just told Hope the truth and been there as her father and not let Bill use him to mess with his daughter. No amount of money in the world would be enough of me to ever deceive and hurt my child.

    Thank you and love this post!!!

    Posted by Makemelaugh at Saturday, December 01 2012 08:58 AM

    After watching this episode this morning, I have to comment..
    Who the heck is Steffy to question Bill. She clearly thinks she is the matriarch of the family...Stephanie is dead. Dont get confused Steffy!
    ...and don't act like Katie is your family. She is not! You tried to steal her man. Bill is an idiot, he should have kicked her and her spikes out the door!

    Then there is her self-riteous mother, Taylor acting all noble and caring, who questions brooke on what happened with Bill? Please Taylor, you will jump all over Bill in a heart beat if he will have you! Seriously Steffy and Taylor need to find real jobs and butt out of the Logans lives.

    Then there is Bills equally idiotic offspring, who is confused in the brain and cannot decipher between love and lust...he really needs to man up and pick a woman! Oh sorry, my mistake he is just a boy trying to be a man! Wait till you mature kiddo, then you can go after the girl you love if she will still have you. You don't what to end up old and lonely like Taylor, cause that's what will happen if you get lost in Steffys lust. That man-eater will chew you up and spit you out boy!

    Posted by teacup1 at Saturday, December 01 2012 09:02 AM

    So sorry to hear about KDmores...condolences to her family!

    Posted by Makemelaugh at Saturday, December 01 2012 09:12 AM

    Let me vent about Rick now...everyone asks why he lied to his sister and still can't come clean...the Forrester blood cells in him overruled the Logan blood cells and he can't think straight. Both his heads are in turmoil and he has lost the ability to decipher between what's the right thing to do and the selfish thing to do...but that's the Forrester in him. Look at his brother ridge going back and forth between the same women and his dad going back an forth with some of the same women. The Morrone's and the Forrester's are cut from the same cloth, that's why they tend to think the same way with Thorne being the humble outcast!

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