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    So Many Memories.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Hope and Liam recall Italy, Taylor visits Brooke, and Steffy questions Bill.

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    Posted by H and S fan at Friday, November 30 2012 01:40 PM

    Kinda feel sorry for Katie in away, first it was Donna with Rocco and now Brooke with Bill, that girl don't stand a chance... Maybe when Ridge comes back into the picture, Katie'll start throwing herself at him...

    Posted by love2lovebrooke at Friday, November 30 2012 01:40 PM

    Posted by girlt22 at Friday, November 30 2012 12:40 PM

    greetings peeps. It's so funny that beggar girls first instinct after seeing Lame with his Love is to jump his bones. That's all she has.

    Taylor Brooke is not your patient, or friend and doesn't owe you a damn thing. In fact you shouldn't be allowed to step foot on her property.

    Doesn't look like Lame is over Hope to me. BTW that blue was amazing... Yup Beggar girl still second choice.

    I'm liking Rick less and less. He's always been my least favorite Logan but he is acting down right slimy and I can't wait for Caroline (nope can't stand her either) to spill the beans. Uncle Bill is going to be furious... Maybe that will bring Karen back into the picture.

    steffy has to erase the image of hope from liam's mind....

    Posted by love2lovebrooke at Friday, November 30 2012 01:44 PM

    Posted by misskay231 at Friday, November 30 2012 12:47 PM

    I dont see how Steffy kissing Liam means that he trying to get his mind off of Hope. I didnt actaully watch, but it didnt seem to me that Steffy seemed upset or jealous by the fact that she was there. But im certainly not surprised by the fact that this conclusion was drawn.

    And even if Liam is not fully over Hope, is it really that surprising? As far as we know they were each others first love. Youre always gonna have a place in your heart for that person. (unless they did something seriosuly unforgiveable) I know for a fact im not completely over my first love. Im pretty sure if Liam went back to Hope he would never fully get over Steffy either.

    yes liam is so wishy-washy, if he does go back to hope he would not be over steffy as he is not over hope...

    Posted by bringondahate at Friday, November 30 2012 01:44 PM

    OMG I remember KDMORES too. Again sorry for your loss and God's speed to you and your family.

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Friday, November 30 2012 01:44 PM

    Posted by mcneer at Friday, November 30 2012 01:18 PM

    @Tabmow my sisters screen names was kdmores

    OH MY GOD.....She was a great person and again I'm so very sorry for your loss!!!

    Posted by girlt22 at Friday, November 30 2012 01:46 PM

    So sorry to hear about KDMORES. I can't remember what team she was down with but I do remember her being really nice. May God grant your family peace.

    Okay Fam gotta get ready for special show tonight. Keep the Peace and Play Nice!

    Posted by renbow at Friday, November 30 2012 01:49 PM

    First Caroline im starting to so not like her stay out people business and hope omg move on even go back to your first man that slept with your mom there are other men my god this show

    Posted by love2lovebrooke at Friday, November 30 2012 01:49 PM

    Posted by girlt22 at Friday, November 30 2012 12:55 PM

    Miskay it wasn't just a kiss. They were horozontial on his father's couch presumably with Her former flame and Hope's aunt upstairs. Gross..... Don't they live together? The only reason to jump his bones in his father's living room is to reestablish he's with her and not Hope. Stef is so insecure and always will be, because in her heart she knows Lame is only with her because Hope won't be. I want Hope to snatch him back then dump him.

    steffy was just REMINDING liam that he is with her and not hope.....

    Posted by Whirlpool at Friday, November 30 2012 02:27 PM

    I am back for now, after back to back bans, I took a break, especially when I was ban for pointing out to authority that I was being bullied, and no I did not email admin, I mentioned it in my post mainly for humour, and a warning to back off, I didn't think any of us would be ban but we both were, oh well I went back to Fb and several boards I have neglected.

    Now to today's post, I must say KKL looked stunning, the best I have seen her in a long time, seems she is fixing up to lure a certain hot blooded brother-in-law she is dreaming about, Brook you are good at buffing, you really want to act all shocked after you kissed Bill more than once for several minutes, you should have just give Taylor a decent apology because you know you did exactly what she tried to warned you about.

    Steffy, why did you have to fall for Liam, you and Bill are hot just by being in the same room, and deep down you must still love that man, I feel that like Brook you subconsciously settle for Liam to be near Bill, except Brook settle for the father Eric to be with the son Ridge. You are a powerful dynamic woman who is stuck with Liam

    Hope, you dolt, when you had Liam, you wouldn't even crack a smile, you were busy preaching down at him with scorn and you let him humiliate himself over and over before an audience to castrate his manhood and you wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole why just a few weeks ago you told Liam "The way you love me... just isn't good enough for me anymore". You even tell him to be with Steffy and you also gave Steffy your wedding ring. However now that he is happy and has move on and is no longer begging or bothering you, now that he has made a clean break, all of a sudden you can find time to giggle, and look lovingly at him and talk to him and is glad for morsels of his company. And Hope you are such a liar, you knew Liam would be there, after all its a family get together and he is Will brother and Bill son, and you knew Steffy would be there because she and Liam are inseparable, they are either together or looking for each other to be together so what you saw you deserve to see, no one should feel sorry for you.

    Liam dude, pick a candy bar already, you love who is in your orbit at the moment, not cool.
    If you want Hope, go back, cut Steffy lose permanently not even as a casual friend because you too are too connected emotionally and physically to be mere friends, be brutal to Steffy if you have to or:
    If you want Steffy, stop treating Hope like this piece of glass that you are afraid will break, you are still worried about Hope's feelings and still feel guilty and feel a sense of responsibility for her happiness. Get over the guilt and rip off the band aid, removing it slowly is way more painful. Move forward completely and let somebody else worry about Hope fragile ego, I mean if she want you then she should have kept the ring you put on it and sign the damn paper and then get counselling miles away.

    Taylor you did good, but do you think Brook will tell you the truth. You have done your job, now leave them alone

    Caroline dishonesty got you Rick and it didn't brother you so get lost with your selective morality, if you cared about honesty or integrity you would not knowingly hook up with slimy manipulative cry baby Rick who manipulate Thomas and Hope to get you.

    Rick, I have a feeling that you still process an ounce of conscience, that's why you want Steffy to be happy after the way you traumatise her and change her for the worst with Brook blessing.

    Well, that me I won't tarry long here
    Shadow, Behold, Dash, CBF, HBC,Notodo,YR, and company and Tabmow howdy and see you when I see you

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, November 30 2012 02:33 PM

    Brooke are you stuck on stupid? You have some nerve saying Taylor deserved that slap after tonguing your brother-in-law. The reason you really slapped Taylor is because she knows you very, very, well. And you proved her right.

    Watch your face Taylor. You are telling Brooke the truth about herself again. Saying she didn't look too happy to see Katie.

    So Bill grabbed that piece of trash and kissed her passionately. And being the upstanding lady she is, I know she slapped his face. And if she didn't, maybe she should slap her own. Home wrecker.

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