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    Together At The End.

    Tuesday, November 20 2012
    Brooke cares for Stephanie, Eric joins the meeting, and Katie's in the hospital.

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    Posted by glovers67 at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:33 AM

    Thomas is doing what he does best and is just like sister and even Taylor for that matter and that is taking advantage of the the situation with Eric and Ridge being gone.
    I bet Thomas was hoping that no one would question anything and just vote for whatever he says and not contact Eric.I mean I agree with some post that all Eric had to do was get on the phone and tell Thomas he will not be making any of these types of major decisions without the okay from him and that's that and his grandmother is dying and to get off his ego trip.

    Anyway interim CEO should not be able to make major decisons like this and duties should be limited until a permanent CEO can be assigned.
    So glad Eric told Thomas what his duties are as interim since he is trying to making all things major changes and what research takes a couple days.
    Why are the three stooges involved in making decisons(Marcus, Thomas and Steffy and how does Caroline have any input .There should be more people with tenure and fashion business sense then just family members.There should be other members of the FC board like lawyers,accountants CFO and a business manager.I would even welcome Brooke to weigh in on this as well.Everyone that supports this vision ironically is only a Forestor in name only yet want to call all the shots. This can wait until Stephanie passes on.Stephanie asked for peace and there has been everything but peace.

    I bet Eric is not going to make it in time but will be bursting through the door just as Stephanie passes.(tears)Everyone at this meeting should be ashamed of themselves that Eric has to come and postpone this b.s vision that Thomas has in his head.

    And as far as Katie ,Dr Taylor can do an involuntary commitment if Katie does not want to admit she needs help.Sometimes a doctor has to use their best judgement when a patient is not acting rational.Finally Taylor is doing what she should have done a long time ago.

    I guess these writers think we will buy any dumb situation they decide to dream of but everything lately has been so ridiculous.If our loved one was going around saying they are dying and taking extreme measures not to be found and sneaking around town and living like a skidrow homeless person we will call 911 for a mental evaluation at least having a medical professional decide what should be done.Taylor of all people should know this because she is a doctor.

    Bill's arrogant azz is not even trying to find her with all his money.Bill called Hope insane or looney for taking pills now his wife is mentally ill I can't wait for his reaction now .I wonder will he leave Katie because of her illness.I wonder how Bill feels or will feel when he realizes that Katie needs mental help.

    Posted by grizzskin at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:35 AM

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:18 AM

    Sparks at forrestor! YAY!!! And someone should remind Thomas he is not a forrestor. I am really likeing JR as being Rick. I like his scheming ways....Way more fun than a stupid 3 year love triangle. LOL!!!

    Thoma$ (he has earned his $) may not be a "Forrester" but he owns/controls more FC stock than anyone named Forrester...

    You don't have to be named after the company to run the company.....

    just sayin'

    Posted by love2lovebrooke at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:36 AM

    it took steffy a nano minute to move in with liam

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:39 AM

    Eric leaving Stephanie at a time like this is the sort of thing we have come to expect - in real life it would be worse than ridiculous.

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:40 AM

    Is Caroline and Marcus on the board now?

    Posted by Brenna3 at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:42 AM

    Better to move in than plan premature weddings

    Posted by GrandmaJackie at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:43 AM

    why do they always got to kill the good ones off the show why not kill brook and hope and rick off the show in a plan crash

    Posted by SandiBeach at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:43 AM

    Okaaaay . . . SO, I was temporarily punished, sent to the dungeon, walking the plank, etc. . . blah. blah, blah . . ., but I'm not mad. It's either you concentrate on the good or the evil, which is why I post here . . .

    I'm with the GOOD, starting with my girl Brooke. Sure she has flaws and CLAWS, I might add, but she doesn't have an evil bone in her body, that's why Stephanie wanted Brooke with her when she passes. Stephanie always was a wise woman, an always wanted balance, you see EVIL wanted GOOD with her when she went on her next journey, so that there would be balance in the world. This is getting kinda of long, therefore I'm forced to start the next GOOD vs. EVIL in another post . . . see ya!!!

    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:43 AM

    umm Are... and Glovers67 already has put into words most of how I feel about this meeting.

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, November 20 2012 11:45 AM

    @SandiBeach lol, glad your back, didn't know you were in time out.

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