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    Drifting Away.

    Wednesday, October 10 2012
    Brooke refuses Stephanie's offer, Hope gets an answer to her question, and Bill turns to Brooke for help.

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    Posted by NetB at Thursday, October 11 2012 05:09 AM

    Posted by hecate2909 at Wednesday, October 10 2012 03:45 PM

    Hecate: finally a nice long post that actually makes sense and not boring either.

    Posted by BabetteUpshaw at Thursday, October 11 2012 05:27 AM

    Posted by hecate2909 at Wednesday, October 10 2012 06:18 PM

    Hecate you know bloody well what Hope did wrong. She had the misforturate of being Brooke Logan's Daughter.

    Cause you know with every argument about Hope it always ends Cause she a LOGAN..

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, October 11 2012 05:50 AM

    Posted by teacup1 at Thursday, October 11 2012 04:40 AM

    @mikadiny I am very happy to hear you survived and are able to love and raise your precious daughter! We banter over soap characters but in real life we all have our trials and some story lines hit closer to home . God Bless you and your family

    teacup....hi there!

    Which comments of mikadiny are you responding to above.....can't find it!................just curious

    I'm all over the place

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, October 11 2012 05:53 AM


    Never mind hun...I found it on page 22....thanks

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, October 11 2012 05:57 AM

    Posted by WhateverShesHaving at Wednesday, October 10 2012 07:13 PM

    SMH at some of these posts! Bell should be proud, I guess, that he brings out the worst in the viewers - vitriolic rants seem to be the norm for some - just blows my mind.


    Hadn't read all the posts but I guess I haven't missed much!

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:01 AM

    Good morning Blueintexas, NetB, Babette, Teacup

    you ladies are up with the chickens (up & posting surprise from Blue though)

    have a great day

    duty calls

    Posted by BabetteUpshaw at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:30 AM

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:01 AM

    Good morning Blueintexas, NetB, Babette, Teacup

    you ladies are up with the chickens (up & posting surprise from Blue though)

    have a great day

    duty calls

    Good morning and take care have a great day..

    LOl and the reason I am up cause the puppy and the older dog deciced it be fun to play right by my head when I was trying to sleep LOL

    Posted by Fedup2010 at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:53 AM

    BHOLD.....I know it's a soap but it is just some things that are not FUNNY!! and are serious subjects.....Thank you very much!!!!! This is why I stopped writing about this soap!!!!!

    Posted by Whirlpool at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:56 AM

    I was watching yesterday's episode and all I can say is 'wow.'
    Hope is seriously mess up, and I am glad I am not the only one who sees it. This girl really put herself on a pedestal and love to preach and act condescending, no wonder she is not liked by many BB fans.
    I mean Thomas was there for her at her lowest points even at the detriment of his relationship with Caroline, Thomas look out and stand up and comfort Hope more than he does his own family and Hope in turn snark at him for her brother. She did not ask what happen or anything, she immediately got all condescending and start to lecture Thomas, then she tells Steffy that Rick would have made a great CEO. Seriously Hope! Did you have to bring that up, Thomas is now the CEO and that's it, surely you of all people should be happy for Thomas, as both of you got jobs you were not qualified for or had any experiences to get.

    Another serious mess up behaviour of Hope yesterday is her just barging in the CEO office and then start using it without permission. This girl has some serious entitlement issue, she is so arrogant she pushed the topic with Steffy and Steffy was trying to be mature and tasteful and Hope wouldn't let it drop, insisting on knowing if Steffy and Liam were back together, asking if they had slept together (how perverted is that,it almost like Donna peeking at Liam and Steffy making love for several minutes). Hope does not seem to be mature enough to realised that what Liam does or who he does it with is none of her darned business now that she has dumped him. If this child woman was classy as some persons think she is, when she got the answer she worked so hard to get she should have excused herself and left Thomas' office to go cry in her own office or a private bathroom. She had no business and no right to dismiss Steffy from the CEO's office or any other part of FC, after all Steffy is part owner, a major part owner (only Thomas has 5% more).
    I am just happy Steffy showed class by leaving, and allowing her some dignity to wallow in her self induced pity.

    I think Hope choose to cry in the CEO because she is waiting for Thomas so he can give her a "comfort" kiss and hug. That girl ego is soooooooooo big, Thomas loses his girl because he spend too much time with Hope and instead of Hope retreating so Thomas can try to work it out with Caroline, she choose to hang out in his office to work.

    Hope get a clue and come back down to soap earth. Liam wants you because little boys are thought that the values you fake will make you the ideal wife, but if he marry you he will be bored out of his skull if you are able to keep up the pretence.

    On to a brighter topic. Wow I knew JMW was smoking hottttttttt and a great beauty but seeing her make the cover and make the top 100 beautiful people list is awesome. I notice no one else on BB made the list which proves that JMW is the hottest, most beautiful actress on bold.

    Posted by billsgal at Thursday, October 11 2012 06:58 AM

    Liam did choose Steffy first when Hope and he were talking and Hope assumed he would leave his wife and told him she knew he didn't want to hurt Steffy and he said he was going to honor his marriage vows.

    He chose Steffy first after he found out about the gondola and decided to stay married.

    He chose Steffy on Thanksgiving when Hope tried to kiss him and he didn't respond, Hope then apologized. When has Liam ever not returned a kiss of Steffy's?

    He put Steffy first when she was on the mountain and she told him he didn't have to stay while she was injured. He also put her first when Steffy had to insist he leave the hospital as Ramona was there. He also put Steffy first when he took her back and was going to let her live with he and Hope and Aspen. I would also say he put Steffy first when he stayed with Steffy in stead of running behind Hope.

    You do realize I can say the same about Hope right, when has he ever ran to Hope when he wasn't angry with Steffy. Hell, you want to talk about smothering what was that when Steffy was unconcious in the hospital and Liam had to try to move away from Hope while sitting on Steffy's hospital bed.

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