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    Drifting Away.

    Wednesday, October 10 2012
    Brooke refuses Stephanie's offer, Hope gets an answer to her question, and Bill turns to Brooke for help.

    At Brooke's place, Stephanie invites her to come and stay at their house for a few days. Brooke declines. She talks about needing to be there for Bill and Katie, who almost died.

    Bill arrives at home to find Katie looking despondent on the sofa. She talks to him in a monotone. Bill says she looks exhausted - he'll get some more help. She tells him she's fine, but admits she's still upset with him. Katie says she looks at him and doesn't know who she's looking at. Bill says he's worried about her. She tells him to check the baby but not to wake him up - she hates it when he cries. She goes to nap and Bill calls Brooke to come over, saying there's something wrong with Katie. When Brooke arrives, Bill tells her the problem is him. She asks what he did. He says it's the way she's upset with him - it's different this time - she won't fight back and is distant. Brooke suggests he just talk to her again. Bill admits he feels like he's losing his wife. He says this is deeper and darker than the silent treatment, and she's also detached from the baby - she's drifting away from them. Brooke says they'll bring her out of this and credits Bill for making Katie a strong person. She hugs him.

    Thomas concludes a meeting at Forrester. Hope enters and says, "Your first act as CEO was to throw my brother out a window?" She tells him he needs to rein it in. Steffy appears and says Rick probably deserved it. She asks Hope how she is. Hope snaps, "How do you think?" Thomas heads to the showroom. Steffy and Hope discuss their brothers and then compliment each other's lines. Talk turns to Liam. Hope tells Steffy she did what she had to do with Liam at the hospital. She wonders how long afterward Steffy showed up on his doorstep. Steffy says she didn't know until Liam told her. Hope mocks her for always 'being there'. Steffy doesn't want to rehash everything - it's irrelevant since Hope ended it. Hope wants to know if they're back together. Steffy tries to avoid answering. Hope asks if they've slept together. Steffy sighs, then says, "Yes. We're back together." Hope clears her throat and says she's fine - tell Liam that. She asks Steffy to leave and cries and gasps.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Stephanie and Eric seek medical help when she suffers a health crisis.

    Bill asks Brooke to talk to Katie on his behalf.

    Pam warns Donna not to get ideas about Eric.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Spectacular at Wednesday, October 10 2012 09:42 AM

    Yow B, you right, a really two board them run one time, not shabby at all

    Posted by Spectacular at Wednesday, October 10 2012 09:50 AM

    Hey these writers sure know how to let Taylor knows how to act like a real idiot, I can’t believe she is going to help Katie, when Bill ask her. Taylor woman tell Bill no thanks look for another doctor, do not continue to help those toxic Logans. Taylor if you don’t learn your lesson yet let me remind you.

    1.Katie the hypocrite fires your daughter and she also stole her ideas and gave Hope line. She deliberately sabotages Steffy. Katie told Donna that she wants Steffy gone, so she deliberately watch Steffy presentation for ideas and then give her niece Hope. Yes people will say Steffy was flirting with her husband but hey Katie slept with her niece man and hid her pregnancy from the same niece for months and to add injury to insult she went to the hospital the niece was working for all check up with the neice husband in the room and beg the doctor not to say anything to Bridgette. Yes that same Katie made most of those doctors laugh and probably ridicule Bridgette behind her back AND Katie was forgiven and the same Katie beg Stephanie to give her brother a chance after he shot her, that same hypocrite stick her nose in the air Katie begged Stephanie to forgive Brook for ruining her marriage and almost cost the death of two of Stephanie good good daughter- in-laws. Yes hypocrite Katie wants everybody to sing kum by yah and forgive and forget BUT she holds on to malice and is one bitter piece of nag. Taylor don’t help Katie, run them, tell Bill and Katie to take way themselves from your presence.

    2.Hey Taylor a next thing, you must remember that when Bridgette lie by omission and make you carry her mother child, you must remember that after Brook found the perfect excuse to latch on to your husband and a visit your house nonstop without invitation when you just had the baby and was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad and depressed after all the shock they put you through, learning that you child was ill and Brook was the mother within a day or two, those Logans send you in postpartum depression. and To make matters worse Katie gang up with her sister Brook to make Nick pressure you and take away custody of baby Jack from you. Neither of them saw the hell they were putting you through by accident or design but they were willing to kick you in the teeth while you were down and out and needed assistance, instead of helping you. They make you run for your sanity and gave up everything because they are selfish people. So now I am begging you to run them away, don’t give them a second look.

    3.And Taylor if you still need to be convince, look at how Katie destroy your daughter’s marriage by taking her fast awful self to Steffy and Liam house on a daily basic telling him to leave Steffy. She nag Liam at his workplace too and even send stuff with Hope to give Liam at his house to wreck your daughter's marriage. Katie even bad mouth your daughter non stop right before that loser Ridge, Brook did it too. They terrorize your daughter daily at work and try to make her life hell, if she was fragile like you she probably turn to drugs and they wouldn't give a damn.

    4.Taylor, please remember how Brook make your life hell after you pushed her out of the way and took a bullet for her, then was presume dead and you were kidnapped. After you scarifies your life for her that ungrateful Brook sent your children to boarding school and then push her children front and center and if that was not enough when you got better and came home, she use sex to manipulate and keep your husband Ridge, then when you move on she still try and successfully destroy your marriage to Nick

    5.Taylor take my foolish advice and don’t help Bill and Katie. Don’t even give him a referral, make them fix their own business because if you help Katie remember she and her family are ungrateful and they will still turn on you and your children the minute they get back on top.

    6. Taylor remember Hope the one who pretend that she is sugar and spice and all things nice so that people don’t remember the _____ pool she was born from. Remember how she told Steffy in your presence that she wanted them to get along and she wanted an internship to see her big sister Steffy in action and everything appears to be peaches and sunshine and Steffy agreed that she should stay and let her guard down.
    Remember that same day while you were still in the building Katie, Hope and her family double cross Steffy. Remember how Hope threw a few ideas and made a weak presentation but her family namely Katie roll over Steffy, took her ideas and gave them to Hope, who took them without even a thank you even though she knew where the ideas came from and steam roll Steffy while pretending like her sh3t don’t stink. Nuff said

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 10 2012 09:53 AM

    Exclusive: The Bold and the Beautiful Chief Reveals Plans for Susan Flannery's Shocking Exit
    Michael Logan
    Oct 10, 2012 09:45 AM ET
    by Michael Logan

    Susan Flannery

    We can't say she didn't warn us. After 25 years, three Emmys, and several hints that she's contemplating retirement, Susan Flannery has chosen to exit her role as Stephanie Forrester, the grand matriarch of CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful. That has exec producer-head writer Bradley Bell planning a landmark sendoff, one sure to go down in the TV record books. In the episode set to air Friday, Oct. 12, Stephanie learns that her lung cancer, which had gone into remission, is back and now beyond treatment. Come December, the beloved character will die. TV Guide Magazine spoke exclusively with Bell about his plans for this startling and profound story.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 10 2012 09:54 AM

    Is it too early to start crying. I love you Stephanie, aka Susan Flannery. Queen of Daytime tv.

    Posted by Spectacular at Wednesday, October 10 2012 09:59 AM

    Since this board is now like a ghost town, I'm forwarding till later because me really have to see with my two eyes if the cathy HOPE REALLY TELL THE BIG MAN THOMAS that "Your first act as CEO was to throw my brother out a window?" and a chat bout him must rein it in. Yow air head girl a you make the man go under pressure cause you no see say him lose him woman cause him a try look out for you, as usually someone is on the line for you and you people are ungrateful. if I was Thomas you and your brother along with fool fool Caroline would be out of the building so fash, you'll would have vomit the way how your heads would spin and if the one Eric no like it kick him out too, him no have no power with him little 12.5%, so him and him little stooge Jr should hush up.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 10 2012 10:02 AM

    I'm so sick of Katie. Go somewhere far, far away. Sick of looking at her depressed face. You are looking at the man that tried to kill Amber and her unborn baby. But now Bill has done something to put your family at risk. That you can't take. It's ok for him to harm someone else, that you recognize.

    I guess Bill will have to ship the nut off somewhere. Time for her maternity leave.

    Lord, I loved the break from Hope but she is back talking crazy. Thomas didn't throw papa smurf out the window, he just ended up going through the window. Don't worry. He landed on something soft, his head.

    And what's it to you Hope how long it took Steffy to show up at Liam's. You don't want him, remember. Oh yeah, that was yesterday. Today is a different day. Crying and gasping now. Must be a Logan trait. First Katie, Brooke and now Hope. Don't ask a question that you already know the answer too dear.

    Posted by Spectacular at Wednesday, October 10 2012 10:04 AM

    Yow cowboys fan, it sad for real, we rate Stephanie to the max. My bad, greeting, I am a Steffy fan/ Forrester fan, so nuff respect to Stephanie, aka Susan Flannery. Queen of Daytime tv. God bless

    Posted by Spectacular at Wednesday, October 10 2012 10:06 AM

    kool, you dislike that chick Katie too, she is so insipid it no funny

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 10 2012 10:11 AM

    Ooops, I think I was just suppose to post the link to the Stephanie story. Sorry.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, October 10 2012 10:14 AM

    Well Hope, you ran into Steffy on the slopes of Aspen and didn't seem to care in your high state.

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