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    Nothing But A Decoy.

    Tuesday, October 09 2012
    Bill deals with Deacon, Stephanie reassures Brooke, and Donna and Katie talk.

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    Posted by lu411 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:22 PM

    i have to get back to work see all..

    play nice ..steffy cannot get aways free.

    i can see bill ..begging poor katie .

    katie run for your life.
    and take will with you..

    Posted by notodo at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:25 PM


    take ya later!

    Posted by Wolf Mother at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:27 PM

    @notodo- Thanks!!!!!

    Posted by uggh at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:27 PM


    lol - the writing is driving me bonkers - I think Liam-litis is contagious or is that Liam-tosis

    any hoot.....

    I hope they go see a good "doctor" - they really need help - baaaaa-d-ly

    I guess Bell's budget was taken up by all the trips - he can't hire any knowledge experts and keeps messing up his theme o-the-day. I guess Katie's headed for post-partum blues hence the upcoming Aspen trip-e-rooni coz there are some pics of most of them ih Aspen

    ***** spumor alert ****

    supposedly there's a Dr. Mead - Katie kiss coming.....

    amything will be better than what we have now, sigh....

    and the actor who plays Dr. Mead said that he is not on contract - just comes in when called

    later peeps!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:31 PM

    @Wolf Mother - So very Glad you have decided to return from!
    'The Exodus' As I call it!

    Your posts are kinda neutral but Never medium!


    Posted by Wolf Mother at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:33 PM

    I was just wondering, and I probably shouldn't......... but, with all this hate Brooke says she feels for deacon, I wonder if there will be angry sex involved with those horny little monkeys???? Wouldn't it be terribly frightening, if Brooke and deacon gave Hope a sibling. Brooke is what like 50, can she get preggers??? I know she still has her eggs on ice, why??? Does she plan on taking them out of storage, and putting them to use??? Like I said ... just wondering, and probably shouldn't!!!!!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:34 PM

    @uggh - *lol* I did imagine it just like a cartoon! Taylor's hair was like Billy Whizz!

    Too funny!


    Posted by Tabmow at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:35 PM

    If Katie kisses the doctor and Bill finds out, he could leave her and then fight wonderboy for her affection. Anway, all fun this am - gotta go, take care all.

    Posted by WhateverShesHaving at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:36 PM

    @hecate2909 ~

    Reposting parts of your posts:

    "I find Steffy PITIFUL!"

    (Actually, I find 'despicable', 'skanky', and 'manipulative' fit her better - though she is 'pitiful' when she is willing to take Liam ANY way she can)

    "I hope the Yech! and the Foy! explain my feelings for Bill!
    and any unintended support I may seem to have given him!"

    "Just saying D-Con and Katie are Both P-ing me off no end with there pussy footing around!"

    "Bout time Hope knew the truth bout time that spineless yoyo I hate Liam knew the truth bout time Steffy faced the Truth!"

    "So very sick of this Merry go Round!"

    (I SO agree with you - add Donna to the list for especially not telling Liam what Bill's done, and Steffy's gone along with. I can see she would feel awful telling Hope after she saw Liam and Steffy together, but Liam needs to know NOW!)

    "I don't feel very Merry!
    not even slightly Chirpy!"

    (Be better!)

    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 01:39 PM

    @Tabmow - I dunno what it is! maybe I'm mesmerised by the Teeth! but I Love me some/any/all Tommy Boy!

    He is just so Beautiful!

    And the Skinny legs don't bother me! My hubster Who is also named Tomas has Skinny legs too!

    Good times!

    (Fans Myself)

    Woop Woop!

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