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    Idiot Son.

    Monday, October 08 2012
    Rick is rescued from the bushes, Brooke opens up to Katie, and Stephanie and Eric discuss Ridge.

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    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:05 AM

    @YeaRight - Forgot to Say! *LMAO* the part Jamaican that I am is my Dad's Part!

    He told me some really SCARY stories as a child about Spiders that live in trees and Flying cockroaches and Moths So BIG they call em Bats!

    hence to say hecate2909 is NEVER going to Jamaica! to save the Doctors from having to revive my heart!

    (Smiles & Shudders!)

    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:08 AM

    @notodo - And this is Why I Love You!
    Your memory Astounds me and you neutral diplomatic self of course is highly admirable!

    Your Cool under fire and you always keep it real and reel!

    Me wuvs you and your Totally right! too many Bugs!

    I will never ever eat tomatoes!


    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:15 AM

    @sabrinarials - Hoola's Hun! and No Defo NO Desert for me!

    aherm *Scorpians*

    No how No Way comes to mind!

    And on a side note! Hun you must have nerves of steel living out there in literally No Man's Land
    (Nods to blueintexas & notodo!)
    Sorry I just always think Mad Max!
    when I hear the word Desert!

    Good Luck to Phoenix! I bet she Rocks it!

    Lovely Name!
    Kinda like she who cannot be vanquished!

    Like Hope!



    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:25 AM

    @Dachshundlover1224 - Hoola's Dash!
    and don't worry! I am fine!
    I just have some issues with standing up and or actually walking from time to time!
    but aside from that I am usually almost always good to go!

    I know you know how hard it is to get around at times when your body doesn't want to cooperate! so please know that I am fine and this is nothing compared to what you yourself are going through So peace sister!
    all is well!

    I trust you are well also!
    If not you have my ear!

    (Smiles & Hugs)

    Posted by hecate2909 at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:38 AM

    @moonchildii - Hello & welcome!
    Donna was a good Wife to Eric and She Loves him! so if she can ease his grief and pain when he inevitably loses Stephanie! well i say Go for it!

    Brooke not so much as even though they share Chicldren she shares an epic love with his son and Brooke and Erics relationship was always Settling on both parts I think!

    He was still hung up on her Mother!
    She was still hung up on his son!

    I would like to see Donna and Eric both Happy and they did make each other Very happy and the Honey they share doesn't just come out of a jar!

    They ARE Sweet together!

    Though she will be a Young Widow!
    Which is kinda Sad!

    (Smiles & Ponders)

    Posted by shell bell at Tuesday, October 09 2012 09:53 AM

    Of everything Ridge should have left Brooke for...Her texting Deacon? Come on now, be realistic...oh shoot I forgot, it's a soap opera!!!

    Posted by moonchildii at Tuesday, October 09 2012 10:03 AM

    Thanks for the welcome hecate, but I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I read somewhere Nick might be coming back, maybe Jackie will too. I liked them when they were not stealing FC designs. I think Nick and Bill going around could be good. You know Nick would try to protect his little Hope.

    Posted by notodo at Tuesday, October 09 2012 10:07 AM

    Today's update is available

    come on over

    Just in case (Welcome new members):

    click on cast list to the left

    click on Bill Spencer (or any character appearing in today's epi)

    scroll down until you see today's date with underline topic

    click on underline topic for complete update

    there you go and post away

    See ya there

    Posted by shebadcat at Tuesday, October 09 2012 10:21 AM

    You have got to be friggin kidding...this is the best these writers could come up with...a friggin text message. In the words of Michael Baisden " this is some fraggle naggle bull".

    Posted by YeaRight at Tuesday, October 09 2012 10:47 AM

    I am actually loving the reason Ridge left Brook, Come on peeps look and it and tell me that Karma is not a b*t*ch. Imagine when Brook was on her crusade to destroy Steffy marriage she and her clan went at Liam over and over that Steffy lied to him and he should leave her. Brook kept asking Liam how he could trust Steffy when she lied to him and begged Liam constantly to leave Steffy not remembering how many times she lied or all the awful things she did and was forgiven.

    Well eventually they wore down Liam and rejoice when the marriage end so now it poetic justice that her lies finally caught up and end her non marriage.

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