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    Idiot Son.

    Monday, October 08 2012
    Rick is rescued from the bushes, Brooke opens up to Katie, and Stephanie and Eric discuss Ridge.

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    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Monday, October 08 2012 07:53 PM

    Seriously? We are supposed to believe that Ridge gets mad and dumps Brooke over a secret of texting an ex banger and he doesn't get mad over her sexting her daughters boyfriend. Talk about being off the wall! (no pun intended) Really? Wow writers you worked hard on that storyline didn't you? Bet you have a headache from thinking that story line through.

    Posted by heynow at Monday, October 08 2012 08:02 PM

    The world of "what if" does not exist. No need to speculate on Hope not being a problem for Bill if it weren't for Brooke's indiscretion with Deacon. GMAB

    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Monday, October 08 2012 08:17 PM

    Pools! That should have "sexing" her daughters boyfriend not sexting . Sorry its late and has been a long day.

    Posted by BabetteUpshaw at Monday, October 08 2012 08:18 PM

    Posted by uggh at Monday, October 08 2012 03:30 PM

    I bet the fans can come up with better reasons for Ridge and Brooke breaking up. I'll start.

    Better reasons why Ridge and Brooke broke up:

    1. She forgot to shave her legs
    2. She forgot to stop the mail
    3. She did not want him to name Thomas CEO
    4. She forgot to bring his scarves for the honeymoon

    now in my opinion those are all better reasons - lol - especially #4 - he-he

    Hey Uggh
    I think you have something LOL more beleive in #4 too lol

    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Monday, October 08 2012 08:20 PM

    Oops! I must use my spell check.... Lol

    Posted by BabetteUpshaw at Monday, October 08 2012 08:23 PM

    Big Disappointment after 25 some odd years of Brooke and Ridge it all ends in a text..


    BELL was that all u could come up with!!!

    Time for the fans to start writing the show cause some of the posters on here can come up with some good storylines..

    Posted by Paige43 at Monday, October 08 2012 08:43 PM

    Does antone have problems with their comments just disappearing ? I have at least half just go away, sucks!
    I can't believe they are saying ridge up and left Brooke because of texting Deacon and then lying, well she wouldn't have lied because Ridge knows how bad she hates deacon,,but what's FUNNY IS HOW DID THEY EVEN GET EACH OTHERS NUMBER TO TEXT EACH OTHER? She doesn't even know he came back to se hope and about Bill.. Last was he showed up to se Hope in Italy and he disappeared ,,JUST STUPID AND SAD!

    Posted by Paige43 at Monday, October 08 2012 08:52 PM

    I know they had to have a reason to have him be gone for awhile but why couldn't they have had Brooke rush back for Katie and she caught the only flight left and then he disappears or leaves a message that he's doing something that makes no sense and then it turns out he had hit his head and doesn't know where he's at, which then he wouldn't of left message, Brooke could of called and got a weird behavior but something other than this stupid crap! Brooke and Ridge had such love and now we get this?

    Posted by bbfan214 at Monday, October 08 2012 09:17 PM

    I've noticed several people mentioning losing respect for Caroline, and how the whole Brooke and Ridge "break-up" is ridiculous. I couldn't agree more.
    Except it's not Caroline I've lost respect for. It's the writers, and producers of this show. Are we seriously suppose to believe the same Ridge who swore "Logan" was his "heart", the "love of his life", his beginning, his end, is going to end their marriage over a few texts to the father of his step-daughter telling him to stay away from her? Seriously? How stupid and gullible are we suppose to be?
    Caroline can't make up her mind between Thomas and Rick, even when she sees Thomas making goo-goo faces with Hope, and can see Rick is manipulating everyone?
    Eric stands aside and lets his own two flesh and blood sons be pushed aside so that his inexperienced, VERY young, not blood related grandson can have his "birthright?" What about Thorne's birthright? And Rick's? They are BOTH natural born, flesh and blood sons of Eric Forrester. Thorne has been a Forrester longer than anyone in the family. They all have all left at one time or another except Thorne. Always toiling away in the basement. When the heck does he get his birthright?
    The writers insult every one of us who has the slightest bit of memory, or common sense. I for one want to see all these issues addressed and see Thorne finally given his rightful place in HIS family's business.

    Posted by jenbar at Monday, October 08 2012 09:30 PM

    This show is getting so ridiculous after all that Ridge and Brooke have been through he ends it because she's texting Deacon to stay away from her daughter. I think that you could have come up with something more believable! So stupid!

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