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    Are You Freaking Kidding Me!

    Friday, October 05 2012
    Brooke returns, a meeting is held at Forrester, and Ridge's choice leads to big problems.

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    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 01:09 PM


    Posted by Cincigal at Sunday, October 07 2012 02:57 PM

    The spoilers say that Brooke begs Ridge for another chance.I'm thinking maybe she mistook some other guy for Ridge,in the steam room and Ridge caught them in the act.JMO

    Posted by YeaRight at Sunday, October 07 2012 05:10 PM

    I want Liam to be with Hope, please Mr Bell, do what you do best and write this boy for Hope Logan and stop putting Steffy there or another woman, also take Bill out of Liam life because I am curious to see how Hope and Liam will survive together without other people and I want to see Bill and Katie without the Lope saga to see if they are even watch able. I believe those two couple will be dull as watching paint try if left alone, I wish Bell would just let us see these so call super couple on their own

    Posted by Donna L at Sunday, October 07 2012 05:20 PM

    Please stop the Steffy Hope Merry-go-round I want Hope and Liam together. I won't comment on how i feel about Steffy. It has to stop, quit dragging this on getting very bored as many are. Hopefully Hope ends up pregnant with Liams Baby We can only hope for that. And Yeah, Whats up with Ridge and Brooke geez leave them alone Thank God this is fiction cause i'd have to go on to straighten these people up LOL

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:53 PM

    No pregnancy please, at least not by that child Liam!

    Posted by blueintexas at Sunday, October 07 2012 07:36 PM

    Good catch, notodo.

    Keep the dreaded, pregnancy word, away from the children.

    Throw it in Amber or Allison's direction. If you can find them, that is.

    Posted by WhateverShesHaving at Sunday, October 07 2012 07:58 PM

    I'm so afraid that steffy is going to try and deliberately get pregnant to keep Liam from running back to Hope. I don't think she particularly wants to be 'saddled' with a baby, but I also think she will do whatever it takes to make sure he won't leave her again.

    Posted by blueintexas at Sunday, October 07 2012 08:38 PM

    Has anyone ever bothered to explain the concept of condoms and their advantages to Liam.

    Bill, you're the father. I think that was your job.

    Posted by blueintexas at Sunday, October 07 2012 09:00 PM


    I was not suggesting that you go looking for Amber or Allison.
    I mean, they might be in "no man's land" and we don't want you going anywhere near there. Again.

    I think that's why you don't have a "soap hunk" of your own, yet.

    "No man's land", it's in the name, dear.


    Thanks for the material.

    Posted by notodo at Monday, October 08 2012 05:31 AM


    Honey, you know good and well Liam doesn't know the concepts of condom. He prob thinks it's a balloon!

    I also see you had jokes last night! Well, I actually tried to find Alli and Amber but no luck. I guess I'm the only one here hence the title! But that's cool, I can fight by battles!

    @whateversheshaving....hi there and welcome!

    I really hope Steffy doesn't go there intentionally with the p card......that is so burned out!

    But the spoilers stated that she has a scheme to get Liam back.....Hope it's wrong...if not here we go again (didn't like Steffy when she was manipulating etc). But the spoilers have proven to be misleading sometimes!

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