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    Are You Freaking Kidding Me!

    Friday, October 05 2012
    Brooke returns, a meeting is held at Forrester, and Ridge's choice leads to big problems.

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    Posted by Jwow at Sunday, October 07 2012 04:15 AM

    @yearight - thank you as well, I agree with you.

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 05:27 AM

    Hey gang

    As you know I'm a football fan and enjoy college games on Saturdays if I'm not out tailgating somewhere!

    Trying to catch up on posts; started reading from the most current posts (back pages) but maybe I need to start from where I left out on yesterday...just read a post by Jwow being dissed cause of her support of JMW....woozers!

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:04 AM


    Hello, don’t think I’ve seen your handle on before……welcome!

    JMW is a beautiful woman so is Kim Kardashian (speaking of physical beauty now besides I don’t know her personally) Maybe JMW has some cosmetic procedures done to her or MAYBE NOT! Regardless, I think she’s gorgeous, whether she’s displaying her naturally short hair or extensions (though I prefer her naturally long hair…but that’s me) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if someone wants to make themselves look better by cosmetic means….so be it, as long as he/she is doing it to satisfy self and no one else! That’s just my opinion of course.

    But I think you are saying that JMW is naturally gorgeous and doesn’t need to go to extremes to enhance her appearance IF she’s doing that…..

    Now, sometimes actors undergo synthetic, temporary changes on the set (illusions) for certain roles (i.e. changes to make them look older, younger, bigger, smaller, rough looking etc) But that’s had the ball rolls in that industry!

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:13 AM

    Posted by cards1 at Saturday, October 06 2012 08:43 AM
    Are you freaking kidding me! Is a good title for this update and the way I feel about B&B right now.

    Are you freaking kidding me B&B that after that beautiful Bridge ceremony that Ridgiepooh get's so PO at Brooke over some unknown reason, (spumor text from Deacon ) that he doesn't come back with her from their honeymoon come on Brad bell Jr. you couldn't come up with something more believable than this? After those beautiful vows, now this? I'm PO

    Hey Cards I couldn’t agree with you more! The text from Deacon actually motivated Ridge to call it quits with Brook (if spoiler comes to light) is a stoopid reason (I meant to spell it like that) especially after a beautiful ceremony etc including Stephanie’s revelation! The writers are just losing their edge. Heck, tabmow’s theory (Ridge undergoing mid life crisis) is more convincing!

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:18 AM


    Good to see you posting my friend!

    Marcus is cute with hot bod and all but he doesnt't do anything for Notodo mentally at this point!

    so Dayzee can have him completely....

    Posted by caribean at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:24 AM

    Caroline is as toppsy turby wishy washy the girl wants both Thomas and Rick .. I just hate the way Rick pushes himself on to her and she let's him .

    Posted by caribean at Sunday, October 07 2012 06:27 AM

    So happy that Ridge finaly took care of his real children with Tay. FINALY !!! but the question what is Rick going to do to Thomas for throwing is azz out the window , hehehehe will Rick really become the CEO now ? HOPE NOT !

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 07:03 AM

    Posted by Jwow at Saturday, October 06 2012 09:20 AM

    @notodo - Hi girl!

    I was really liking Bill, but now I think he is letting Katie totally emasculate him. Just what he accused Hope of doing to Liam, he is now having it done to him. Since everyone wants revenge on him, I believe THAT IS his punishment. Katie. I believe it to the core

    Jwow….top of the morning to you too lady!

    Oh noooo Bill is losing his biggest fan! Yes, Bill can talk a BIG game sometimes like when he told Liam that Spencer men don’t beg. But he waited until Katie left to say that…LOL……and now, who’s eating crow!

    However, I have to applaud Katie for reprimanding Bill. Yes, she loves her niece and everything but it’s so much more than that! Bill’s illegal behavior (blackmailing warden to release Dcon) can acquire him a room with 3 walls, a ceiling, bunk beds, toilet that he has to share OPENLY with a room mate that he knows nothing about and locked iron bars that one has no control over (not even the mighty Bill) except the men in uniform on the other side!

    Kaite is also concerned about D’con based on his past (if D’con has changed…she’s oblivious to that)! And it can all blow up in Bill’s face eventually thereby effecting the family!

    Discovering Bill's latest, is still new to Katie so naturally she’s still trying to process it all thereby reflecting in her behavior towards her hubbie!

    Gotta start dinner before NFL games!

    Return later

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, October 07 2012 08:46 AM


    Yes your lovely Thorne has many fans out there which is not a surprise!

    However, you can beat them to the punch! Looks like Ridge has given Brooke the axe! Once Taylor finds this out, poor Thorne may only be an after thought for her.

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Taylor leases a submarine so she can find the love of her life in the Mediterranean… be ready to pick up the pieces my friend cause Thorne is going to need some love and support and Blue I'm sure you can wipe all memories of the doc from his mind just by being blueintexas......

    Posted by blueintexas at Sunday, October 07 2012 08:50 AM

    Sorry that I don't remember who said it, but I agree with them.....
    Ridge would not have chosen Thorne or Rick as interim CEO, because they might not step down without a push.

    I also think the major stockholders would not object to one of their own being chosen.

    I soooo wanted a dust up with Taylor, Thomas and Steffy putting Thorne up against Brooke's Brood. With Thorne thriving in his element.
    And then watch Ridge try to take him down when he returns. But by then Thorne is not so easy to bully any more.

    But it is not to be, it seems.

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