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    Perfect Pair.

    Wednesday, October 03 2012
    Steffy and Liam relish their reunion, Donna advises Hope, and Katie worries.

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    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:42 PM

    Posted by glovers67 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 05:11pm

    Love this post glovers!

    Posted by CajunSpices1 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:43 PM

    Posted by NetB at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:14 PM

    Posted by susietoo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 04:54 PM

    **Warning** This may be a long post because I need to vent…Anyone not interested, just skip over it…
    I am feeling and hearing a lot of disappointment with this soap from BOTH sides and frankly it isn’t hard to understand the frustration that all of us are experiencing with the writer’s. I am in my 60’s and over the years I have watched a lot of soaps as in As The World Turns, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, General Hospital, The Young and The Restless and even Dark Shadows, which I guess was a soap also. There has ALWAYS been drama, deceit, lies, manipulation and so forth. There have ALWAYS been characters that we loved or hated one day but at some point we would probably change our minds. After all, that’s what keeps us watching and coming back for more, but I don’t remember ever seeing “the bad person” getting away with terrible things for so long. We waited patiently for the bad guy to get “caught” and somehow they always did and at that point we felt as though “justice” was served.. Sometimes when the bad person got busted they would change and we would like them, and then other times they just continued to be the bad person and we accepted it and continued to dislike them, but with that being said, we always knew that their wrongs would catch up with them and that made it a little easier to tolerate. I mean if one bad person gets caught then just move on to the next one. There is ALWAYS room for drama with all of the characters. On B&B, right now we have Bill, Steffy, Rick, Othello and now even Donna keeping the manipulations secret, so I for one feel like there will be no “justice”. This storyline has continued to go from bad to worse. I don’t care if Bill and Katie stay together because Katie now knows the truth so it’s her decision whether to give him another chance or not, I don’t care if Liam chooses Steffy but I think he should do so own his own, after knowing what she has done and seeing her for who she really is. Then if he still loves and wants her, then I wish them much happiness and I do not care if Liam and Hope reconcile, but the same stipulation stands… the need to know the truth and go from there… There is so much more that the writer’s could bring to this soap.
    I remember the “old” soaps when EVERYDAY at the end of the 30 minutes or hour, we (me and all my girlfriends) would be sitting on the end of our seats just waiting for the next episode.
    That doesn’t happen very often with B&B and from the sounds coming from the board (me included) I am beginning to not care if I watch or not, and days like today, I have no desire to watch..
    OK, I feel better now and by the way this is JMHO…
    Susietoo: ITA with you. I too am in my 60's and I see we think a like. I think (IMO) it has a lot to do with this generation of writers/producers who show a lack of morals by the way they are dong this story line. I have not watched the last 3 days. I do not need to see porno in the middle of the day. I will not be watching any time soon just read updates from other sites who tell the story in a neutral way so you get the real picture of what really happened by facial, body language, and reading between the lines of what is being said, Again JMO


    ITA ladies

    This soap does leave alot to be desired...and your take on the other soaps is right on.

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:48 PM

    Cajun~hey homie/friend

    did hubbie make it back tonight?

    Hope you two have a wonderful evening/morning/afternoon!

    Just think of me singing Happy Birthday to you ...Stevie Wonder version (more upbeat rhythm)with creole accent...hehehehe on tomorrow and if you are up at midnight!

    Posted by CajunSpices1 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:48 PM

    Posted by glovers67 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 05:11 PM

    For the poster that says Liam and Steffy has not had sex ok I agree but intimacy and is not just sex .Steffy and Liam has been holding hands ,looking close in each other’s eyes and flirting .All of these things I feel is crossing the line and was just a matter of time before it leads to sex .The is also the definition of cheating. Cheating on your mate can also be meeting up on line sharing intimate thoughts etc.
    Also to address the poster that says If Liam goes back to Hope he will be babysitting Hope. It looks to me the only one who needs a babysitter is Liam. Liam needs someone to always tell him what to do and how to do it now Steffy will be the one trying to keep lil baby Liam away from Hope .I am not mad with Steffy only Liam for not being honest with Steffy .Liam has never confess his love to Steffy like a poster mention he was in his drawers begging Hope to marry him. When Liam married Steffy or shall I say Steffy married him Liam just went along with it .Liam never made his marriage to Steffy public and never proposes to Steffy publicly like he has done Hope. Even now Liam will try to hide he slept with Steffy as if she is his dirty little secret so where is this love for Steffy you guys claim is so real.Why do people hate Hope so much for wanting Liam to be with only her and not sneak off with Steffy.Married or not think about if this was your man and his ex was always coming on to him and talking trash about you and what she can give your man what you cannot .Get real and if you are honest with yourself I am sure you would not just take this man back if he cannot commit to you totally .If you do take him back you better go get tested for STDs because you are giving your man the okay to cheat and bring home to you whatever he catches.


    Lovely post as usual glovers67

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:49 PM

    Getting back to the Presidential Debate

    Posted by CajunSpices1 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:52 PM

    Posted by ceelo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 04:39 PM

    look at loser liam face like the grinch the stole christmas

    after he get his reward ..

    look like the baby belly is full..

    for weeks she trying to feed the poor child ..

    he took it ..

    good for you baby you almost die ..


    Hoola's ceelo's been so long for the child...he forgot what it was like and had to go for seconds.

    Posted by susietoo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:55 PM

    NetB... Thanks for your reply.. It's nice to know that my feelings are understood and shared...I just do not get why the writer's aren't getting it. We know that someone reads our posts because we have heard the actors repeat the exact same things that we have said so they know how all of us are feeling about this storyline. Why did they bring Deacon back?? What purpose did that serve?? Why did they let Katie hear the truth?? What purpose did that serve?? Why did they let Donna learn the truth???
    What purpose did that serve and yes, why did they write such a stupid way for Donna to see Liam and Steffy together?? What purpose did that serve?? These writer's have taken us to the brink of justice too many times and then just drop us like a hot potato and I am just tired of the games...I do not care anymore

    Posted by Peppermint Patty at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:55 PM

    All I can see is Katie wanting $Bill to be destroyed. She wants him going to jail. She wants him to pay for his deception....and yet she NEVER paid for what she did to Bridget.

    Heart-attack kid took $Bill back when she found out he tried to "accident" Amber. She took him back when he locked her in the attic. She takes him back no matter what he does. Why is this any different?

    She is miserable and acting like a martyr.....and yet she survived a heart-attack after childbirth. The baby survived and is healthy. She is married to a VERY rich man who loves her. Yet she is yearning for her husband to be taken away and pay for his crime! WHAT A DITZ!!!!!

    Again, ALL I see is Katie Cartwheels wishing and hoping that $Bill pays through the teeth for his small part in the never-ending saga of the wishy/washy behavior of Liam and the spawn!

    Steffy is the ONLY one that has NEVER changed her mind about what she wants. Liam and the spawn couldn't make a decision and stick to it if there was superglue involved!


    Posted by susietoo at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:58 PM

    CajunSpices1.. I just LOVE the way you put things into perspective. You always put a smile on my face... Thanks bunches

    Posted by Earl1955 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 07:04 PM

    i am sick of these little children

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