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    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012
    Katie and Bill talk, Donna searches for Hope, and Othello argues with Rick.

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    Posted by da_kid at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:49 PM

    Why are people still harping on the fact that Hope doesn't know about the annullmenmt papers. Her family did not tell her because Hope has been hurt enough. Why rub salt into the wound. Finding out now about those papers would only hurt Hope more, but that's what a lot of posters get off on, Hope's hurt. Most family members try to keep from hurting their family members unnecessariy, all except family members like Rick.

    Posted by cheerleaderjms101 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:51 PM

    Sandee1977, you just said yourself. "He is more focus on getting over her at the moment and not trying to win her back." If he is SO into Steffy, WHY does he HAVE to get over Hope. He was married to Steffy, so WHY did he divorce her. I just feel she is setting herself up for heartache time and time again with this "grown" man. Yes he has made his choice, to bounce back and forth between these two women. Its just sad that only ONE of them got tired of playing ping pong.

    Posted by cheerleaderjms101 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:55 PM

    Posted by glovers67 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:06 PM

    Now THAT is what I am talking about! He keeps saying two different things to both these girls and heck he did tell Steffy he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hope. He has NEVER told Hope he wanted Steffy to be his wife, but still he can't stay away. The man needs a straight jacket.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:56 PM

    To each their own opinion but what do sex have to do with anything? I do not think Liam is using Steffy they have mutual love and attraction for each other hence the passion. The day that Liam look liked a jerk during sex is when he took Hope virginity. Now that was hard to watch.
    So Hope finds out that Rick lie will she also find outthat when Liam was single and no longer her man he had sex with Steffy. Will that change anything? He doing exactly what Hope says he does run to steffy so again why would Hope take Liam back? If Liam hurts Steffy it will becasue Hope will demand for him to come back to her and apologize for believing that he can hurt her like that yada yada yada and she place Liam in a bad position. In the position to not want to hurt Hope again. Liam find it vry hard to be completely honest with Hope. So here we go again with the assumption that either Laim lied again or Steff used Liam grief over Hope to trap him. Either way which is dumb is what is going to prolong this triangle. I just don't see why Hope will want him back. Liam can be fighting for HOpe as we watch but he is CHOOSING to spend his time with Steffy. He couldhave set up a romantic evening for Hope and seduce her into taking him back but he CHOSE not to. We have seen Liam on numerous occassion CHOOSE not to fight for Hope. He just accepts her back when she changes her mind to be with him again. I hope that this time if he does become stupid enough to go back to Hope that Steffy cuts him off for GOOD!!!

    Posted by Keyboo at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:56 PM

    Loved the cabin scene today and Donna some how thought that was Hope(YEAH RIGHT). I just want to see whats going to happen when Hope finds out YET AGAIN that as soon as she says no he focus shifts to Steffy. With all her so called MORALS and VALUES she can't see the truth one step forward then twenty steps back. Get a grip Hope which way is it make up your mind now she wants him as soon as he accepts it's over and moves on with Steffy her she comes. It gets crazy at times....Got to love B&B!!!!

    Posted by heynow at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:57 PM

    If I had been in Donna's place, I would have walked right in on Liam and Steffy and broke that little party up. What was Steffy doing trespassing on Brooke' property anway? Guess they don't lock up when they go out of the country.

    I am sure Steffy will get a little thrill out of doing the deep with Liam in Hope's backyard. One thing for sure, whether she is pregnant from this or not, she will make sure she is pregnant if it takes artificial insemination. She will make Amber look like an amateur before this is over. That said, it would serve Laim right to have two women pregnant at the same time. Comes with the territory when you try to love two women.

    Posted by cheerleaderjms101 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:58 PM

    WHO wants to be with a man when YOU KNOW is has unresolved feelings for SOMEBODY ELSE.

    Posted by Keyboo at Tuesday, October 02 2012 03:59 PM

    She really is........

    Posted by heynow at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:05 PM

    @notodo- He should have suggested that they go somewhere else and do the "horizontal dance".
    Don't you think Steffy planned this down to the last detail, including the sprinklers going off? Liam doesn't decide anything when it comes to Steffy. He just minds his mama.

    Posted by glovers67 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:07 PM

    @SANDEE1977 …You seem to be missing the point .I suppose the next few episodes with tell what Liam is really all about which is he is not to me committing to either one .When he is with Hope he has been giving Steffy her time and when he is with Steffy he wants time with Hope.I believe he claims to love Hope and he should leave his ex girl behind to prove it but he does not so no he does not deserve Hope.Steffy does not expect Liam to respect her and that’s why Liam likes hanging with Steffy. If Steffy told Liam to stop hanging with Hope I am sure he would not do it either but with Steffy she does not mind sharing Liam with Hope . Steffy goes from trashing Hope and wanting Liam to be happy to where it does not make sense .I really think Liam and Steffy need to be together if their definition of love is lies and no respect. Liam has his own brain no matter how you look at it .That saying if you cannot be with the one you love love the one you with is what Liam is doing .Anyway Liam has a brain and he chooses not to use it and if he really loves Hope and is using Steffy it will all come out but again don’t think he is done with Hope .
    A lso its b.s for any man or woman to claim to love two people unless they are bigamist .Liam need to figure what what love is not sex and a good time but real love and make a choice. He needs to grow up and stop hurting the women he so call loves,right now Hope is hurting next it will be Steffy .Neither should be in pain over someone who cannot commit to one woman .Also if he loved Steffy why doesn’t he just shout it to the world including Hope it would not hurt her anymore than sneaking around with Steffy at least she would know but Liam has not done that .After they make love Steffy should be asking herself this same question .Liam just told her he loved Hope and then says he loves her and they make love .That does not seem like true love to me or the degree of love that he can shout to the world. Why does Liam want to keep Steffy his dirty little secret.Until he does that for either Hope or Steffy I say he is not worthy of either one but only Steffy will take him as he is and will share his heart with Hope. I believe Steffy would agree to keep her in the closet while Liam convinces Hope he loves her if that ‘s what it took to be with Liam.

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