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    The Big Dilemma.

    Thursday, August 16 2012
    Stephanie is candid with Hope, Liam parties with Steffy, and Brooke and Ridge discuss the kids.

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    Posted by Bold Girl at Friday, August 17 2012 09:49 AM

    When oh when are we going to be done with this lameazz story line? The writers act like there are no other characters to draw from. I am sorry that Ron Moss left but I get it, this story line is beyond lame and the writers have put all of their energy into these three character because they believe it will appeal to a younger audience, well guess what it is a big turnoff. You can only remove so much reality even from the soaps and these writers have crossed way over the unbelievable line even for the soaps. ENOUGH!!!!Move on, to something else puleeze!

    Posted by rollin with the tide at Friday, August 17 2012 10:26 AM

    Wow!!! Liam drunk with Steffy. They are a pair and deserve each other. Hope deserves better a real man like Thomas. not oliver brook dipped there. Iwouldnt put up with the crap. Steffy would cause she acts like a high school girl. Like in High school girls fighting over another girls guy because they can not find there own. Hope has her moments but she is the one acting more adult. Steffy dif is not all that at least Hope is attractive. Dang Liam and Steffy been with how many?

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Friday, August 17 2012 10:30 AM

    I don't think it's WHAT Steffy saw....I think it's WHO Steffy saw...with that look on her face, maybe it's 'love at first sight' or shock. Maybe the good doctor from Aspen. As far as a replacement for Ridge, bummer. I guess we only need to look at the CBS soaps that have already been canceled to see the pool from which a selection will be made.

    Posted by BonsterTM at Friday, August 17 2012 10:31 AM

    @SuzeQ !!! Yes, agreed! 7:18 post on target I have a question. Where is little Jack I think it is? The baby that Nick and Taylor were going to have, and it ended up being Brookes baby? Didn't Brooke get him because Taylor didn't want to raise her kid? So if I am right, we are all talking about RJ when he has a smaller brother that I forgot about, Little Jack? :-? Where are Brookes little boys???

    Posted by BHOLD at Friday, August 17 2012 07:24 PM

    I didn't hear Lame call Steffy dude?

    Posted by BHOLD at Friday, August 17 2012 07:35 PM

    Posted by SuezyQ at Friday, August 17 2012 09:38 AM

    I see some posters are up in arms about Hope being subjected to criticisms from many posters. Well, I can speak for myself as to the reason I don't warm to the Hope character, and its not because I think she is a hypocrite who is too spoilt to the point of intolerable.
    You see I have been watching the soap for years and I have constantly roo for the good girls, you know Caroline, Taylor, Macy, Bridgette, pheobe, Steffy(before she was betrayed and hurt by Rick to get at Ridge), Ashley etc. And all these ladies were mostly destroyed by Brook, including her daughter Bridgette. All these good ladies were either kill off by the writers or send to never to be seen land or the writers dumb them down( eg Taylor) to make the bad girl Brook look good.
    So now, that Steffy has broken free of being a victim, I am rooting for her. I am not going to root for Hope, as it is not fair that only a so call good person from the Logan tribe is allowed to win. On BB the sex vixen always win, so that should not change because the so call good girl is a Logan and the exciting vixen who goes for what she want is a Marone/Forrester with the smart Douglas blood running through her vein.
    So Steffy all the way and if Loser Liam is what she wants, then she should get him. JMHO

    I totally dig your accessment.
    Team Steffy!!

    Posted by hecate2909 at Friday, August 17 2012 07:59 PM

    Okay I am WAAaaaaY! behind!

    It's The weekend and of course
    The Bairns are HIGH Maintenance!

    So far all I have to Say is Of course hoola's To my Huns!
    *You know who you are!*


    Bonza to my Buds!
    Nods to My Fellows!

    And Hell Yeah1 this is the Stephanie Snr that I Love!
    @notodo & uggh!

    she finally told it like it is!
    and maybe that's part of the reason that Hope
    ~~SPOILER Thinking~~
    Refuses to Wed The Dead Head!

    (Fingers Crossed)

    *Wouldn't hold my breath that that's The End though!*

    (Sighs Audibly)

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