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    Last Night Of Freedom.

    Wednesday, August 15 2012
    Hope plans her do-over wedding, Stephanie's health causes Hope to cancel, and Liam seeks out Steffy.

    After their motorcycle ride, still on the coast, Steffy asks Liam if he plans to go through with the wedding. He nods, but says Steffy taught him something today and he doesn't want to lose her friendship. Steffy says they'll consider this day his bachelor party. They hit the boardwalk and watch skateboarders, dance to the buskers' music, and play volleyball.

    At the Forrester mansion, Hope tells Stephanie she wants an elegant wedding, and it has to be tomorrow. Stephanie says she'll do her best. Pam has more grandiose ideas, but Brooke sets her straight. A florist friend of Pam's arrives offering Asian orchids and kimonos for the bridal party. Hope and Brooke whisper about getting a new florist. Gustav, the caterer, arrives and sniffs about having the luncheon before the wedding. Brooke gets on the phone and then tells Hope that Aunt Donna can't come because she's out of town, but Aunt Katie's excited. Stephanie reappears and promises to keep Pam out of their hair tomorrow. Brooke says Ridge is designing a gown. Hope tells them that she and Liam are having dinner tonight and tomorrow they'll be married - nothing will get in the way this time. Hope and Stephanie discuss having a classic Forrester wedding. Stephanie says she's always loved her and what she stands for. Hope jokes she should give her away. They laugh and Stephanie has a coughing attack. Hope won't leave her.

    Steffy and Liam arrive at the Malibu house. Steffy wants him to think about why he needed this fun time so badly. Liam says he's been very stressed out. Steffy reminds him that it's because of Hope repeatedly walking out. Liam tells Steffy he's loved their time together and the way he feels about her is never going to change. Steffy says it's not easy for her to know that she won't have him in her life, knowing they could be so happy together. Steffy tells Liam she loves him and hugs him, before wishing him happiness and leaving. Later, Liam prepares for Hope's arrival. Hope calls and says she has to cancel, but she will see him tomorrow.

    Back at the Forrester mansion, Stephanie is perturbed with Hope for canceling on account of her cough. She tries to get her to go, but Hope refuses. Stephanie says she's just like her mother, who drove her crazy last year.

    Steffy's back at the nightclub with her girlfriends dishing on her Liam troubles. Suddenly he appears. Liam tells Steffy that Hope stood him up and he didn't want to be alone - it's his last night of freedom. He pulls her onto the dance floor.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Hope listens to Stephanie's reasons why she shouldn't marry Liam.

    Liam goes out partying with Steffy.

    Ridge and Brooke get ready for the wedding.

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    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Wednesday, August 15 2012 09:16 AM

    Oh please would someone make this nightmare triangle end!

    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Wednesday, August 15 2012 09:30 AM

    Can someone tell me what part of promise me you will stay away from Steffi didn't liam understand? He is not a quick learner is he. Italian wedding - note assumed hope left him. Had a romp with Steffi. Engagement broke- because he couldn't keep his paws off Steffi( (actually happened first) now, going out on the town the night before the wedding with, you guessed it Steffi because she had concerns of big stephanie. What does he do? I think we all know the answer. In all cases throughout the trio, it seems like liam is the common denominator.
    WRITERS- please make this stop.

    Posted by kymee30 at Wednesday, August 15 2012 09:52 AM

    How many dresses is Hope going to have design!!!!!! How many weddings is she going to plan!!! Wear the one from the Italy wedding, hell wear the one from the first wedding. This chick lives in a fantasy world. I'm going to call it.....looking at the spoilers from another site, Liam's attraction grows for a certain bad girl!!! HMMMM, Ramona just so happened to be in town when they go out to the club? MMMMMM A pregnancy topples a surprising relationship...MMMMM. Is it that Liam will be attracted to Ramona, but Steffy ends up pregnant? We will see and maybe now they will end this year long storyline!!

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:01 AM

    Per Recaps

    O.k Why didn't Hope tell Liam about Stephanie?

    and yes Liam's is off thinking he was abandon again!

    Liam see Dr. Barton.......Hope can't go to WalMart without you thinking she left you!


    But yet this is the guy who is suppse to be the future leading man......Ridge may have waffled between Brook and Taylor but he had a brain and no one had to tell him when to go pottie!

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:01 AM

    Pardon typos

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:11 AM

    Liam didn't want to be alone tonight since his fiance' stood him up!

    What's wrong Liam, are you afraid of the boogie man....the night lights didn't help!

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:15 AM


    Posted by uggh at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:19 AM

    @notodo - Hoola's

    lol - I haven't been able to watch any of the episodes this week. I guess I'll just watch Friday's

    The writing is really getting on my last nerve - because it's to absurd - Bell must think we are like Liam - we don't remember what we saw from 2, 3, 7, 25, 40, 100 days ago - and keeps insulting us


    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:23 AM


    You may want to watch Monday's episode with Liam getting loose...chicken waffler dancing like a loose chicken...(nods to you) but he was having fun no doubt...hilarious!

    Posted by radmommy at Wednesday, August 15 2012 10:35 AM

    I am totally confused. Ridge was not keen on Hope and Liam getting married in Italy. He refused to design her wedding gown. Now that he has seen the video that shows that Liam and Steffy are still in love with one another and making a comment that Steffy and Liam should be together, NOW he designs Hope's wedding dress? Aren't thinks more difficult for him now being in the middle than they were in Italy? Different writers perhaps?

    Why is Hope distating to Stephanie what kind of wedding she wants? Stephanie just agreed to location. I didn't think she agreed to be wedding planner.

    Liam is an all around jerk. This is just the writers giving both Team Steffy and Team Hope a little of what they want. Today it's Liam and Steffy together, but get your panties in a twist Team Hope... tomorrow Hope and Liam will be together. Then switch the next day and so on and so on. It's enough to give me whiplash!

    And why doesn't Hope tell Liam why she has to cancel? She knows Liam isn't the most patient guy in the land. It would not have hurt to tell him why. Then again it wouldn't hurt to ask why. So he's upset with Hope for cancelling and decides to run to his ole pal Steffy for one more night before he gets married. Class A, Grade A jerk-o-licious!

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