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    All Yours.

    Tuesday, June 26 2012
    Stephanie worries about Steffy, Steffy walks the streets of Italy, and Hope and Liam are married.

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    Posted by ineedu4me at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:03 PM

    This was BILLS way of getting OUT of trouble. If Liam finds out I THINK he may have enough back bone to seriously tell his Dad off...Liam is WEAK very WEAK..some people see that.

    Bills speach made me gag...he does not mean any of it

    Posted by Crown Q at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:05 PM

    Well Steffy gets to watch Liem marry Hope the way that Hope had to watch Liem marry Steffy; this is what I could call justice

    Posted by Alexandra55 at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:06 PM

    uugh, love to see that, Steffy did it to Bill. Got the Co. back for her dad and grandad once, but Hope is not that smart

    Posted by guidinglight at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:06 PM

    Finally , I did watched the BB today after the sham marriage of Steffy & Liam, wherein Hope watched them being married due to the manipulations of Bill with the 100 % knowledge of Steffy!!!! What comes up,comes down. I'm glad the truth
    will prevail!!!!! plus more to be exposed with Deacon on board ! Writers please let him stay,love the guy, he'll be the one to straightened Biil Spenser. I hope writers don't let Steffy be pregnant, maybe she'll be with Bill somedays, hate to speculate,it's your job!! that Katie is nin danger w/ her pregnancy.....whatever happens...she & Bill will finally be together,they're one of a kind or with Deacon too.Deacon is so hot too!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:06 PM

    Posted by ineedu4me at Tuesday, June 26 2012 11:59 AM did you know when to turn the channel back
    cowboy???? LMAO at you
    Well ineedu4me, I figured it takes Hope two full minutes to giggle after two minutes I flip it back.

    Posted by ineedu4me at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:07 PM

    HEY TEAM STEPHY>>>>I BELIEVE YOUR WHOLE TEAM LOST...All of Bills horses and all of Bills men and women could not break Hope and Liam apart...HA Ha HA HA hA...yes..he who laughs last laughs BEST..

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:10 PM

    Posted by Snoopy913 at Tuesday, June 26 2012 11:44 AM

    Posted by stephori at Tuesday, June 26 2012 11:39 AM

    Stephanie best worry about her own marriage. I have only been watching for a year, but wonder why the matriarch of a fashion family, Stephanie, is so dykish (sp)

    Umm ...

    Susan Flannery wore wigs for years and had finally had it so she stopped. That's why we now see her short white hair. Once you reach a certain age and have abused you hair for decades in show business and gone through menopause your hair is no longer that great ... thus the short cut.

    Secondly, the actress has health problems and she needs to wear loose fitting clothing. That's why they settled on pantsuits. Sure, a sweater and slacks might look better, but may not be loose enough. The blazer is loose enough for her to medical equipment underneath, if necessary.


    Snoopy, you are too kind to respond to something so mean like this. You know I am not a STephanie fan, but Susan Flannery is a phenomenal actress and MUST BE RESPECTED.

    Stop being so mean to people who are working their butts off to entertain you. Do you realize how awful it must be for them when they get some of these stupid scripts? But they have to make it work?

    Stephori, what does your homophobic comments have to do with the actress? Please elevate your comments to something actually thoughtful and meaningful. Go hate somewhere else

    Posted by cards1 at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:10 PM

    BS said he had been "overly concerned" WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT! If you really wanted to come clean BS why didn't you admit to your bullying ways all these months.___!

    BS did have a look of remorse on his face as they were saying their vows, but that is NOT ENOUGH IMO for all he put all three of these young people through just to satisfy some SICK fantasy in his alcohol soaked brain.

    I thought what Ridge said was very sweet and Ridgiepoo is looking fine over there in Italy!

    Brooke I still think you steered your girl wrong encouraging him to marry this _______! You should have told her the truth about Aspen!

    A little Karma hey Steffy, ending up there on the side of the cliff to watch Hope/LIAM get married, just like you made Hope watch you marry LIAM when you trapped him "on top of ole Ajax"

    Good acting though by JMW, she can pull off some comedy, I lol when that bird peed on her then she slips off that cliff because her shoe was broke and she turned around when those church bells rang for real this time. lol

    Stephanie I think it's about time for you to take another trip out of town to figure out just why the he11 you are so mean, because the last one didn't work. Steffy really dodged a bullet by not marrying that _____, _____!

    Kudos to the camera crew beautiful scenery shots.

    Posted by will-i-am at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:12 PM

    Writers come on REALLY this is the most ridiculous show yet. YOu are absolutely destroying this show. You need to get real or you will lose even more viewers than you already have with this stupid hope liam story line.

    Posted by Trueperfection at Tuesday, June 26 2012 12:13 PM

    I am sooooo sick of the tired and very boring story line of Hope and Liam. Everyone knows that him and Steffy got busy right before the wedding and now she will be pregnant in about 3 months.
    Why does these Logan people always get the man? They are beyond pathetic. The mother sleeps with everyone (Ridge, Eric, Deacon, Nick, Oliver), the aunties are the same way. They use SEX as a magic tool and these crazy men just keep falling for it.
    Hope you will never be the woman Steffy is never in a million years. I don't care how much you try.
    Eric I am more than disappointed with you. Steffy is blood Hope is just water. Get your priorites straight.
    Ridge you're a sellout.

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