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    A Family Matter.

    Thursday, May 17 2012
    Caroline argues with Karen, Hope tells Brooke about Amber, and Rick tells Amber to leave town.

    At Rick's, Amber explains that she loves him and thought she was losing him - he looks at Caroline the way he used to look at her. Rick rails at Amber for giving Hope pills, but she screams that she was trying to help her. Rick hollers that he went to the mat for her - tried to convince everyone that she'd changed. He thought she wanted to be better for Rosie. Amber says they can get past this. She cries that she's a handful who keeps messing things up, but she loves him. She talks about the success they'll have together. Rick listens to her ramble, and then yells that she's never going to change - it's over! She reminds him that she encouraged him and brought his designs to life. Rick's grateful, but won't stand for her hurting his sister. They yell and scream about who Amber really is, and why. He tells her she needs to leave Rosie with Marcus and get out of town - he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Amber sobs as he leaves.

    At Forrester, Caroline phones Karen and tells her she's decided to come to dinner and bring Thomas. Karen protests, so Caroline says she'll go out with Thomas instead. She hangs up and Thomas enters. Caroline asks if he'd like to meet her parents. He agrees.

    In Brooke's office, Hope tells her mother that Rick is with Amber, but he's finally seen her for who she is and she'll now be out of their lives. Brooke is outraged to hear about Amber leading Caroline to believe Rick dresses up in women's clothes. Hope says there's more, and tells Brooke that Amber bought her the pills online. Brooke says Amber took advantage of her when she was vulnerable - Rick will never let her get away with it. Hope agrees - he won't be fooled by her again.

    Caroline and Thomas arrive at Karen's beach house. Karen behaves awkwardly when Caroline says both of her parents are cool. She pulls Caroline aside to tell her this is not a good idea. Caroline insists on being honest with Thomas. Thomas interrupts to asks if he should pour wine for her father. Jarrett appears - he's a friend of the family. Thomas is then introduced to Danielle. Karen blurts that she's another friend. They sit to eat, and Danielle gets up to answer the phone. Thomas wonders if it's Caroline's father calling. Karen takes Caroline outside and forbids her to tell Thomas the truth - it's a family matter.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Things feel awkward for Thomas.

    Bill shows up at Caroline's dinner, which makes everything worse.

    Katie gives Bill very unexpected news.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:17 AM

    Why am I not surprised that Rick is blaming Amber for giving dumb arse mope some pills. It was that stupid twit's decision to swallow them. If Amber had shoved them down Mope's throat, then it would have been her fault.

    The headline says Caroline argues with Caroline. I really wanted to see how that played out.

    So if Karen is gay, how did she have Caroline? Did she go to a sperm bank, or is Caroline's mother, really Caroline? Ridge's first wife.

    Now we have Ho Bag saying Mope was vulnerable. That's the excuse for that drug addict. Give me a break. It's Steffy's fault, it's Amber's fault. Nothing is ever Mope's fault, or any Logan for that matter.

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:21 AM

    Meh, I don't know. Sounds like a boring episode and not worth running home to watch during my lunch break. Amber didn't really do anything that horrible with regards to Rick. It was actually comical. Certainly nothing that deserved his harsh words that she should leave Rosie with Marcus and leave town. NOw the pills was stupid and I can't believe she is claiming ignorance of the dangers - but that was just procuring them. When Hope found out they were bought on-line she should have done her own homework. Rick is acting like he has as much invested in his "relationship" with Caroline as Hope does with Liam. Silly.

    The lesbian storyline not keen on at all. While I love Chappel, she can't be the spokeswoman for all lesbian storylines on soap operas. I believe the gay storylines have been played out. It's nothing new even if it's in the forefront of the media these days. Karen's portrayer played Caroline way back when. I'd prefer her to Caroline who never died and reconnect with Ridge or something. Or perhaps if Karen and Caroline were supposed to be sisters I'd like it if Caroline has been feeling extra sick one night and asked Karen to take her place because it was a special night which resulted in Ridge being Caroline II father.

    But I guess we are commited to the lesbian storyline so I'll have endure it like I did with GL and Days, Y&R,etc.

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:23 AM

    *supposed to be TWIN sisters* I meant

    Posted by pipedownfranky at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:26 AM

    Here we go with the hypocritical Logans. How come they don’t see Amber as being vulnerable and is desperate to hold on to her “destiny” just like they are? How can Hope determine when someone is fooled? Just wait until she finds out that no one, including mom of the year, did not tell her about the infamous annulment papers due to the fact they all think she is too fragile and will crumble and start self-medicating again. Hurry up and marry the idiot and then beg her for an annulment. Amber is my girl. At least she hasn’t sexed up married men before. If I were her, I’d rip my kidney out of Rick and tell the meddling females in his family to find him a donor.

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:26 AM

    @cowboys fan - LOL I didn't even notice that. Yep, that would be interesting to see how that argument would play out and perhaps answer some questions as well

    I agree on your question... that is why there is the whole "who's your daddy" speculation. Who is her daddy going to end up being? Ridge or perhaps Thorn because he donated back in college? Very interesting... Perhaps Karen knew she was gay back when Ridge and Caroline were together and she took her sisters place to get herself impregnanted. A wealth of possibilties.

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:27 AM

    @pipedownfranky - LOL I like the kidney retraction idea!

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:33 AM

    @CBF........LOL…I saw that as well (headlines)…nothing gets pass you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Karen lives in LA? Didn’t know that…..

    Why does Caroline want Thomas to meet her “parents” this soon?

    I know this is only a 20 minute (approx) segment but dang, these people sure like to move fast when it comes to “relationships”…

    I guess courting and dating is old school and they prefer the express route!





    FYI Donna Summer (Queen of disco) dies at 63

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:33 AM

    I also agree that Amber should snatch back her kidney and give Rick a can of Kidney beans to eat.

    Posted by uggh at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:41 AM

    ok, Amber giving Rick her kidney was before my time - what happened? - Was Rick in an accident?

    and also, I will have to ask Y&R fellow posters - how did Deacon leave Y&R - just wondering where Penny and Justin are going to find him. Is he in jail?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

    Posted by uggh at Thursday, May 17 2012 10:42 AM


    Hoola's Hun! Did u finally catch up on the episodes?

    Have a great day!

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