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    Sweet Caroline.

    Thursday, April 05 2012
    Brooke continues to press Rick, Hope's pill kicks in, and Ridge reminisces about Caroline.

    At the party, Brooke tells Rick to look at Caroline. She says he needs to get Amber out of his life - today. Nearby, Liam wonders where Hope has gone. Outside, Hope is puzzled by her need to take a pill - Steffy's not even there. Inside, Rick continues to defend Amber. Amber tells Brooke that she and Rick work well together - why can't that be okay? Brooke accuses Amber of scamming. Amber goes to check on Rosie. Brooke asks Rick who he'd rather work with - a lifelong con artist or a girl who started her own foundation?

    Hope re-enters the Forrester mansion and laughs uncontrollably when Dayzee asks how she's coping. Liam gives her a strange look. Rick finds Caroline alone and offers to show her around L.A. She accepts. Amber watches, and then chats Caroline up afterward. She tells her Rick is a player. Across the room, Hope tells Bill, Katie, and Liam that Amber's not so bad - she's just annoying. Stephanie approaches Caroline and warns her about Amber - she loves her, but she makes bad choices. Ridge appears and compliments Caroline on the foundation video. He says he'll tell her more about her aunt. Meanwhile, Hope crosses the room to Amber and asks if her adorable baby is sleeping. Amber suggests they become friends. Brooke looks over when Hope laughs out loud at something Amber says. Brooke warns Amber she sees through her attempt to butter up Hope. Amber thinks Brooke should understand how it feels to be her. Brooke orders her to leave. Amber refuses.

    Ridge and Caroline are in the guest house. He tells her it's where he and Caroline lived...and where she died. He says he doesn't talk about that time, but he will for her. Ridge tells her how he gave Caroline a charm bracelet to add to every year, and when he found out she was dying he gave her all the charms for every milestone they would never have. Ridge tells Caroline not to waste a moment of life - it can be fragile and uncertain. He tells her that her aunt was the most special soul he's ever known in his life. Caroline cries and shows him her cancer ribbon tattoo on her neck. Ridge sobs, "Sweet Caroline."

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Dr. Barton has a confusing appointment with Hope.

    Caroline talks about her late aunt with Stephanie.

    Stephanie tells Caroline she should date Thomas, not Rick.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bbmichelle at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:09 AM

    Seriously- Ridge is going to but out sobbing over a tattoo??

    I thought Caroline had the bracelet or the infinity pendant to show him- not some stupid tattoo.

    Thanks Amber for reminding Hogan where she came from, and even more convinced that Amber’s prescription
    pills are not what they are supposed to be…

    Posted by bbmichelle at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:09 AM

    correction *bust out crying* not but out...

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:16 AM

    omg Brooke is overdue for q slap...
    I swear she will not b satisfied unless all her kids have their destany n do tha nasty....
    Pillzilla is going wild she wants another pill!!
    be back later Im gettin a tattoo

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:16 AM

    Ok first what does Hope mean Steffy isn't even there so why does she need to take a pill? Steffy was never there when Hope began popping her pills. Steffy was in Denver. She didn't start popping pills because of Steffy... She started popping them because she couldn't stand Liam's touch otherwise. Then she popped one again to get it on with Liam. Then she popped one when that mother yelled at her. Then she took one when the press started hounding her. Then she took one before Steffy came into her office. Umm sorry Hope grow the heck up. Steffy has nothing to do with you popping pills. That's all on you sweetheart!

    Brook give it up. Rick will see Amber for who she is soon enough. Amber was totally obnoxious yesterday. I had to fast forward!

    Hope is losing it I see. So silly. She needs a padded cell and a straight jacket.

    Ok here is a question and please people don't jump down my throat but it's so weird that Caroline keeps talking about her Aunt. I have Aunts but I don't feel any real close need like Caroline does to know them. And hasn't she gotten enough information from her mother who was Caroline Sr.'s sister? I just don't get it. It's real strange to me.

    Ridge is going to get drunk one night and come one to Caroline Jr. this storyline is way strange.

    Oh geez a cancer tatoo on her neck. Okay this is getting weirder and weirder between Caroline and Ridge. Is it just me?

    Posted by Alabama Girl at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:17 AM

    Thought some of you fans would like to know how these writers, etc. AGE the characters too fast. I just ready where Steffy was born in 1999, so mathematically she should be 13 right now! Geez, whatever they need to attract viewers is so out of line!!

    Posted by GaGirl22 at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:19 AM

    I am not a big Amber fan but she earned big points with me today when she stood up to Brooke. Seems lately the only person intimidated by Brooke is Ridge.

    Hope, child....please stop with the pills. I am not a big fan BUT I must say that what they are doing with Hope is ridiculous. She is high as a kite and NO ONE even notices. Well minus the "strange look" her stupid boy toy gave her. Everyone was so up in her business when she was considering sleeping with where are those people now?

    Missed Steffy today....was really hoping she would make a late appearance.

    And so now we know, Caroline was the most precious soul he'd ever known in his life, (in my own words) HIS DESTINY....not Brooke! Again,my personal opinion...

    It's always fun reading your comments friends. Have a wonderful afternoon & happy posting!

    Posted by noahsgamma at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:20 AM

    no grandma tramp,you are not and will never be ridges true love....the true love of his life was caroline.......
    hey dopey, pop another fool

    Posted by radmommy at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:20 AM

    @Alabama Girl - they've been aging characters like that since soaps started. That is nothing new and is a necessity. Now when they age one child faster than the other on the same show where one was once younger than the other and now that one is older... well then that is just ridiculous.

    Posted by Snoopy913 at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:22 AM

    If after everything that has happened, Rick is still interested in Amber then he's old enough to make his own decisions. There was a point where Stephanie finally gave up on separating Brooke and Ridge because they were old enough to make their own decisions. (Stephanie did express concern oover Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy because she had promised Taylor that she would take care of them). I feel that we've reached that point with Rick and Amber; they shoudl be allowed to live their own lives.

    Glad Amber reminded Brooke where she came from.

    Hope, you're retarded. But Hecate, I will give you this, Hope was never vengeful to Bill which does speak for her character.

    It was sweet that Stephanie said she loved Amber.

    Posted by jthixen at Thursday, April 05 2012 11:24 AM

    They're coming to take her awaaay, ha ha ho ho hee hee, where life is beautiful aaaaalllll the time.

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