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    I've Got A Headache.

    Friday, February 24 2012
    Bill warns Liam, Brooke gives Hope advice, and Liam gets an invitation.

    At the loft, Rick tells Steffy she's better off there than at Taylor's - it's much less awkward for a guy to spend the night. Steffy suggests he leave soon. At the door, Steffy tells him she had fun tonight. Once alone, Steffy looks at the bathtub and thinks about Liam.

    At the beach house, Liam informs Bill that he's willing to wait for Hope. Bill makes nice, and asks Liam to put his sword necklace back on. Liam's not ready, but assures Bill he knows he loves him. Bill says that's why he wants the best for him - Steffy. Liam says they're different. Bill thinks Liam's fantasizing about Steffy, and admits he had a fantasy about Brooke. Liam gapes. Bill says they're men - it happens. He suggests that Liam indulge in Steffy. Liam says Steffy may not be waiting around for him - she was on a date with Rick. Bill warns Liam to stop the divorce. He reiterates that married life with Hope won't be what Liam thinks - it will 'I've got a headache' every night. Once alone, Liam gets a call from Steffy who asks him to come to her loft. He says he can't. She promises not to tell Hope. Liam leaves.

    Hope tells Brooke, at home, that she intends to wait until she's married to have sex. Brooke says she's proud of Hope wanting to wait, but thinks it's an unnecessary burden. Rick enters and says there may still be hope for him getting to Steffy. Brooke tells Hope to consider her advice and take Steffy's power away. Rick agrees that Hope shouldn't give Steffy the power to say when she can be with Liam. Hope reminds him she's a role model. She complains that everyone is pressuring her to go against what she believes. She asks Rick about him and Steffy. Rick says they have a really good connection. Hope wants him to get Steffy's mind off Liam. Rick laughs, "What if I get hurt?" Hope tells him just to get Steffy off the market.

    At home, Bill takes a call from Brooke. They discuss Hope being a little too prim and proper. Brooke says Hope doesn't want to disappoint her fans. Bill scoffs, "She'd rather disappoint my son," and hangs up.

    At the loft, Steffy prepares for Liam's visit. There's a knock...

    Alone in the living room, Hope thinks of Liam. There's a knock...

    Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Hope tries again to get Steffy to sign off on an annulment.

    Hope gets advice from Katie.

    Stephanie approaches Liam on Steffy's behalf.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 24 2012 09:47 AM

    Rick go home. Steffy is not buying what you are selling. Go peddle your junk to Amber. She'll buy anything. You should be learning how to design and stop sponging off the Forresters. But we all know your family is one big sponge. Heck, you should have been named Bob.

    Bill said married life with Hope will be like "I've got a headache. Bill you are preaching the truth brother. And Lima Bean you have been thinking about Steffy. And now we have Mr. Honesty running over to Steffy's house after just one phone call. Horny Much! Lima Bean, do you want Steffy to wait for you?

    Leave it to Ho Cakes to tell Mope that waiting is an unnecessary burden. Who in their right mind will tell that to their daughter. That is one screwed up Ho Cake.

    Mope said to Rick to get Steffy off the market. Mope why are you so insecure. You sound like Steffy in Cabo. But it's different because now the scheming is coming from you. The Logans are the only ones able to lie and scheme to get what they want.

    Wow, one night out with Bill and Brooke is calling him. That fantasy is about to come true. And yes Bill, Mope would rather disappoint your son rather than her fans.

    Please, don't let that be Rick at Steffy's door.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 24 2012 10:50 AM

    Poor Hope. She is afraid if she gives into Liam she will let her so called fans down. Hope if you so called fans screw around just because you do. They are just as stupid as you are. I would hope they could turn to their mothers who hopefully is not like yours, and talk to them.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 24 2012 10:51 AM

    Lots of typos, have periods where commas should be. But y'all get my drift.

    Posted by 1HippieChick at Friday, February 24 2012 10:57 AM

    LAME is knocking on Hope's door; and Bill is knocking on Steffy's door...I predict.

    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 24 2012 10:59 AM

    Its definantly Katie at Hope's door, and Liam at Steffy's.

    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 24 2012 11:01 AM

    I love how Bill calls out the truth. Hope would rather disappoint her so-called destiny, than her fans. Proves she's all about Hope, and no one else. Hope, if you get off your soap box, realize your love life doesn't have to coincide with your love life. Who does that?? Not Steffy.

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Friday, February 24 2012 11:02 AM

    Wow, I have to admit, I'm proud of Hope for standing up to her values, and proud of her for saying no. your msg is about not giving in, so here, your living it, I hope you won't give in either.

    I want Liam to be on steffy's door, but for some reason I think it'll be Rick

    Hope you don't need your big brother to romance Steffy
    and what a messed up family .. all involved in the other sex life, really now

    Posted by Texanne at Friday, February 24 2012 11:02 AM

    I hope Liam didn't go over to Hope's. He would get what he needs if he went to Steffy's. So who would that leave at Hope's door? Ah the Friday cliffhanger. Got to love it.

    Posted by Jwow at Friday, February 24 2012 11:03 AM

    Sorry, work life doesn't have to coincide with her love life.

    Posted by Inamaria at Friday, February 24 2012 11:04 AM

    From last scene on Thursday's show, bet Liam calls Steffy.
    Bill has to much control on him.
    Think he will get back with Steffy.
    Storyline way to long. Getting tired of it now.

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