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    Barrel Of Monkeys.

    Wednesday, February 22 2012
    Liam and Rick argue, Brooke and Katie double-date, and Liam issues an invitation.

    At Bikini Beach, Hope accuses Steffy of using the six month waiting period to come on to Liam every chance she gets. Steffy points out that she hasn't done that, and says it's not her fault Liam is jealous. Across the room, Liam tells Rick not to play Steffy. Rick thinks he sounds a bit too protective for someone getting a divorce. Liam says he'll always look out for Steffy - they're friends. Rick muses that she's his friend too - with benefits. Meanwhile, Steffy and Hope continue to bicker. Steffy informs Hope that she'll remain Steffy Spencer until the day she dies. Liam and Rick approach. Rick tells Steffy he'll take her back to the loft. Liam is surprised she's not staying with Taylor. Steffy ribs Hope about not living with Liam. Rick and Steffy leave, and Liam looks tense.

    At home, Brooke gets a call from Katie confirming their double-date with their husbands at Bikini Beach. Brooke hangs up and Ridge asks hopefully if Katie canceled. He tries to get Brooke up to the bedroom, but she insists they go - she'll make it up to him later.

    In her room, Katie hangs up from Brooke. Bill complains about having to eat dinner with Ridge. Katie tells him it's a small price to pay, and they kiss. Bill tries to get out of it, but Katie won't let him.

    Brooke and Ridge arrive at Bikini. Katie and Bill join them. Katie crows, "This is so much fun!" Ridge intones, "Barrel of monkeys." Bill and Ridge order triple scotches. Talk turns to Forrester, and Bill asks about Steffy. Ridge says she's miserable. Katie says she'll get over it. Brooke and Katie talk about Hope's campaign. Brooke says she's doing things differently than her mother. Bill quips, "What, you didn't wait until you got married, Brooke?" The women think what Hope's doing is great. Bill thinks the cooling off period is good for Liam. Ridge agrees. Brooke and Bill argue about whether Hope is right for Liam.

    Liam brings Hope home. She tells him their parents are double-dating. He grimaces. They bicker about Rick and Steffy for a bit and then make out. Hope wishes they were married. Liam invites her to get her things and come to his place - they'll start their lives together right now.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Hope considers whether to take her relationship with Liam to another level.

    Bill's advice stuns Liam.

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    Posted by Jozeey at Wednesday, February 22 2012 10:26 AM

    Double dating??? Katie has forgiven Bill?!? What utter nonsense!

    Hope - you are making urself and Liam miserable...geez..just bid the time - 6 mths will b over soon you stupid girl!!

    Liam boy - looks like you're slowly coming to the realization that perhaps Hope isn't THE ONE

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, February 22 2012 10:33 AM

    Mope, if you are so sure Liam loves you, why are you worried about Steffy. Nobody is holding the key to your chastity belt but you. Maybe you shouldn't go around preaching false morality that you certainly don't have.

    Love my girl Steffy telling that dummy it's not her fault that Liam is jealous.

    That's so sweet the way Liam is looking after HIS WIFE.


    Ridge said that Steffy was miserable and Katie said she would get over it. You sure got over yours. Being that your husband still has the hots for Steffy.

    Bill is so funny, asking Brooke you mean you didn't wait for your wedding to have sex. Heck, Brooke didn't even wait for her destinies to be divorced.

    Liam, don't hold your breath about HOpe moving into your place and starting your life together. She has her fans to think about. You come in third. First it's the campaign, then her so called fans, then you.

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, February 22 2012 10:42 AM

    Double dating are these writers for real, what are they High School?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, February 22 2012 10:58 AM

    Mope said when she gets married she won't live at the Beach House. My girl Steffy told her she has a long time to think about it. I love that girl. Hope, you have six months to think about where you will live. Come to think of it, you might be with mommie for a long time.

    Please, I can't take six months of Liam and the Tongue.

    She's starting with all that heavy kissing like the last time getting Lima Bean all hot and bothered. He is now ready to pop that chastity belt right off her. But once again, he will be disappointed.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, February 22 2012 10:59 AM

    Nanas3, Brooke hasn't been in high school for at least 45 years.

    Posted by aprilSTP at Wednesday, February 22 2012 11:03 AM

    When did Steffy admit to tricking Liam into marriage? Must have missed it.

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Wednesday, February 22 2012 11:05 AM

    Hope: Steffy is being difficult as always.... um, NO.. YOU WENT to her table to wave your magic wand demanding things, but the fairy dust doesn’t work on Steffy. Why is she whinnying so much.. we get it, you want to sleep with Liam, and be his wife and lover .. finally she said soulmate as well.. so it’s not all sexual
    LOL, the adults are sitting for a dinner, but they only can talk about their kids drama >.> , Katie and Brooke on one side the men are on the other .. entertaining ! glad there was no food fight (I’d pay to see that tho)
    And maybe moving in with Liam will get Hope the upper hand, but what would your fans and your FC image or your line do without your morals :O . How will they react to you moving in with a married man, tsk tsk.
    Glad that Steffy is showing her maturity, living alone and taking care of herself, while baby here passed her bed time

    Posted by aprilSTP at Wednesday, February 22 2012 11:07 AM

    Hey Hopeless....BLAME LAME gave him three months for a wedding night, and now that's been bumped up to an additional six.

    Oh yes, and BLAME YOURSELF...another stupid press conference about chastity, even if you thought it was for just one more night. Don't want to be a liar to all those girls out there, who need you to teach them values, apparently. Sucks to be you right now, don't it?

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, February 22 2012 11:07 AM

    Work is too busy. Miss chatting with you all. Just wanted to say.

    Oh yeah, Steffi, you can be jealous and not love the person. my daughter never wants her old toys unless the baby grabs them Then she wants to play with elmo...for like 2 mins. Then she forgets Elmo again. Same thing. Guys are like that too.

    Hope, please don't stroke out, those conniption fits cannot be good for your health.

    Posted by aprilSTP at Wednesday, February 22 2012 11:12 AM

    I can't imagine anything more torturous than being at a table with Grandma Tramp and Hatie. They can't have an interesting, engaging conversation about ANYTHING other peoples' love lives.

    Oh yeah, there's something almost as bad...being at a table with Dopey, she might start preaching. No wonder she's got no one to hang out with except guys who want to pop that cherry she keeps talking about.

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