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    Wild Ride.

    Tuesday, February 21 2012
    Stephanie calls Brooke a hypocrite, Liam calms Hope, and Steffy and Rick go out.

    In the studio, Steffy tells Rick he is full of himself. Rick says she used to love him, and vows not to give up. Steffy says he's trying to con her, and challenges him to take her out and wine and dine her.

    Liam brings Hope some chamomile tea in her office to calm her. They debate about Steffy signing the papers. Hope says she made a joke about it and is messing with their lives. Liam wishes everyone would stay out of their business. He suggests they go to Bikini Beach. Hope muses that Steffy fell for Rick once - it could happen again. Liam looks uncomfortable.

    In her office, Brooke tells Stephanie they obviously don't see eye-to-eye. She argues that Rick's heart was in the right place. Stephanie replies that Rick doesn't have a heart and accuses Brooke of being hypocritical by condoning his behavior. Stephanie points out that it won't hurt Liam and Hope to wait six months. They discuss Hope's abstinence policy. Brooke says Liam's supportive. Stephanie muses that Liam has six months to sort out his feelings - she may be surprised. Brooke and Stephanie continue to debate. Stephanie says if Brooke won't keep Rick away from Steffy, she will.

    Rick and Steffy arrive at Bikini Beach, with him complaining about her wild driving. She says he took her for a ride earlier - or thought he did. They banter about their attraction - she says it's strictly business between them. Hope and Liam come in. Liam seems disturbed to see Steffy with Rick. Hope wonders if they're on a date. She tells Liam they almost got married before. Steffy spots them, and Rick tells her he'll get some beers. Liam approaches Steffy and apologizes for Rick trying to manipulate her and asks why she's there with him. Steffy realizes Liam is jealous. Rick approaches Hope, who urges him to come through for her. Liam returns and Rick goes. Hope doesn't tell Liam what she said to Rick. Steffy and Rick argue about who will pay. Steffy is still rattled over seeing Liam and Hope. Rick apologizes for messing with her when she's hurting. Liam sees them hugging. Rick goes to pay, and Hope confronts Steffy about refusing to let Liam go. Steffy says she signed the divorce. Hope says she's trying to do something significant for Forrester and to get on with her life. They bicker. Hope says Liam wants out. Steffy says he feels obligated toward Hope - this is far from over.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Ridge and Bill warily agree to join Katie and Brooke on a double date.

    Liam confronts Rick about his motives where Steffy is concerned.

    Hope and Liam are at odds when she defends Rick and he defends Steffy.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, February 21 2012 10:57 AM

    Rick honey give it up. Steffy is not that into you.
    Just like Lima Bean is not that into Mope.

    Dang, Mope is still staring at that signature. I'm surprised she could read.

    Brooke said Rick's heart was in the right place when he was trying to help his baby sister. Stephanie said he didn't have a heart. I missed you Stephanie. And Stephanie was right telling Hogan that Mope was too young to get married so soon. And if they are so much in love, six months shouldn't matter.

    Liam, if you want everybody to stay out of your business why don't you tell them that. You had no trouble telling dear old daddy.

    Ooops, Lima Bean just saw his wife out with Rick. He didn't look too happy. Jealous much?

    Bean left Mope's table to talk to Steffy. He tried to apologize about Rick and the annulment papers. Steffy said she could take care of herself and called him on his jealousy. Right now that six months might as well be six years for old Bean Boy.

    Wow, Mope asked Rick if he was coming through to her and lied when Liam asked her about it. This is a family of pimps. Mope is pimping out her brother and Brooke and Katie are pimping out Mope.

    I do believe Rick was sincere when he told Steffy he was sorry for trying to trick her. And said he apologized for what happened with her Phoebe.

    Steffy, you should have slapped Mope for walking up to you. She said Steffy is messing up her image and her career also with her so called fans. It's Mope's world and everybody else just lives in it. But my girl shut her down. Go Steffy, Go!! Now Hopey, go back to your table and drink your milk.

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:05 AM

    WTF Liam, so it’s okay for you to go around kissing Hope, while your exwife can’t date or be out on the town with another man?!!
    And Hope, why are you fishing for trouble, stay on your seat, and let Steffy be, I don’t recall Steffy going to you while she was married to say nannana, I got your man
    With all do respect to Hope’s fan, but she is acting like a child, if I was her, I’d be kissing Liam to bother Steffy off, not go threaten her and tell her you stole my man.
    Steffy way to go defending yourself and telling Hope that Liam didn’t have a gun on his head

    I’m not sure if Rick was real at the end, that made me like him for a second, but knowing his history he will/ might prove me wrong and that he does have a hidden agenda after all .
    Stefani, you were right on ! Brook you don’t need to rush this marriage if Liam is “meant” to be with Hope, and what can you read fortune, is that a secret talent you have?

    I can't stand that Liam clueless face

    Posted by SheMarPre at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:13 AM

    Hope Don't Even Know Who You Are Anymore! She Definitely Brought The B!tch Out Today. Poor Steffy, It Really Hurt Me To See Her In Pain! Wow Rick Was Actually Showing Compassion For Another Human Being! A LOGAN! Brooke, Everything Stephanie Said To You Was COMPLETELY TRUE! GET THE F!CK OVER IT! LMAO At Liam, Poor Boy Wanted To Murder Rick Today. YOU GONNA CRY BOY! Uh Oh Hope, I'm Sensing LIAMS WANTS STEFFY STILL! Hope Get REAL!

    Posted by SherryBaby14 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:13 AM

    Hope really doesn't care about anyone but herself. She lives in a bubble. She is the one torturing herself, not Steffy.

    Posted by Forresterlover at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:14 AM

    I wonder if Hope is going to forge Steffy's signature on the annulment papers? I saw a future spoiler that said Hope regains the power in her fued with Steffy.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:17 AM

    What makes me upset about this is does the Logans know that Rick is the wrong person to be doing this to Steffy? Even Stephanie said it. Rick manipulated and used Steffy before what makes him think he can do it again? It looks like he is not helping the cause because Liam now knows that he is manipulating Steffy into signing and he does not like it which will bring his focus more on Steffy than Hope. Steffy already gave up Liam when she signed the divorce papers like he asked her to.

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:17 AM

    if she does, it's as easy as suing her .. and showing Liam the true Princess in pink ... so I don't see how good that would be for our little miss perfect

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:19 AM

    forging the signature that is

    Posted by SheMarPre at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:20 AM

    Wow Aren't Liam And Hope Hpycrites! Didn't They Both Jump Down Steffy And Thomas's Throats For NOT LETTING THEM KNOW OR SEE EACHOTHER IN CABO! What Idiots They Both Lied To Eachother, About What They Were Just Discussing With Steffy And The Bad Dickster! STEFFY STAY STRONG! HOPE GET OVER YOURSELF! LIAM GET SOME BALLS. GOODBYE RICK !

    Posted by SuZeeQ at Tuesday, February 21 2012 11:21 AM

    Any day is gonna be a good epi when Stephanie is on the screen and she’s always right, especially where Brooke is concerned. Brooke doesn’t want Liam with Steffy but it’s ok for her slime ball son to pursue Steffy again. Does she not remember what happened between her and Ridge when that happened, not to mention it was not a genuine love for Steffy, it was another of his vengeance schemes to get back at Ridge.

    One would think Dope would be tired of the daily beat downs she gets from Steffy. Why does this foolish little girl insist upon confronting Steffy at every chance she gets!! Amazing!!

    Dick the sleaze ball, had to hit Steffy where it really hurts and bring up Phoebe. When he was hugging Steffy and Liam was watching, did Dick have that sickening smirk on his face the whole time and Liam caught that?

    Dope, get a clue, Steffy could care less about you or your need to be married. Get over yourself!!

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