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    Monday, February 20 2012
    Rick realizes he was played, Stephanie learns of Rick's plan, and Hope argues with Liam.

    At Forrester, Hope takes the annulment papers from Rick, who says Steffy signed them right in front of him. Liam wonders why she'd do that. Rick brags that he simply reminded her that Liam's not the only guy on the market. Brooke and Hope wonder how soon, and where, she and Liam can be married. Liam wants to make sure it's legit. Rick looks at the papers and tells Hope he's sorry - Steffy punked him. Rick leaves, and Hope complains to Brooke that six months is forever. Liam tries to calm her down. Brooke thinks Rick may still have a chance. Liam isn't comfortable with him manipulating her. Hope gasps that he is defending Steffy and orders him to do something. Brooke exits and Hope tells Liam she can't live like this. Liam tells Hope that Steffy isn't as shallow as she thinks. Hope asks what that means. She says Steffy is being spiteful and trying to ruin everything. They argue heatedly about Steffy. Hope rants that Steffy is controlling them like puppets. Liam grabs her and says he loves her.

    In the studio, Stephanie joins Steffy, who fills her in on Rick giving her a new set of annulment papers to sign. Stephanie hopes she tore them up. Steffy says, "I signed them." Stephanie laughs when she explains she signed, 'Loser', which is exactly what Rick is to think she'd fall for his scheme. Rick storms in. Stephanie wonders if he came to apologize. Rick tells Steffy he thought they had an understanding. Stephanie snaps at him to stop the charade. Steffy speaks to Rick alone, and tells him his plan is not going to work - he overplayed his hand. She tells him to put his efforts into the intimates line. Rick asks her again to let Liam go. Steffy tells him to drop it. Rick wonders why she wants to sit around with memories for six months when she could be with him instead. They bicker about Liam. Steffy isn't sure she can work with Rick - his ego won't fit in her office. Rick says they could be great together.

    Stephanie finds Brooke in her office and tells her to call off Rick. She says whatever he has in mind isn't going to work - Steffy still loves Liam. Brooke says Rick's trying to get her to move on. Stephanie scoffs that he's not her friend.

    Alone in her office, Hope phones Rick and begs him to get Steffy to sign the papers. He says, "Soon."

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Steffy issues a challenge to Rick.

    Hope confronts Liam regarding lingering feelings for Steffy.

    Brooke and Stephanie realize history is repeating itself.

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    Posted by hyemom at Monday, February 20 2012 10:54 AM

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Steffy is not a dumb logan to fall for stupid rick like that.

    Hope orders Liam to do something? Orders? Really?

    Poor Hope, she can not wait for 6 months and crying to mommy about it. Boo hoo. Gove her a box of napkins.

    Posted by kase21 at Monday, February 20 2012 11:01 AM

    Steffy signed the divorce papers. Steffy SIGNED the divorce papers. Clearly from both Liam and Steffy’s perspective the annulment isn’t in the cards. Liam looked shocked and a but hurt that Steffy would annul the marriage, and almost seem relieved/excited that she didn’t really sign them. And Hope. The divorce vs. annulment isn’t Steffy out to get you. It’s Steffy saying her marriage was real. You’re just hella scared that Liam thinks so too. And hate to tell you, but he does. That’s why he’s not fighting Steffy. And Steffy has already said, if you want a divorce you’ve got one. And she already signed the papers. Chill the F-Out.

    LOSER: Hope. Rick. Brooke.

    Hope. You can’t be serious. 6 months is FOREVER? Really? Where was that concern when Liam was waiting for you’re a$$ to plan your wedding. Remember how FOREVER that felt to him… oh yeah- you don’t. You were totally ok making him wait. And Hope is crazy… super hyperventilating toward the end of the episode. I don’t think Liam is going to want that crazy/neurotic chick in a few weeks.

    Rick. Dude really? You got Hope so excited. That’s on you. You ran Forrester International. Someone may want to check those contracts he executed. Get out of this mess. It’s none of your business. If Hope can’t handle this delay… can she really handle marriage… maybe you should be helping her with that. And Hope is looking for big bro to help her out.

    Brooke to Stephanie: Rick is Steffy’s friend…So glad Stephanie called her on that BS. I can’t even begin to describe how delusional and vindictive Brooke is. I really kind of hate who this character is. Steffy’s like 25. Brooke’s 50. I think Hope’s around 22? Brooke needs to check herself. This isn’t her fight. It was disturbing.

    Posted by Cat lady _88 at Monday, February 20 2012 11:03 AM

    what's up with those two girls using their own brother as weapon.
    And today HOPE wow.. you need to chill , that was scary ! loved how liam calmed her down

    Posted by aprilSTP at Monday, February 20 2012 11:05 AM

    Why is Loser Rick still dressed like a waiter at a Greek restaurant?

    He is totally schizo...seething at Steffy one moment and back into seduction mode the next. Crazy. Figure out how you want it, you stupid writers!

    Oh, Hopey...frustrated much? Has anyone ever thrown such a major mini-me temper trantrum before? Damn, she IS a spoiled princess who MUST have what she wants right NOW. Sheesh..and Steffy is the one with that rep?

    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Monday, February 20 2012 11:05 AM

    Ooooo! I'm so mad and so is Liam. Rick you are the biggest fool of this show. Go back to Paris.....

    At first I was really boiling that steffy didn't sign because I can't take much more of this story line but after Ricky performance today i'm kind of glad she didn't. Rick, do you feel like a L O S E R?

    Posted by aprilSTP at Monday, February 20 2012 11:07 AM

    Sorry Hopeless...Steffy is manipulating NADA. Your brother is the only one trying that, poorly I might add. But it's ok for him to do it, and you accuse Steffy of it. And take your pink glasses off..she is NOT chasing Liam.

    Posted by aprilSTP at Monday, February 20 2012 11:08 AM

    Yeah, Liam looked SO mad.

    Are all the Logans on some kind of hallucinogen today?

    Posted by FataMorgana at Monday, February 20 2012 11:09 AM

    Posted by kit077 at Monday, February 20 2012 06:59 AM

    @ FataMorgana ~ page 30 12:53 PM post ~ I wish the writers would find some way to write Donna's (JG) pregnancy into a s/l. Imagine how funny that would be! I can just picture Ditzy Donna's antics and emotions on the show. Hysterical!!
    IRK!! But they missed that chance when she was married to Justin. (I still think they deserve another chance to raise a child..) This show could use some diversity. Ditsy Donna could do the job with a hilarious pregnancy s/l. Watching the youngsters for 2-3 years now is just puke worthy.

    Laughing at Hope today!! Steffy was hilarious! (still foolish, but smart..) But have to re-watch because a missed a few minutes.. Rick just simply looked like a fool. I am surprised he won't stop his crazy hunt though..

    Posted by grizzskin at Monday, February 20 2012 11:09 AM


    Hypocrisy, thy name is Logan..... The Logans, or should I say , the HOgans, were so at arms about $teffi and Thomas trying to "manipulate" HOHOHopeless, but it seems it is OK for "not so slick" Rick and HOHO to try and "manipulate" $teffi.......

    I loved Stephanie Sr's comment that "NSS" Rick always has an agenda (and he does).....

    let's banter....

    Posted by dollarbillbaby at Monday, February 20 2012 11:10 AM

    Of my how the tables turn. Do you all remember when Liam was gonna explode from lack of action? Now Hope will explode if she has to wait 6 months! Tic tic tic ka boooooom!

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