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    The Bold and the Beautiful - DAILY UPDATES

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    Just Business.

    Tuesday, January 17 2012
    Ridge is upset about Rick, Pam makes a request of Nick, and Brooke confronts Rick and Amber.

    In his office, Rick tells Amber it's not a good idea for her to be there. Amber reassures him. There's a knock and Amber hides. Pam enters with Tiffany Coyne from "Let's Make a Deal." Pam rants about how it's her favorite show. Tiffany invites her to come to a taping sometime. The trio leaves for Ridge's office as Amber glares.

    Brooke and Ridge kiss in his office. He tells her she shouldn't have gone to see Liam. They bicker. Ridge stuns Brooke by suggesting that Rick is working with Amber. Pam enters with Tiffany and Rick, who explains that he plans to hire Tiffany as a model. Brooke thinks that's great. Pam shouts, "Let's make a deal!" Tiffany, Pam, and Rick leave. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is operating behind his back and forgetting who is CEO. Brooke assures Ridge that Rick would never get involved with Amber again after what she did to Hope.

    Donna arrives at Forrester and Pam offers her the last lemon bar, saying she gave the rest to Tiffany Coyne. Pam reminds Donna of the time they went on "The Price is Right." Pam says she uses the baking set she won when she makes something from 'scratch'. Donna gets itchy. Donna goes in to see Brooke. Ridge leaves. Donna tells Brooke she's developed an allergy, adding that strange things have been happening since Christmas. Brooke wonders if Pam's behind it. Donna says she has no reason to be jealous about Nick. Brooke still wonders how Nick got the stolen designs.

    In Rick's office, Amber kisses him to make sure he forgets about the beautiful women around him. Rick assures her Tiffany was just business. They talk about Ridge being upset about his decisions. Amber purrs that he's taking the first steps toward becoming CEO. Brooke listens at the door, and then confronts them. Rick pleads with Brooke to keep his secret.

    Jackie enters Nick's office and warns him she's not sure how much longer Pam will keep them afloat because of Donna. Nick gets it. Pam arrives incognito. Nick asks about her doubts. Pam confronts him about kissing Donna. He offers to make it up to her. She wants him to come with her on "Let's Make a Deal." Stunned, Nick quickly says it's too risky for them to be seen together on TV. Pam convinces him by threatening to stop bringing designs. Thrilled, Pam warns Nick she might get flirty with Wayne Brady - he can't act jealous!

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Pam and Nick appear on "Let's Make A Deal."

    Brooke decides whether to keep Rick's secret.

    Katie wants to get to the bottom of things.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, January 17 2012 10:46 AM

    Ridge is growing a brain. He knows Rick is working with Amber. And Hoochie Mama doesn't believe it. Maybe she should see the Wizard for a brain.

    Now Rick is hiring models. I have to give him credit on this one. At least he doesn't want to use his old worn out, over used mama.

    Rick could care less what Amber did to Mope. He is trying to steal Ridge's job. And I thought Amber said she didn't want anything from Rick. Everytime they are together she has to kiss him.

    Now Brooke knows the truth because she was dipping with her big Dumbo Ears, but she will not tell her live in boyfriend Ridge what Rick is up to. Hold on Taylor, Ridge is about to come running back to you.

    Posted by noahsgamma at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:14 AM

    oh my god is brooke going to hold a secreet from her not brooke shes change.she dont do no wrong.she will march to the office an tell ridge cause only steffy lies and keeps pathetic hypocrite biatch is all brooke squinty eye hogan long as the village idiots get what they want.....

    Posted by girlt22 at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:17 AM

    They couldn't come up with anything better than let's make a deal? Donna didn't pick up on the scratch comment? What she hasn't washed her night gown since Christmas? Come on writers GUAB.

    Brooke stay loyal to your son like Ridge is to his brat. Take him down Rick take him down!

    Posted by radmommy at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:18 AM

    Umm what did Amber do to Hope? When she said her baby was Liam's? That was so ancient! Jeez Brook move on. We need to put Hope in a bubble. You'd think it would be more for what she did to Rick all those years ago.

    And speaking of Rick, why is Rick reassuring her that the model was just business. Unless you want delusional Amber getting the idea that you two are a couple, you need to set her straight right now!

    I was wondering if anyone would recognize Amber's stlye. Ridge you amaze me. Kudo's to you.

    Uh oh, do I see Brook deciding on whether to go along with Rick's scheme? Isn't that being dishonest? Isn't that lying? Not that I care because as much as I don't like Rick in the Liam/Steffy/Hope business, I'd love to see him one-up Ridge. But I am disturbed, the writer's were giving Thorn a chance to get to Ridge and now they've taken that away. Thorn is back in the basement and they are giving Rick a try. Storylines tend to peter-out and then another character gets to take the storyline over.

    Pam/Nick/Donna - Let's Make a Deal? Lame storyline. I like Pam's comic relief but within an existing story - not making up a story just for the sake of her comic relief. It seems forced and totally out of place. No matter how many game shows you show the viewers they are still upset that most of their soaps have been cancelled and upset that the remaining 4 are in peril.

    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:19 AM

    Hooker brooke keeping secrets. All I have to say is calling the kettle black! Hogans burn baby burn....LOL!!!

    Posted by girlt22 at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:19 AM

    Radmommy there's still a chance for Thorne and Rick to team up. Surfer dude can come up from the bowels of the building soon.

    Posted by KDMORES at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:19 AM

    what did Amber do to Hope?

    Posted by girlt22 at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:21 AM

    She told Lame she was preggers by him when Hope and Lame were first together. He bought it, Hope let him go to be a father and the baby turned out to be Marcus'. Hope has long forgotten and what Beggie is doing is much worse.

    Posted by grizzskin at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:21 AM

    Observations on today's show:

    Pam is such a waste of TV time. I know she id the owner's sister, but why do we have to watch her....

    Giving birth must have give Amber new va-jay-jay powers that she is using on Rick. I thought the HOgans did it to others; it seems someone is doing to a HOgan. Oops, I guess those HOgan powers only apply to the women.....

    Way to go Ridge. I commented yesterday that he is showing a bit of arrogance; letting everybody at FC know who is wearing the big boy drawers. He sees through Rick....

    Now we will find out where GT HOgan's loyalties lie, with her live-in boyfriend or her son........

    let's talk.......

    Posted by radmommy at Tuesday, January 17 2012 11:22 AM

    @KDMORES - Amber lied and said that she slept with Liam and that the baby was his so that she could get the "Spencer bucks". Hope and Liam were dating then. Hope broke up with Liam so that he could be a father to his baby. Turned out the baby was Marcus'.

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