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    Oh, Ridge!

    Monday, December 06 2010
    Taylor fantasizes about Ridge, Bill tells Oliver his plans, and Liam shows Hope his new digs.

    At the beach house, Bill informs Oliver that he knows exactly what he did, and he'd better be careful who he makes enemies with! Bill explains that he connected him to the limo scam through his credit card. Bill adds that he tried to keep Hope apart from his son, saying, "Nicely done!" Oliver is confused by his reaction and promises to tell Hope the truth. To Oliver's surprise, Bill says he's not going to confess, and he's going to do it again - and this time he'll be much more successful! Oliver doesn't get it. Bill says Hope would be great for Liam about twenty years from now. He adds that Liam needs to learn to be a man right now, not follow Hope around. Bill tells Oliver he'll help him get his girlfriend back. Oliver says he won't scheme with him.

    Hope and Liam are checking out an apartment for rent. She asks why he brought her there. He holds up a set of keys and says he lives there now. She giggles. They talk about how great it is, and he says there's lots of space for her to keep some things there in case she spends the night. They light a candle and kiss. Hope says she could get used to this. He brings up the idea of changing his last name. She urges him to get to know his father better before he decides. Liam thinks Bill cares more than he lets on and wants what's best for him - he respects that Hope is the girl for him.

    In their bedroom, Brooke talks to Ridge about how sexy it is that he can work from home. She then takes his laptop and lures him to the bed. They make love.

    At home, Taylor looks at a photo of her and Whip and smiles. She then starts thinking about Ridge, but chastises herself. However, within moments, she gives in and indulges in sexy memories of Ridge, thinking of how he said he would take flight to her if something went wrong with his marriage. She calls Ridge about Steffy, and thanks him for having come over to see her - she feels much better. They hang up and Whip comes in to see Taylor holding a piece of lingerie. They start to make love. Taylor thinks about Ridge during sex and calls out his name!

    After Taylor's phone call, Brooke notes to Ridge in bed that he seems awfully chummy with her! Ridge asks if she has an issue with it, explaining that they've had a lot to talk about lately as parents. Brooke says she understands - she just hopes Taylor understands that she's with Whip now, not Ridge. They chat about Taylor worrying about Thomas. Ridge muses that Taylor knows nothing would ever happen - he told her their marriage couldn't survive that. Brooke is aghast that he said such a thing to Taylor. Ridge shrugs that she is the other great love of his life. Brooke gasps - he'll get her hopes up! Ridge is dubious, but Brooke feels Taylor is probably already thinking about a life with him.

    Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

    Hope and Liam share a conversation about sex.

    Amber overhears Bill's talk with Oliver.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, December 06 2010 11:17 AM

    Bill has a lot of nerve saying Oliver has gray matter between his ears. What must his son Liam have. Bill told Oliver he wants him to break up Liam and Hope. Can't say I blame him. Who wants their son with a bubblehead. Then he made fun of Hope playing the waiting game. I can't remember exactly what he compared it to. I think he said you don't buy a pair of jeans without trying them on first.

    I hope those weren't pictures of Thomas that Brooke was looking at that was getting her all hot and bothered, that she had to beckon Ridge to the bed. Now she's acting all jealous because Ridge has been acting friendly to the other mother of his children. Brooke, you know darn well Ridge is not going anywhere. Now she's bent out of shape because Ridge told Taylor that he would leave Brooke if she crossed the line with Thomas. They talk about this way too much. Brooke might unwrap Thomas for christmas.

    I knew Taylor was lying when she said she didn't want Ridge and was only concerned about Brooke hurting Stephanie and Ridge. Nothing like coming in second. Poor Ridge, he thinks Taylor did not take him seriously. Guess he don't know Doc as well as he thinks he does.

    Dang, Taylor called Ridge's name at least twice or three times, while making love to Whip. Taylor you have messed up big time.

    Hey Blesseddiva, How 'bout them Cowboys?

    Posted by cards1 at Monday, December 06 2010 11:19 AM

    Ridge is going to be busy for hours? Uhmm...maybe this is why Brooke/Taylor been fighting over this man for 23 Liam need to hit daddy Bill up for some dough, Ollie has a beach house and Liam heir to the Spencer fortune has an small apartment?

    Poor Whip, Taylor has an OOPS moment, oh Ridge, oh Ridge, Taylor screams out while making love to her hubs, which proves Taylor has serious issues if the woman had any sense she would be screaming Hector, or $ Bill. Although Ridge was looking pretty good today. Seek professional help girl you are way to pretty to be second choice. Ridge is the one who let you down not Brooke.

    I don't blame Brooke one bit for being PO'd at Ridge, he should not be discussing his current marriage with the ex. just bad etiquette IMO

    Bill lol, "you don't buy a pair of jeans without trying them on."

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, December 06 2010 11:28 AM

    In their bedroom, Brooke talks to Ridge about how sexy it is that he can work from home. She then takes his laptop and lures him to the bed. They make love.

    Well hello and snap peas, of course they did! GMAFB!

    Brooke's radar is up on Taylor again!

    Posted by LuvsChilly at Monday, December 06 2010 11:28 AM

    So Oliver won't scheme with Bill but he'll scheme with Amber? Yeah okay.

    At least Ridge admitted that Taylor was one of the great loves of his life. Seems they always want to re-write hitsory but Ridge and Taylor had a strong marriage for a long time. Poor Whip though. But considering how fast they rushed that pairing I'm not really surprised.

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, December 06 2010 11:30 AM

    Taylor honey I have an ex I will give him to you! I can't seem to get rid of him so if you take him maybe I can get on with life and not have to fix his! Ooooops, I don't do that either!

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, December 06 2010 11:31 AM

    Oh and all I can say is: Oh Brother!

    Posted by BKLYN at Monday, December 06 2010 11:35 AM

    The HIGHLIGHT of today's episode is Taylor OH RIDGE OH RIDGE OOPS WHIP!!!!! Good grief she is such a stupid twit by far the dumbest character on this show. Of course, let's not forget the most hypocrite. Brooke was RIGHT when she told Ridge Taylor is thinking of you right now. Oh yes she was calling out his name as she and Whip were making love.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, December 06 2010 11:37 AM

    What to do when your wife calls out the name of her former husband while you are on top of her? Hmmmmm...
    That sucks, poor Whip...poor Ridge--Taylor is really after him in her mind

    Posted by sandee1977 at Monday, December 06 2010 11:41 AM

    Did Ridge really tell Brooke that Taylor is the other great love of his life? WTH He may not have a huge set of balls but he definitely has a big ego. I am pretty upset at Taylor for stroking that ego. Whip loves her and she BETTER not sacrifice it for that flip flop Ridge. I hope Whip man up and make Taylor forget about Ridge once and for all. He needs to remind her about, "I now pronounce you horse and wife". If she wants some true peace in her life no matter what happens with Brooke and Thomas Ridge should not be an option for her.

    Posted by killer at Monday, December 06 2010 11:43 AM

    Poor Whip. and No, Taylor, you can never make it up to Whip for calling out Ridge's name. Who would you even want to be with Ridge, knowing you are second choice? Where is RJ? Wrap SL line up for Bridgett and baby....we all know its Nick's. Get Nick and Bridgett back together, they should be running the company and send Jackie to Japan for extended stay!

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