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Saturday, January 31 2015

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Week of February 2:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: May the Best Woman Win.

Monday February 2:

Brooke's declaration about Ridge has an unsettling effect on Caroline. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Brooke and Caroline.

Liam and Steffy reminisce about their past.

Tuesday February 3:

A broken relationship is repaired when love is given a second chance.

Brooke tries to make a heartfelt promise to Katie.

Wednesday February 4:

Wyatt returns to L.A. to deliver unsettling information to Quinn and Deacon.

Steffy demands answers from Caroline about her relationship with Ridge.

Thursday February 5:

Liam and Bill plot a form of revenge after their loved ones are left devastated.

Wyatt must defend himself to Rick.

Friday February 6:

Ridge and Caroline's connection grows stronger when she poses for his painting.

Brooke seeks comfort from Deacon and tells him what she has planned for Caroline.


Liam and Steffy collaborate on a plan.

Steffy wants something in return for her help.

Ivy is upset to see Liam with Steffy.

Wyatt blames Quinn for the failure of his marriage.

Deacon helps Quinn.

Brooke is concerned about Rick's behavior.

Rick treats someone harshly.

Brooke devises a plan to thwart Ridge and Caroline's growing connection.

Bill shows his softer side to Katie.

Maya has the perfect man for Nicole.

Week of February 9:

Ivy opens up to Aly about her own concerns regarding Liam's former flame.

Brooke uses her wiles on Ridge.

Brooke is met with a stunning admission about Ridge's romantic intentions.

Katie answers Bill's proposal.

Steffy makes a worth adversary for Rick.

Brooke recruits an unexpected accomplice.

Valentine's Day brings happiness, romance, and the possible start of something new.

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Brooke's life takes a turn, and it's not what anyone, including Brooke, is expecting.

Ridge and Caroline face obstacles as a couple.

- Candace Young