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Friday, November 28 2014

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Week of December 1:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Baby Shower Crasher.

Monday December 1:

Wyatt and Liam discuss their relationships. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Wyatt and Liam.

Hope talks to Eric.

Quinn complains to Deacon after hearing about Hope's upcoming baby shower.

Liam shares with Hope, who comes to a heartbreaking realization about him.

Tuesday December 2:

Hope's baby shower is held.

Deacon gives Quinn a dire warning about showing up uninvited at the shower.

Wednesday December 3:

Quinn's eavesdropping leads to her hearing what others truly think of her.

Caroline faces off with Maya as she tries to get her marriage back on solid ground.

Thursday December 4:

Bill advises Wyatt to take a drastic step to make sure Quinn doesn't endanger his marriage to Hope.

Liam makes a vow to Hope with regard to her future.

Friday December 5:

Hope receives an unwelcome visit from Quinn.

Wyatt prepares to put a plan into action.

Week of December 8:

Wyatt turns to Justin for help.

Liam protects Hope and her unborn baby.

Deacon learns information about who was behind Wyatt's actions.

Ivy considers leaving.

Maya nearly blows Rick's plan.

Rick and Ridge continue to have tension between them.

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