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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers.

Friday, July 25 2014

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Week of Monday July 28:

Monday July 28:

Wyatt works at charming Hope.

Ridge tries controlling Brooke's future.

Tuesday, July 29:

Bill makes an attempt to get Brooke to marry him.

Liam faces betrayal by someone close to him.

Wednesday July 30:

Deacon confronts Brooke.

A last minute press conference is called by Wyatt.

Thursday July 31:

Wyatt embarrasses Liam and then forces him into a corner.

There's a roadblock Bill faces on his way back to Brooke.

Friday August 1:

Liam tells a secret to Ivy.

One mystery couple shares a surprising kiss.

Week of August 4:

Deacon kisses Brooke and declares that he wants her back.

Bill pleads with Brooke from the heart, unaware Deacon has also offered her a proposition.

Brooke feels confused.

Liam tells Ivy about his past with Hope.

Hope tells Wyatt she cannot keep his gift.

Ally and Ivy want to match up Liam.

Liam agrees to meet Hope in Paris and plans a surprise wedding.

Hope and Wyatt meet with Felicia overseas.

Ally tells Brooke that Liam plans to meet up with Hope.

Oliver feels bad about being passed over as photographer for the trip.

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