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Thursday, March 26 2015

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Week of March 23:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Bringing up the Past.

Monday March 23:

Read today's B&B Recap: All Inspirational.

Katie asks Rick an important question. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Katie and Rick.

Quinn praises Deacon's support of his AA friend, not knowing it's Brooke.

Maya has something to say about the past to Nicole.

Tuesday March 24:

Liam still wants to take over Forrester Creations.

Rick wants Ivy to suffer.

Maya continues talking to Nicole about her life. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Maya and Nicole.

Wednesday March 25:

Bill is unsettled by the sight of Ridge's nude painting of Caroline.

Rick wants to know why Maya is giving Nicole the cold shoulder.

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Thursday March 26:

Read today's B&B Recap: On Your Knees.

Brooke turns to Katie for advice about the feelings she's fighting for Deacon.

Rick is taken aback when Maya changes her mind about Nicole's living arrangements.

Friday March 27:

Quinn is surprised by Rick's business proposition.

Deacon admits to tell Brooke how he's been feeling about her.

- Candace Young