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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers

Monday, July 27 2015

Check out the latest Deconstructing B&B to find out what Candace thought about Aly's unexpected death and more.

B&B Poll: Should Steffy have struck out at Aly? Vote!

Week of July 27:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Thomas returns to Los Angeles.

Monday July 27:

Read today's B&B Recap: Aly’s loved ones remember her.

Thorne struggles to understand how Aly ended up dead.

Pam believes Aly's finally at peace. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Pam.

Ivy tells someone to deal with the consequences.

Thomas returns and tells Caroline he's back for good.

Ivy notices Liam and Steffy getting closer.

Tuesday July 28:

Read today's B&B Recap: Liam breaks up with Ivy.

Thomas tells Ridge he doesn't want the executive office.

Liam decides between Steffy and Ivy.

Wednesday July 29:

Wyatt tries to comfort Ivy.

Caroline demonstrates her loyalty to Ridge in front of Thomas.

Thursday July 30:

Thomas makes a drawing of Caroline.

Ivy feels drawn to Wyatt.

Friday July 31:

Quinn finds Deacon and Brooke spending time together.

Thomas receives unexpected feedback from Ridge.


Steffy fears her secret could be revealed at any moment.

Wyatt learns that Liam doesn't know what Steffy is hiding.

Tension builds between Ridge and Thomas.

Caroline makes it clear to Thomas that Ridge is the man in her life.

Brooke and Deacon talk for the first time since Hope attempted to stop his wedding.

Quinn overreacts when she sees Deacon spending time with Brooke.

Thomas plans to uncover what truly happened with Aly.

Week of August 3:

Brooke advises Caroline not to get ahead of herself when it comes to Thomas and Ridge.

Thomas challenges Ridge on several levels.

Caroline learns that her divorce from Rick is final and considers her future.

Ridge reacts to the news that Caroline wants a child.

Brooke hints to Zende that perhaps Ridge and Caroline aren't meant to be.

Vivienne warns Julius to keep his negative thoughts to himself as Maya's wedding hour approaches.

Rick receives an apology from Bill, but accuses Katie of being the one behind it.

Bridget Forrester returns for her brother's wedding.

Steffy continues to feel uneasy when Ivy won't stop hovering.

Maya's father could ruin her wedding day.

August SOD preview:

Forresters and Spencers are reeling from Aly's antics.

Love grows for one couple and possibly another.

A long-standing rivalry cools considerably while another heats up.

Another Forrester family member returns home.

A wedding takes place in the Forrester living room but will there be a marriage? "It's a big week in soap history," shares a rep from the show.

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