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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers

Monday, June 29 2015

Check out the latest Deconstructing B&B for thoughts on Ivy coming clean.

B&B Poll: Ridge asking Maya and Rick to return - realistic? Vote!

Week of June 29:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Fourth of July fireworks.

Monday June 29:

Read today's B&B Recap: Ivy and Steffy want answers from Liam.

John advises Ivy with regard to Liam. Watch a B&B spoiler video of John and Ivy.

Zende Forrester Dominguez returns and meets up with Nicole while applying for an internship at Forrester Creations.

Tuesday June 30:

Caroline and Maya air their grievances and come to an understanding.

Aly witnesses Liam and Steffy sharing an intimate moment and reacts badly.

Wednesday July 1:

Aly brings up their mothers' shared history and Darla's accident to Steffy.

Wyatt makes a bold confession that gives Ivy hope.

Thursday July 2:

Ridge and Steffy make a huge announcement.

Ivy and Liam decide to alter their relationship.

Friday July 3:

The Forresters and the Spencers celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

Maya's mom, Vivienne Avant, turns up looking for Nicole.


Ridge and Pam don't want the other interns to know that Zende is a Forrester.

Sparks fly between Zende and Nicole.

Eric and Brooke are thrilled over Zende's return.

Week of July 6:

Maya reconnects with her mother, only to have her father, Julius, arrive in town.

Julius wants Nicole to return home immediately and will not recognize Maya as a female.

The Avants get a shock at the Forrester Mansion.

Steffy and Liam's tender moment is witnessed by Ivy.

Ivy realizes that everything has changed in her relationship with Liam.

Aly has a meltdown at a meeting.

Darla speaks to Aly about changing her life for the better.

Rick supports Maya when she's in pain.

Nicole proves to be a distraction for Zende.

Eric counts on Ridge and Caroline's designs to be a huge success.

Down the road...

Maya is Forrester's lead model for a fashion show on July 16 and 17 in which half the models are transgender.

Thorne Forrester returns to Los Angeles beginning July 22.

Thomas Forrester returns to Los Angeles beginning July 24.

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