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Monday, May 25 2015

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Week of May 25:

Monday May 25:

B&B recap: Open Your Eyes Bambi!

After Eric asks him to step down as CEO, Rick pleads with him to ignore Ridge's manipulative tactics.

Bill stands by his decision despite being criticized by his son.

Tuesday May 26:

Steffy returns to Los Angeles at Ridge's urgent request.

Rick receives an unexpected visit from a supporter.

Wednesday May 27:

Ridge wants Steffy to help him achieve his goal.

Rick plays the blame game.

Thursday May 28:

Forrester Creations is vulnerable.

Ridge makes Liam a lucrative offer that comes with a major stipulation.

Friday May 29:

Ivy panics when she learns that Liam will be working with Steffy.

Nicole learns the truth about Rick and Maya.


While Caroline supports Rick, Ridge makes a last attempt at persuading Eric to make a change.

Eric makes a decision.

Carter tries to talk Maya out of her emotionally-driven decision that would alter the course of her life.

Week of June 1:

Ridge and Steffy plot against Rick.

Faced with the betrayal of his own family, Eric goes to Bill with an offer he can't refuse.

Ridge is stunned by what Rick was willing to do to prevent the takeover.

Bill gives Ridge the opportunity he requires.

Ivy is uneasy when she witnesses the closeness between Liam and Steffy.

Ivy wants Wyatt to ask Steffy out.

Maya awaits Rick's decision about what the future will hold for them.

The CEO of Forrester is saddled with obligations.

Summer spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:

Maya/Rick: Following her disclosure that she is transgender, Maya and Rick both learn lessons about trust, honesty, acceptance and true love.

Forresters/Spencers: After Bill becomes involved in the battle for Forrester Creations his own agenda may cause him to make a betrayal big enough that all players have to change course.

Steffy/Liam/Ivy: Steffy returns to town looking to help her father and to reconnect with Liam. John returns to support Ivy.

Ridge/Caroline: He takes her on his journey to try to regain control of the family business. She also has compassion for Rick.

Quinn/Deacon: She goes back to 'helping' Wyatt get his heart's desire.

Miscellaneous: A Forrester returns to town after an absence of years. A wedding occurs in an unexpected way.

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- Candace Young