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Monday, April 20 2015

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Week of April 20:

Monday April 20:

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Hope tries to keep Deacon from marrying Quinn.

Liam makes his presence known to Nicole.

Maya explains Liam's beef to Nicole.

Bill talks about the secret.

Tuesday April 21:

With an agenda of his own in mind, Wyatt makes a proposal to Nicole. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Wyatt and Nicole.

Ivy and Liam demand to know what Rick intends for his relationship with Maya.

Wednesday April 22:

Ivy and Liam snoop through Rick's office.

Wyatt tries to coax information about Maya out of Nicole.

Thursday April 23:

Liam worries about Wyatt sticking to the plan.

Eric rewards Rick for his efforts as CEO.

Friday April 24:

Rick tells Brooke and Eric he intends to be with Maya for the rest of his life.

Wyatt provides Nicole with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Brooke faces the consequences of her actions.

Liam fears his brother may be falling for Nicole and warns him to focus on ousting Rick.

Carter pressures Maya to come clean.

Maya assures Carter she'll tell Rick everything once their future is solid.

Rick plays Eric by taking credit for Forrester's recent success.

Nicole is tempted to share her secret with Wyatt.

Week of April 27:

Ridge pleads with Eric to void the contract and oust Rick as CEO.

Brooke and Eric try to talk Ridge out of resigning.

Brooke thinks Caroline may be the only one who can get through to Ridge.

Pam and Charlie's sleuthing leads to them finding out shocking information about Maya.

Pam convinces Charlie not to pursue the matter, as she fears for their jobs.

Bill orders Liam and Wyatt to keep digging for the secret.

Katie feels conflicted.

Quinn and Deacon learn Wyatt is pursuing a new woman.

Nicole falls for Wyatt's false flirtation.

Maya urges Rick not to put her on a pedestal.

Maya's change in status pushes her to a decision.

- Candace Young