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    Friday, August 23 2013

    Intense! (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown week of August 19 - 23:

    The high drama of the Katie/Brooke confrontation kicked the week off right, but things were more somber by week's end. Thoughts:

    You did this to me!
    The way Katie went at Brooke and stood up to her repeatedly and unflinchingly as they argued was so satisfying to watch! Too bad she hadn't done the same with Bill, whom she let tromp all over her. A fan commented that Brooke and Bill certainly don't appear to be worried about upsetting Katie or sending her into cardiac arrest now. So true! Anyway, in no universe should Katie have allowed Bill to turn this around on her or put herself in the position to be pleading with him to come back to her. Gah! It seemed like both Brooke and Bill were coming from a place where they needed to find any way they could to blame Katie so that they could justify moving forward together.

    Taming the stallion.
    I believe Brooke loves her sister, but she might love 'love' a little bit more. She can't seem to say no to being swept off her feet no matter who it hurts. She might as well ride the stallion all she wants now - the damage has been done. The question is how far will she go with this romance knowing that Katie still loves him?

    Wyatt's hunger to have what he feels he's entitled to was a bit off-putting this week. That, and his rudeness toward his mother. He also wants 'the woman' into the bargain. Be careful what you wish for; some might say winding up with giggly Hope would be more punishment than reward for his bad behavior.

    Licking their chops (CBS)
    Moving in.
    Well, it was no surprise that Hope agreed to move in with Liam and Wyatt - all the better to conduct a triangle in close proximity. The puzzler is that her all-important standards are being swept under the rug. Also, what happened to her being frigid and needing to take pills to enjoy sex?

    Big secret.
    The Rick/Caroline/Maya stuff is no longer appealing because it's become utterly predictable. Rick and Maya will split when he finds out the 'big secret', which is really not such a big deal, Rick will allow Caroline to comfort him, and creepy Carter will be all over Maya in a New York minute. Nothing appealing happening there at all.

    Licking their chops.
    By the end of Friday's episode, I felt certain that Thorne had been dusted off and brought out of the basement just to be made to look foolish. Here's hoping that's not the case, however, he and Thomas were definitely being made to look way too cocky - they were obviously being set up for a fall. Either the buyers thought Rick's line was so good they were stunned into silence, or Eric will announce some other way of moving forward. That's my guess. The fashion show itself wasn't bad. The models were gorgeous, but the clothes were very trendy and some missed the classic glamor of the past Forrester Creations fashion shows. What did you think of Rick's line and the fashion show? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, August 23 2013 11:34 AM

    I wonder if Thomas and/or Thorne paid the audience to not applaud and to not take the swag bags? Or Taylor and Ridge from far off France. It is very strange that no one even wanted the goodies after the show.

    Katie should have told Bill the cameras were nanny cams. Why would he even have jumped to the conclusion that she was spying on him specifically? Ego much?

    Brooke disgusts me. A week ago she was crying for her sister and now she's telling her off and shagging her man. You can't build your own happiness on top of someone else's pain. Especially if the someone else is your sister.

    Not liking Wyatt at all. The woman gave you life, gave you a life, brought you up and paid for everything you've ever had or done. Now that you've seen pretty-shiney land you are willing to toss her aside? Cold.

    Not liking Carter either.

    And what was the big secret that Caroline kept from Rick that caused him to dump her? I thought he just liked Maya better and Caroline was acting like a total jerk.

    Posted by crystalturquoise at Friday, August 23 2013 11:44 AM

    Why bother to have a poll; Bell is going to always going to have Brooke's kids come out on top. So stop wasting the viewers time with these stupid polls; like Bell really cares what the viewers think.

    Posted by crystalturquoise at Friday, August 23 2013 11:47 AM

    sorry typing too fast; should say Bell is always going to have....

    Posted by phbatl at Friday, August 23 2013 12:15 PM

    What a stupid poll..That was just a ratchet mess...

    Sick of all the Logans getting everything on this show.

    Posted by Etelmae at Friday, August 23 2013 01:00 PM

    Two gorgeous men being used as props for a character with little man mommy issues. Amazing. Rick is not a character worthy of anything but another trip out a third floor window. Totally frustrating to see Thorne and Thomas lose ONE MORE time to a slime ball without business skills or ethics. Why they have Caroline wasting time and emotions on this is just insane. Terribly written.

    Posted by ClaudetteDiek at Friday, August 23 2013 01:51 PM

    Hi dramaqueen333,
    You are right and I agree with you 100%! You said everything that I wanted to say including lying about the camera! Brooke is a sick woman and Bill is just as sick for turning the table on Katie and make love so soon! They are no conscience or remorse! They are two selfish and self-centered narcissists who deserve each other! If Brooke were my sister, I would have disowned her a long time ago! I want Katie to walk-in on them while they are in bed, so that she can turn the table back on them again! I can't believe how disgusting Brooke is every time she says the word, "Stallion!" YUCK! GROSS! She needs to grow-up and act her age, PERIOD!
    A great post!
    Claudette Diek

    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, August 23 2013 02:17 PM

    Rick needs to hang up the presidency. Throne was too mean. It was not like him. No applause for any outfit. What's going on? Caroline has had a d4astic personality change and no one has explained it. If the fall caused it. Why hasn't anyone questioned it? She is like a new character. Ditch MAYA/RICK/CARTER/CAROLINE storyline. Brooke and Bill are made for each other. Wish Katie would have held out longer before wanting to go back to Bill. Brooke and Bill's true colors would have been revealed. She would have had everything, especially her dignity. Good call on the cameras but not so well hidden. Nosey Donna should keep her
    comments to herself. Get a jJon away from Forrester and Spencer Pub.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, August 23 2013 04:14 PM

    I liked alot of the fashions but I can understand the argument that it was a bit too trendy for Forrester.

    Posted by suzieskorner at Saturday, August 24 2013 09:34 PM

    Bill and Brooke. After 'ALL' that Bill has done to Liam and Hope alone which was more under-handed than Katie's one little camera episode and Bill falls apart at the seams??? Forgot about Aspen and Italy devious Bill? Brooke obviously has forgotten all the pain Bill caused her "daughter". But then look at what she did her "sister". They are both so "twisted".

    Hope Katie rises to the occasion and shows Bill that he's not so big that he can't be taken down.

    Wyatt should treat his mother with respect but right now will chalk it up to still in shock and anger. He's entitled.

    Would like to see Wyatt and Hope together. She should get ahead of the game before Steffy gets back. Liam might do his flip-flop move again.

    Thomas/Thorne need their bubble popped. Way too sassy and confident.

    Maya definitely made a wrong choice letting Carter stay at her place. Didn't even give Rick chance to explain. Now she has to take the consequences for her actions. Should have remembered how much Rick loves her. Carter needs to grow up.

    Posted by Realismreality at Thursday, August 29 2013 09:04 PM

    I cannot believe Brooke's take on what she is doing. Irregardless of what her sister said or did, that is her sister's husband, he is off limits, forever and always. She has no remorse, only her hormones, she is trash, scum, filth. She is totally controlled by a man showing interest in her, what a garbage dump she is. Bill's tries at justifying what he is doing, is lame, sick, disgusting, nauseating - he is not all that, needs to start reaping for his attitude and actions, bit time. He acts as though he thinks he is a god, he is trash with money, a sub level degenerate that needs to be taken down. Is Liam afraid to speak his actual feelings at any time, I mean with Hope and with Bill, what is he afraid of losing, he needs cajones!

    wyatt had nerve just coming into Katie's office with his mouth open, however, he finally got an ear full, will he keep his guts or lose it in the face of the money man!

    Maya needs to step up and stop being so mousey, and Carter is a punk, he acts like a jerk, has got to stop this begging the girl doesn't want him and his manner is sickening and unreal, can we have anyone that is above board in this soap, I mean come on....

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