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    The Bold and the Beautiful - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    The Bold And The Beautiful Saturday Teaser Poll: Suspicious.

    Saturday, December 13 2014

    What's up?

    Welcome back to's "B&B" Saturday teaser. Next week, one person becomes worried about another's suspicious behavior. Who do you think it will be?

    Choose the spoiler answer in the list you think is correct. If you know it, please don't give it away in the comment section. » Read More

    B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Evil Schemes.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    I want us back.

    Next week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Bill wants Katie back, Rick tries to deceive Caroline and trick Eric, and Ivy witnesses something that might jeopardize Rick's plan. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    "The Bold and the Beautiful" for the Week of December 8 - 12:

    This week focused solely on the storyline surrounding Hope losing the baby and it was also her last week on the canvas. Thoughts:

    He's gone.
    It obviously took Wyatt a little longer to come to terms with how dangerous Quinn could be because she's his mother. In any case, it was Liam who came to Hope's assistance after she fell down the stairs and... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Walk Away.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    Still work together.

    On Monday's episode of "B&B," Quinn gives Deacon an out, Rick updates Maya, and Caroline defends Rick to Ridge. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: A Place.

    Thursday, December 11 2014

    Blame yourself.

    On Friday's episode of "B&B," Quinn restates her position, Liam reassures Hope, and Bill laments his sons losing their babies and places blame. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    Throwback Thursday B&B Poll: Tested For An STD.

    Thursday, December 11 2014

    Taking precautions.

    In this week's "The Bold and the Beautiful" Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1999 when Rick Forrester was tested for a sexually transmitted diseaseā€¦

    Bill recently convinced Wyatt to take a stance and protect his family. Years ago, Rick needed to protect himself and got tested for an STD. The truth about Amber Moore's one-night stand with Raymond Usher came out, leaving Rick... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: My Family.

    Wednesday, December 10 2014

    If you had kept her away...

    On Thursday's episode of "B&B," Hope appears to blame Wyatt, Quinn reacts to the loss of her grandchild, Hope has shocking words for Wyatt, Liam confronts Quinn, and Wyatt comes back at Hope. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    B&B's Alley Mills' A Christmas Carol.

    Wednesday, December 10 2014

    Holiday production.

    "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress Alley Mills (Pam), and her husband Orson Bean ("Being John Malkovich," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"), are bringing their production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to the First Lutheran Church in Venice, California. Mills will help out behind-the-scenes and Bean will star in the production.

    Performances are scheduled for Friday December 12 and Saturday... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Should Ivy Leave LA?

    Wednesday, December 10 2014

    Decision time.

    No matter who Hope is with it always seems as though she and Liam are pushed back in each other's orbit. Ivy and Liam have begun a romance but despite that, she's going to debate leaving him, the drama surrounding Hope and Los Angeles behind.

    If the decision was up to you, would you encourage Ivy to leave or convince her to stay? Vote in's "The Bold and the Beautiful" poll then share what... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Tell Me.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    Moving on.

    On Wednesday's episode of "B&B," Wyatt makes a request of Hope, Katie talks about Liam moving on, Deacon freaks out, and Liam blames Quinn. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

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