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    The Bold and the Beautiful - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Performance.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    If this is going to work.

    On Tuesday's episode of "B&B," Liam hopes Wyatt can pull something off, Rick will make Wyatt regret his actions, Caroline is concerned about Ridge, and Brooke sets the scene for a good day. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Saturday Teaser Poll: Doubt.

    Saturday, February 07 2015


    Welcome back to's "B&B" Saturday teaser. Next week, someone experiences doubt regarding their relationship. Who do you think it will be?

    Choose the answer in the poll that you believe to be the correct spoiler. If you know it, please don't give it away in the comment section. » Read More

    B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Taking Down Rick.

    Friday, February 06 2015

    Don't get too comfortable.

    This week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke is determined to get Ridge away from Caroline, and everyone is out to get Rick. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog.

    Friday, February 06 2015

    "The Bold and the Beautiful" for the Week of February 2 - 6:

    There were a great variety of characters and stories on this week. Loved it. Thoughts:

    Honey, I'm home!
    You've gotta' love Bill when he's in a good mood and getting his way. He's like the cat that swallowed the canary. Katie accepted his marriage proposal and finally got some proper bling for her ring finger. Watching Bill kiss her made me weak in... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Fighter.

    Friday, February 06 2015

    Still here.

    On Monday's episode of "B&B," Steffy can't run Forrester with Liam, Maya wants Aly and Ivy out, Liam appeals to Steffy to say yes, and Rick has a plan. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    Ex-B&B's Mario Lopez & Dennis Haskins' Saved By The Bell Reunion.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    Together again.

    When some key members of the "Saved by the Bell" cast reunited on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show," former "The Bold and the Beautiful" actors, Mario Lopez (ex-Dr. Christian Ramirez) and Dennis Haskins (ex-Mack) were there.

    The pair re-created their roles of A.C. Slater and Principal Belding, along with Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris), Tiffani Thiesen (Kelly Kapowski), and Elizabeth Berkeley... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Sympathize.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    I'd shoot too.

    On Friday's episode of "B&B," Steffy talks to Liam and Wyatt about Caroline, Rick, and Ridge, and Brooke tells Deacon she has plans for Caroline and that she and Ridge will be getting back together. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    Throwback Thursday B&B Poll: Hector Hits Rick With A Firetruck.

    Thursday, February 05 2015

    Not your typical fire rescue.

    In this week's "The Bold and the Beautiful" Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Rick Forrester was hit by a firetruck…

    Brooke is becoming more and more concerned about her son Rick's behavior. Years ago, there was another cause for concern when Rick was hit by a firetruck driven by Hector Ramirez. Rick decided to leave Amber Moore and the drama... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Own Me.

    Wednesday, February 04 2015

    Get that straight.

    On Thursday's episode of "B&B," Wyatt faces off with Rick, Ivy talks to Aly about Steffy, Steffy wants Ridge to stop things with Caroline, and Liam and Bill share their plan with Wyatt. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Ivy, Liam And Steffy.

    Wednesday, February 04 2015

    Is there another triangle brewing?

    Steffy Forrester is back and it's no secret that she and Liam have history. Though Ivy and Liam have recently committed to a relationship, does she have a reason to feel insecure where Steffy is concerned? More importantly, do you as a viewer want to see these three as the latest love triangle on "The Bold and the Beautiful?"

    Vote in's "B&B" poll to let us know your... » Read More

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