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    The Bold and the Beautiful - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Throwback Thursday B&B Poll: Eric And Lauren's Plane Crash.

    Thursday, August 14 2014

    Fighting for their lives.

    In this week's "The Bold and the Beautiful" Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1997 when Eric Forrester and Lauren Fenmore almost froze to death and were taken hostage after their plane crashed in Greenland…

    Various characters recently made their way to Paris for a big Forrester Creations promotional tour. Years ago, Eric and Lauren almost died after they left Italy on... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Power.

    Wednesday, August 13 2014

    It will always win.

    On Thursday's episode of "B&B," Charlie touts the power of the diamond, the authorities suspect foul play, Ivy feels guilty, and Pam thinks Liam has to move on. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Promise.

    Tuesday, August 12 2014

    I will not disappoint you.

    On Wednesday's episode of "B&B," Liam wonders why Hope won't answer the phone, Wyatt makes a vow to Hope, Deacon has faith in Hope, Bill understands someone's going to get hurt, and Hope admires Wyatt's approach to life. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Chances.

    Monday, August 11 2014

    Slip away.

    On Tuesday's episode of "B&B," Quinn warns Wyatt not to pass up an opportunity, Wyatt and Hope discuss Liam, Brooke worries someone will be left out, and Quinn congratulates herself. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Spoiler Video: On The Rebound.

    Monday, August 11 2014

    How far will she go?

    This week on "B&B," when Liam doesn't show up at the Eiffel Tower, Hope makes plans with Wyatt. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Saturday Teaser Poll: Silence.

    Saturday, August 09 2014

    No word.

    Welcome back to's "B&B" Saturday teaser poll. Next week when someone isn't heard from for a brief time, someone else is concerned. Who do you think it will be?

    Choose the spoiler in the poll that you believe is correct. If you know the teaser, please don't give it away in the comment section. » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Deacon's Disbelief.

    Friday, August 08 2014

    That amazing human being.

    On Monday's episode of "B&B," Deacon can't believe he helped make the amazing Hope, Ally talks to Oliver about Hope, Brooke talks about someone doing the right thing, Quinn watches Hope as she starts to look worried, and Deacon thinks Hope deserves the best. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

    B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog.

    Friday, August 08 2014

    "The Bold And The Beautiful" for the week of August 4 - 8:

    It was a busy week as Forrester Creations took business and romance to Paris, and Quinn was back to her old tricks. The downside was that everyone and their conversations and actions were focused on Hope. It's just too much. Thoughts:

    Harness the momentum.
    The powers that be at Forrester Creations were running things by the seat of their pants as per... » Read More

    Ex-B&B's Brandon Beemer In Hallmark's Wedding Planner Mystery.

    Friday, August 08 2014

    New project.

    Updated August 8:

    Brandon Beemer's movie, "The Wedding Planner Mystery" is now set to debut on Sunday October 19 at 9:00 PM EST. Check your local listings.

    Updated July 18:

    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (the network’s October 1 brand repositioning of Hallmark Movie Channel) has moved the World Premiere of Wedding Planner Mystery from August 16 to October 2014 (date... » Read More

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: No More Wyatt.

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    Still has time.

    On Friday's episode of "B&B," Quinn eavesdrops on Liam's conversation with Ivy, Ally fills Brooke in, and Hope and Wyatt debate whether Liam is coming. Watch the sneak peek below. » Read More

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