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    The Bold and the Beautiful - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Heather Tom to Auction Emmy Gown for Charity (Updated!)

    Thursday, August 14 2008

    Updated August 14 – Heather Tom’s Daytime Emmy dress designed by Jack Mackenroth was auctioned off for $700 on the Clothes Off Our Back website. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, amfAR and the National Association of People with AIDS.

    Updated June 26 - Heather Tom’s Daytime Emmy dress is still available for auction at the Clothes Off Our Back website benefiting HIV/AIDS charities. The... » Read More

    The Bold and the Beautiful’s Eileen Davidson’s New Novel!

    Wednesday, August 13 2008

    Ever wonder how an actor would write a soap if they had the chance? Come fall, you’ll get an idea of what kind of show Eileen Davison (Ashley) would script when her new novel hits the stores.

    Titled, “Death in Daytime”, Eileen’s book is the first in a series of mystery novels to be written by the actress and centers around the murder of the head writer of a soap opera called, "The Yearning Tide”. A mystery quickly ensues... » Read More

    The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ronn Moss Engaged!

    Sunday, August 10 2008

    Ronn Moss just announced that he and his girlfriend of several years, Devin DeVasquez recently got engaged!

    As he stated on his MySpace page, “I wanted to share my good news with you all...Devin and I are now engaged. This is an amazing time for us both!” No other details or date was given.

    Devin is a model/actress and former Playboy Playmate. She has also created Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning and wrote the... » Read More

    B&B Breakdown

    Friday, August 08 2008

    B&B Breakdown Week of August 4

    This week was certainly interesting with all the voices and visions people had. You would have thought you were watching Passions instead, but a much, much darker version.

    Katie berating herself over being pregnant was a bit much. Get over it! You slept with your niece’s man, now live with the consequences and move on. And then seeing Storm was just really weird. It just... » Read More

    B&B's Constantine Maroulis Stars in Rock of Ages!

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Following his Broadway stint in “The Wedding Singer” and Off-Broadway run in “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris,” B&B’s ex-Constantine, Constantine Maroulis is heading back to the boards. Starring in the musical “Rock of Ages,” Maroulis will belt out tunes from mega ‘80’s bands Bon Jovi, Journey and Styx.

    “Rock of Ages” is set in 1987 and focuses on a young rocker, a small town girl trying... » Read More

    B&B Breakdown

    Monday, August 04 2008

    This is going to be a new weekly addition to The Bold and the Beautiful section of It will consist of my opinions on what happened each week and will also give you another place to post your thoughts and reactions to what I have to say. Please feel free to agree or disagree with me below – just keep it all in fun. I will usually post this on Fridays, but since I moved last week I had to delay it until today.

    Alright,... » Read More

    Enter The Bold and the Beautiful’s “10 Questions” Contest!

    Monday, July 28 2008

    The Bold and the Beautiful has launched a new interactive fan contest. Beginning today, July 28, 2008, fans can submit questions they have for their favorite actors. Ten of the best questions will be selected and then asked to the respective actors. Their answers will be video taped and aired on the B&B website every Monday for nine weeks beginning September 1st until October 27th.

    The fans whose questions are chosen will receive... » Read More

    New B&B Wardrobe Questions Answered!

    Friday, July 25 2008

    Once again, The Bold and the Beautiful’s award winning costume designer Birgit Muller took the time to answer your wardrobe questions.

    DeAnn S: I am going to be the mother of the bride soon and would like to know how to find the aqua dress worn by Lesley Anne Down to Nick & Bridget's wedding. Thank you so much for helping!

    Birgit: Jackie's dress is by Terri Jon from Nieman Marcus.

    Brandy M: I... » Read More

    B&B’s Brandon Beemer Cruises with!

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    The 2009 Soap Cruise is prepped and ready to launch with a slew of first time and returning actors. One of the familiar faces fans can expect to see aboard the ship is Brandon Beemer, who plays Owen on The Bold and the Beautiful , and who had so much fun last year, he had to come back for more.

    When I spoke with him on the phone, Beemer apologized for calling later than we had scheduled, but he had a good excuse. “Today is... » Read More

    Kay Alden Named as B&B’s Co-Head Writer

    Monday, July 21 2008

    The Bold and the Beautiful has a new co-head writer. Keeping it all in the family, writer Kay Alden has been promoted and will be sharing the head writing responsibilities with Bradley Bell, who is also B&B’s executive producer.

    Ms. Alden is quite familiar with the Bell family vision, as she started working in soaps as a script writer for The Young and the Restless (created by William and Lee Phillip Bell) in 1974. She... » Read More

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