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    Friday, July 03 2009

    An unselfish Brooke. (
    B&B Breakdown For the Week of June 29!

    This was quite an enjoyable week on B&B! Even the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor drama interested me and I think that’s because Ridge and Brooke had something to argue about aside from Rick, such as him sleeping with Taylor. I think Ridge only mentioned Rick’s name once or twice and it was a much-needed break!

    My only complaint about their scenes is that Ridge told Brooke he slept with Taylor like it was no big deal. He seems to have a habit of not groveling or really apologizing; he just matter of factly tells Brooke what happened and then assumes they'll move past his indiscretion. However, I loved Brooke’s eventual reaction to his confession. It was so mature and adult and un-soap like. She actually realized that she and Ridge couldn’t be together because of Rick and that in order for Ridge to really heal from Phoebe’s death, he would need to be away from her and go back to the calming influence of Taylor and their kids. Of course, Taylor’s got those good drugs so he’ll have no reason not to be calm!

    While I was so proud of Brooke for putting Ridge’s needs ahead of her own, I was kind of disappointed that Taylor so readily accepted him back. He was just trying to get Brooke not to leave him and admitted he would always love Brooke and Taylor just welcomed him back with open arms. Kinda pathetic.

    Stephanie was even very uncharacteristically kind to Brooke this week. She genuinely felt bad for Brooke and even though the break up is what she’s been hoping for since day one, Stephanie didn’t gloat or throw it in her nemesis’ face. Instead, she empathized and consoled the woman she has hated for years. I didn’t really understand why she went back a second time in one day to talk to Brooke about it though. Brooke already left Ridge, she didn’t need to be reminded why staying away from him was a good idea.

    Hawaii agrees with her. (
    The other big story of the week was of course the two couples in Hawaii, which I very much enjoyed. How about you? Share your thoughts about the Hawaii scenes in the poll on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan Blog.

    Nick and Bridget have totally won me over this time around, which I chalk up to there being no immediate danger of him cheating on her with any member of her family. They are flirty and fun and have good chemistry, but if I were Bridget, I’d be a little upset that he was spending most of the honeymoon worrying about his mother and her boy toy, instead of the woman he just married.

    I also thought Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) looked absolutely beautiful this week. Not that she doesn’t usually look good, but I found her to be exceptionally stunning.

    Even though Owen totally pushed Jackie into the wedding, they seemed very happy and in love, which of course still creates a little bit of suspicion where Owen is concerned. Was he in such a rush to marry her because he wants to get his hands on her money? Or does he truly love her and just didn’t want Nick to ruin it for them? That’s still the question of the day, but for now, we’ll have to go along for whatever ride they take us on and watch as Owen uses his position as stepdad to get under Nick’s skin, which he no doubt will!

    So that’s it for me this week. How about you? Feel free to agree or disagree with me below!

    - Lori Wilson

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    Posted by Green at Friday, July 03 2009 02:09 PM

    I'm very happy we have finally ended the 30 yr Brooke/Ridge saga. I hope the writers NEVER take us down this road again.

    I think it was Poetic the way Ridge told Brooke what happened and basically said "sorry, let's move on". That has been Brooke's M-O for years. She's say "Ridge, I'm sorry, I slept with your brother the same day I thought you died but let's move on, Or Bridget, I'm sorry I slept with your husband (Deacon) and got pregnant but let's move on, Bridget sorry I slept with your husband (Nick) but let's move on, Eric, sorry I only married you because I couldn't have Ridge but let's move on, Thorne, sorry I interferred with marriage but let's move on, Ridge sorry, I continuous interferred in your marriage but let's move on.

    Ridge has been caught up in the drama called Brooke for son long that he couldn't see clearly that they NEVER should have been together. He was trying to force a relationship that wasn't meant to be. He needs time to get over the drama and before getting involved with anyone else.

    I hate how the writers have ruined Taylor's characters so they could stoop her to Brooke's level. Please return her to the smart, stronge, independant, confident woman she use to be. I think Taylor and Ridge belong together but not this fast. Ridge needs to earn her respect.

    I truly believe Stephanie's was sincere with Brooke this week and everything she said was true. Brooke has always ignored how her choices affect her children. She ignored the signs when Rick shot a man but she can't ignore it anymore now because Rick was the nail in the coffin that sealed her relationship with Ridge.

    Jackie's woman instincts told her not to marry Owen so fast but she decided to do it anyway. I say she deserves whatever Owen does to her (good or bad).

    Posted by wiste1920 at Friday, July 03 2009 03:23 PM

    Yes Taylor is pathetic, the fact that Ridge needed drugs only to sleep with her or be with her, she should have let him go then, but i did enjoy Owen and Jackie and im thinking Owen is up to somethng which makes it more interesting!!!
    Good rant Lori have a great weekend!!!

    Posted by kilda at Saturday, July 04 2009 12:26 PM

    Taylor is pathetic how can she be happy about a night where Ridge was overmedicated?
    And Stephanie second talk with Brooke was not necessary.

    Posted by mrs.tlc at Saturday, July 04 2009 08:26 PM

    I have watched B & B since day one. Brooke and Ridge belong together, always have and always will.

    Posted by billsboy at Sunday, July 05 2009 10:07 AM

    I have watched B/B form the beginning and in the end Brooke and Ridge will be back together. Right now they have their usual obstacles: Stephanie,Stephanie,and more Stephanie and a dose of Taylor. But I guarantee that as soon as Brooke deciedes to go on with her life and try to hava another relatiosnship with another man(Eric,Connor James, Grant, Thorne, Deacon,Whip,Nick can attest to this)Ridge will then do what he always does: decides that he loves Brooke more than anything and destroy another relationship that Brooke has tried to have in an attempt to get on with her life. Some people blame Brooke for a lot of the damage in the Forrester family,and while Brooke has done a great deal of things that have caused pain and at times suffering Stephanie is the one who instigates all the drama of Brooke and Ridges failed marriages. Stephanie should learn to stay OUT of people's life. This is the REASON why she and Eric are not together. Sally (god rest her soul)even told Stepahnie to concentrate on Eric and leave the kids alone. But no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone can hate Donna for being with Eric but lets face it,none of it would have happpened it Stephanie had not caused Brooke to get raped by Andy Johnston because she wanted Ridge to be with Ashley and have custody of R.J. and Hope... and look at the damage that resulted of that Eric got disgusted with Stephanie once again and left her.... Stephanie needs to just give it up. Taylor is going to be seriously hurt in the months ahead and the faule will not be Brooke's but HER and Ridge's.

    Posted by clamelia at Monday, July 06 2009 04:15 AM

    Ridge and Brooke will be back together very soon i hope bacuse they belong together.
    Taylor and Stephanie are two pathetic and selfish women who wants to destroy Ridge's happiness.Taylor and Stephanie don't care about Ridge's welfare without that they will let Ridge be with Brooke and their children-where he belongs.

    Posted by kupp at Tuesday, July 07 2009 02:39 AM

    Hello everyone i, felt the reason Ridge told, Brooke that he slept with Taylor was because, he actually wanted to break, off his relationship with Brooke. Ridge finally had enough of all her drama, he just could not take it any more. All Brooke she did was play sex game's. I think that Ridge did the right thing by telling Brooke, what he had done. How ever i hope that Brooke stop's being so stupit. I did'nt like what she had, said to Stephanie about taking, Ridge back after Taylor heal's him. Is Brooke brain dead here he does'nt want you so move on. Brooke get a new man to rock your world. I can see it now, it's not Ridge your after it's Nick. It's alway's been Nick, only you don't want to hurt Bridgette your daughter. She can take it, Brooke go on i see her marriade falling apart soon. Do as you alway's do Brooke take Nick he's your man, your destiny so go after him. Writer's Brooke and Nick belong together, they really do love each other, let Brooke realize this, Put Owen and Bridgette together as a couple. They are much better as a married couple, then Nick and she. Because of the age difference, and they are both so young. Brooke and Ridge just don't seem right and never have. They were more like the odd couple. Nick and Brooke rock as a couple, plus they have a child together. They are a powerful force together, then apart so writer's please put these two great act's together real soon, Nick and Brooke are interesting we love them. But Ridge with Brooke no. Brooke told Stephanie yesterday that no one, can break her and Ridge up not even his daughter, she is crazy for sure. Brooke he love's his daughter much more then you. He actually hate's you and your son and family, this is a fact so stop dreaming here for once in your sorry Logan life. Ps I hope that Taylor not only heal's, Ridge but give's him another set of twin's to heal them both. Ridge never stoped loving his family, with Taylor they are his soulmates. Ps i hope that RJ get's very sick and, need's blood only to find out, that he is'nt Ridge's child after all. Because only Nick's blood can save him. Writer's please think about this for a storyline. Because this will be outstanding, thus interesting as well. Eric look's real sad, not even Donna can make him happy, his two children are gone from the once family business. I wish Throne and his sister well, this may have been just what they, had needed to prove them selve's to Eric and Stephanie. I hope that they will open, up their very fashion company and start making, more money then Eric and Donna. I just don't think that, these two were ever given a chance. Everything was focus on Ridge and Eric and, Eric JR Rick his son by Brooke. It's time for them to shine, just maybe Stephanie will get them started. Thus would be the greatest thing, that could happen to them. Stephanie is a great actress that's for sure, i really did enjoy her with Brooke. Stephanie was right on all count's, Brooke will get over it, just like she had to year's ago when Brooke took her husband, Eric from her i don't think that Brooke ever think's, about what if it sgould happen to her. Well it did pay back hurt's brooke, so get dress and move on with your life, that's with ouy Ridge go after Nick and baby Jack, be a real mother to him for once,and your other kid's. Taylor go slow here, let the children handle everything. If Ridge act's crazy get our self another man, Bill Spencer we need you writer's please bring Don back here real soon. Maybe if not, for Tayloy Jackie after Owen take's her for all of her money. Jackie was the sex that good, that you married this fool. What
    s wrong with you. Nick was right to call his attorney's asap. Is'nt funny while making love to Jackie Mrs Nite, now Owen could only wonder what Nick will do next. So Owen say's to Jackie stand by me, when we get back home, don't break my heart, hell he's going to break you Jackie, and he will break your heart, and all you will have is your son Nick by your side. I can only hope that Nick's attorney's are all over this one, and Jackie and Owen won't see it comimg. Why did'nt Jackie, give all of her money to her son, just in case something like this would happen, as it has already.Ps i'm glad Brooke told Eric that she was leaving, for a while, and that she would be back, of course Eric and Donna had asked, Brooke why she told them, about she and Ridge. That;s when Eric gave her a hug. Give me a break Eric is sad over Brooke taking time off, let her go we really do need a break from Brooke period. Until she act's like she 's got some brain's. That would be to leave Ridge alone for ever, and make a new life for herself. Brooke is the one here, who's really pathetic not Taylor, and i have never felt sorry for Brooke, she is so needy. Ridge was alway's rubbing, her head like she was a dog. Writer's i'm just so glad, that Brooke and Ridge are over, and i hope that it stay's that way. Yes we have really, had enough of Brooke i'm glad she gone on her vacation. Ps Stephanie was very sincere toward's Brooke. What goe's around come's around and that's true. Brooke with Ridge, could.nt see the forest for the tree's, so just be she can have a real life, with out him. Jackie on the other hand, is totally brain dead her. For a smart busineass women she sure is dumb. I just hope that Nick can get the money from Jacie's account asap, before it's to late. I can see Owen now, acting like he's got Jackie and her money, which is now his money, and their is nothing, that his stepson can do to stop him. Can't wait to see how this will play out, this should prove to be very hot.

    Posted by kupp at Tuesday, July 07 2009 02:45 AM

    Brooke and ridge, should never have been put together, he should have stayed with his family, which is Taylor and their children. Brooke is just pathetic as they come, and she is much better of, with out Ridge, and so is Taylor especially if, he does'nt get his act together ok. I did watch when he, had asked Taylor and the kid's if he, could come back home, it was interesting Ridge take the floor. I would have told him, until you get yourself together.

    Posted by kupp at Tuesday, July 07 2009 02:46 AM

    Writer's maybe Brooke, will get killed on a airplane taking a trip.

    Posted by kupp at Tuesday, July 07 2009 03:09 AM

    Writer's we really don't like Ridge with Brooke, it was'nt interesting at all, it just so poor and boring, Thus to have kept watching Brooke taking off her clothe's. And Ridge after having sex, with brooke rubbing, her head like she was, his dog toy. It was so nasty Brooke had no moral's with him. But she had lot's of, value and moral's with Nick, Please put Brooke and Nick back together, And once Brooke come's back if she doe's, Writer's just don't ever put her back with Ridge. They are just not liked period, Brooke is a goog actress here, but she nee's to be with Nick. After all he treated her wonderful, and she was'nt his sex toy. These two are great together.

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