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    Friday, August 15 2014

    Donut, baby? (CBS)
    "The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of August 11 - 15:

    It was all about who Hope would marry on "B&B" this week, and we got our answer. Thoughts:

    Coffee and donuts.
    Deacon is so sweet pursuing Brooke while just oblivious to the fact that he's a tad too pedestrian for her. Seeing him pace around the apartment swigging a beer and shouting at sports on the TV set definitely offset the differences between their worlds. And yet he's so sincere you can't help but root for him to catch a break.

    She's back.
    Quinn was up to her old tricks, pushing Ivy in the Seine last week, and then sat back and enjoyed her handiwork. It's too bad they took her beyond deliciously mischievous to downright dangerous because the character isn't as fun now; she's too dark. Case in point, after Deacon cracked the video code that seemed to implicate her in the murder of Ricardo Montemayor she pulled a gun on him. Yike!

    Perfect together.
    What else can be said about Ally's ongoing idol worship of Hope and her message? It seemed to peak early in the week as she went on and on to Oliver about Hope and Liam getting together in Paris. As mentioned in last week's blog, I so wanted Oliver to tell her to shut up about Hope. Therefore there was a bit of satisfaction in seeing Pam bring Ally the news that Hope had married Wyatt. Of course that prompted a verbal run on how Liam is a perfect gentleman...gah.

    Liam and Ivy? (CBS)
    Ivy's guilt.
    Um...Ivy didn't fall off the bridge on purpose so why does she feel guilty? She and Liam must have rehashed the same conversation about him being late to meet Hope about 15 times. Does me in.

    Let's rock 'n' roll.
    The one thing that's not clear is why Wyatt and his mother are both perfectly fine with him being a consolation prize, as it were. It's possible Hope truly wanted Wyatt deep down but wasn't admitting it to herself, but Wyatt plays it as he'll take her anyway he can get her, which is unsettling. Then again, that's always been the nature of these Hope and Liam triangles since the Steffy days. Everything is open to interpretation and enough questionable things go on that each fanbase can argue their side of things pretty convincingly. Breaking down what happened, Hope did wait beyond the bell tolling three o'clock (though not long), and Liam did waste a precious minute lying on the shoreline locking his gaze with Ivy's. Wyatt got the reprieve he'd been hoping for and went for it all the way, and Hope elected to put Liam in the past without so much as a phone call or text to check in. As Liam pointed out to Ivy, that says a lot. Ivy kissed Liam on the cheek, and Hope married Wyatt in Monte Carlo. Many viewers never liked Hope better than when she reached out her hand to Wyatt and jumped into the sea to symbolize their 'leap of faith'. What should happen now? Vote in's B&B Poll: What should Liam do next?

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by leslie1 at Friday, August 15 2014 12:28 PM

    Not sure if he should fight for Hope at least right now, but maybe let it go for now, their time will come...and think about what he wants. I believe that they belong together... people like this will always find their way back to each other...

    Find him to be friends with Ivy...someone to talk to like Aly is. Not really romantic. She seems to be young....

    Just a thought, Katie and Bill were similar as to Hope and Wyatt look how that ended up,

    Posted by Sweetty at Friday, August 15 2014 12:34 PM

    Please let wyatt and hope be happy for a while on the show an lwt liam be wit ivy....

    Posted by dafyduc at Friday, August 15 2014 01:02 PM

    The attempt to rekindle anyThing between brooke and deacon is just beyond stupid

    Posted by Jean444 at Friday, August 15 2014 01:03 PM

    The sooner this sham of a marriage is ended the better. Wyatt knew Hope wanted to marry Liam and took advantage of her vulnerability. What kind of person goes after his brother's girl. Some things are off limits but obviously not to someone with no moral compass. He was willing to let someone else languish in prison for a crime he committed.

    Posted by bethhoo at Friday, August 15 2014 01:06 PM

    Not going to watch any more.

    Posted by suebab50 at Friday, August 15 2014 02:05 PM

    I believe that Hope&Liam belong together... people like this and will always find their way back to each other...

    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, August 15 2014 03:57 PM

    Are Quinn's days numbered? She is being backed into a corner with these crimes. It was too obvious that she may have killed Ricard so did she? Wyatt should have left Hope alone but he went in for the kill. Was her phone off? Wyatt could have encouraged to find out what happened. Hope should have found out what happened whether the answer was good or bad. She just jumped right into a marriage. So will the truth alter the marriage? Probably the triangle will continue and the marriage will be a boarded. Then she could find she is pregnant. Deacon might have improved his behavior but he is out of his league. Not morally but financially. Just what is in the future for him. Perhaps the gun will result in Quinn forcing Deacon to leave the apartment. Where will he live? Will Brook let him stay there? He has to sponge off someone.

    Posted by steffyk at Friday, August 15 2014 04:13 PM

    When Liam married stephanie twice hope took it never knowing Liam tore up annulment papers he has had 4 times to marry hope no matter what all he does is give hope orders an complain Wyatt loves her for her self that's the difference. If stephanie wanted Liam back right now he would ho back to Paris an BE with her hope is second choice for him an first choice for Wyatt

    Posted by FanFromTheBeginning at Saturday, August 16 2014 07:31 AM

    After this week, I am going on vacation for 2 weeks. There will be no television or cell reception and I am glad. The show stinks right now. The writers had every opportunity to make it better and here we go - back to the same old same old. Quinn is nastier ickier than ever when you could have brought her back as a changed, interesting woman. The triangle is stupider than ever. I used to root for Wyatt and Hope and now I am disappointed that this marriage was based on a lie. Wyatt deserves better. And why do so many people root for Liam? It was he who stomped his feet, crossed his arms and said NO he would not go to Paris AND you have to fire Wyatt or I'm taking my toys and playing in someone else's yard. And would any woman who is supposed to be an independent businesswoman have listened to that? AGAIN! Or did what he said without having it chip away at your self-respect? And why did this supposedly independent businesswoman have to IMMEDIATELY get married? And was there NO ONE else around who could have rescued Ivy? Like police? Excusez-moi, les gendarmes de Paris? Aidez-moi! Liam est un betise - hahah. OK enough of that. And where was Steffi? the only cool thing was the jump in the water. MAYBE it means Hope is ready to make a new start and MAYBE she really did really want to be with Wyatt. I don't know. I don't really care. By the time I get back from vacation, she and Wyatt will be divorced and she and Liam will be married and have two kids anyway.

    Posted by 1KoalaLover at Saturday, August 16 2014 12:14 PM

    So, Hope waited beyond the tolling of the bell beyond 3:00. Not by any truly discernable amount of time. I think I'd give "the love of my life" more than a few minutes extra time before running off with his brother...but maybe that's just me. And as for Liam wasting "a precious minute lying on the shoreline locking his gaze with Ivy's", if we inject just a teeny bit of reality into this scenario, I bet someone who's been running full out to keep an appointment then backtracking to jump into the water to save someone from drowning may need to "waste a . . . minute lying on the shoreline" IF ONLY TO CATCH HIS BREATH.

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