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    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog.

    Friday, May 16 2014

    Basement boy. (CBS)
    "The Bold and the Beautiful" for the week of May 12 - 16:

    It was an emotional week on "B&B," with a bit of fun thrown in at the end. Thoughts:

    Dizzy Donna.
    One had to laugh when the week kicked off with Donna over at Katie's offering up congratulations on her engagement to Ridge. Donna's head must be spinning trying to keep score on her sisters' love lives. It's funny she doesn't have a romantic life of her own - the stuff with her, Eric, and Quinn was dropped like a hot potato!

    I know this is a shock.
    Well, Thorne sure changed his tune quickly once he got a load of Ally going ballistic over his reunion with Taylor. He went from 'Ally will just have to accept this' to 'I'll return to the bachelor life in the FC basement' in mere minutes.

    Axe-wielding Ally.
    Likewise, Ally went from wanting to kill Taylor to hugging and forgiveness in a suspiciously short amount of time. It was like Oliver put her in a trance or something. What ensued were some very emotional scenes with heart-tugging flashbacks, however, and it led to a very satisfying conclusion for everyone. Warm fuzzies all around.

    Grunting disapproval. (CBS)
    Who is the clown?
    Ridge versus Bill makes for an excellent rivalry with some epic one-liners. Just when you think Bill is the most arrogant thing you've ever seen, Ridge comes along and decides he's going to dictate to everyone how they're going to live their lives. Oh, the egos! Bill actually came over like the more mature of the two, which could only mean one thing - he is truly happy with Brooke and isn't at all bothered by Katie moving on. Since Ridge's actions reek of him not being past his feelings for Brooke, this doesn't look good for Katie moving forward. Anyway, in the Bill versus Ridge sweepstakes, Bill seemed to win the week, what with his genuine happiness and romantic plans to sweep Brooke away to marry her. Ridge's grunting disapproval left something to be desired. Where do you stand? Vote in's B&B Poll: Team Ridge or Team Bill.

    Custody of the cat.
    One just has to laugh... Who, indeed, will get custody of Hope's cat? Hope still hasn't chosen between the brothers of course, mainly because this storyline was absent most of the week (not complaining!), and Brooke's wise counsel was for her to take her time - it's great to have two guys fighting over you!

    Too hot.
    Liam's in another pinch thanks to Quinn, who seems to be ready to quite literally cook his goose! For a minute it seemed she might go in there with him. Hehe.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by cay65 at Friday, May 16 2014 01:18 PM

    It was so nice that they let Taylor & Thorne be a couple, it's about time. I don't blame Ridge for not wanting Bill influancing RJ, he's a sweet boy and Bill is mean & nasty. Ridge can't trust Brooke to keep RJ safe from Bill because she doesn't see anything wrong with how nasty Bill is because she can be as nasty as Bill is.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, May 16 2014 04:26 PM

    I to disagree about the whole Aly/Taylor/Thorne think coming to a satisfying conclusion. The whole thing was ridiculous in the amount of time that Aly forgave Taylor for killing her mom and gave her blessing for Taylor and Thorne to be together. I mean I get forgiving in order to move on, but in that short of time?

    As much I normally don't like Bill, I also have to say I'm Team Bill in this situation. This is just typical of Ridge in that even though he SAYS he doesn't want Brooke, no one else can have her either. Ridge has pulled this every time Brooke has attempted to move on with her life without him.

    Posted by FanFromTheBeginning at Monday, May 19 2014 07:09 AM

    I have watched this show since it began. It is starting to lose me for good. The stories are nothing more than constant recycling of the same sorry subject matter. It has become shallow with writers relying on weird and mean characters rather than heart and depth - think Bob and Kim (and many others)on As the World Turns - I still miss that show!Liam as a romantic hero? and people rooting for his sorry self? Here's the guy who turned to Steffi because Hope said no sex until they were married....and he's the one telling Hope No sex now???? C'mon.....I had great hopes for Wyatt and NuRidge, but they are making Wyatt goofy (he needs a new character who loves ONLY HIM) and Ridge is not around enough and when he is he delivers one-liners too fast, (although the scenes with Bill are great). Ally? Ugh....weirdo. This is May Sweeps? the best they can do? I will watch for a few weeks more then I strat reading more books....

    Posted by deloresnic at Monday, May 19 2014 02:36 PM

    I'm sick of Quinn.When do she work?

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