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    Friday, April 25 2014

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    Posted by ND FAN at Monday, April 28 2014 11:43 AM

    I agree get on with it Liam and Hope are a dead end . They will bore one another to death !!! Wyatt at least gets her out of her comfort zone and keeps it interesting . Oh and by the way Liam has been in L.A. for how long and He is just now concerned about animal rights ... whatever . Lastly NO ONE is buying that Hopes character is willing to hurt someone like she has been hurt ... Liam and Steffy And now she is looking like a Wh*** and a sl** please keep it real . Hope is young and should enjoy a guy who wants only her .

    Posted by FanFromTheBeginning at Tuesday, April 29 2014 12:54 PM

    Can' me....No, really I can't take another go-round of Liam-Hope-Wyatt. I will not watch. I will take a break from the one and only soap I watch. People, stop saying Liam is so great and start remembering how often Hope was tortured by Liam and Steffi - stating with that ol'gondola, to the painful Thanksgiving toast, to drawing on everything she had within her to wish a pregnant and radiant Steffi well. Liam pursues her so ardently now, but her sure MARRIED Steffi awfully fast on that mountaintop and nothing stopped him from making out with Steffi at inappropriate times over and over again. Well, enough of that. I am also sorry to say the writers are making Wyatt less appealing now, too , when he had so much potential. I think all 3 need to start over. I don't know how all this is going to go but I am not enjoying the show now.

    Posted by Boxrmom at Tuesday, April 29 2014 08:14 PM

    I'm so sick of Wyatt and his psycho Mom. Why are we spending so much time on them!?!?! Hope, get a clue and quit acting so stupid. Make a choice. Ok you had to wait for Liam to choose but dang you act so stupid with Wyatt, so who really cares?!?!
    Ridge, who are you?? What hypocrites you and Katie are!! All we heard from Katie for months was how terrible Brooke was. Ok so it's alright to do the exact same thing and justify it with "we are in love so who cares?" Give me a break. Brooke may not be perfect but she blows the two of you out of the water. I hate the new Ridge - terrible casting. So Ridge went to Paris and got a new (non-French) accent?!?! Pallleeaassee!!
    I really like the show but am so sick of how predictable it is. Nope, no way were Hope and Brooke gonna get married. Was anyone fooled by those outcomes?!?! Please let someone be happy for more than two minutes!

    Posted by TXBBfan128 at Tuesday, April 29 2014 09:36 PM

    I literally had to stop watching because of the ring around. I stopped just before katie and ridge got together, him and brooke were on the verge of marrying. Im team liam/hope. I can't stand wyatt/quinn, they make me want to vommit and swallow. I can't believe carter is letting mya string him along! So not right, he needs to be as smart as they portray him, and realize what she's doing. I really hope aly has something on wyatt. Only thing i wish i could go back and watch the catfights! Setting my dvr again, however they make the love triangle stretch out like Bermuda, im out again.

    Posted by Emmiekay at Thursday, May 01 2014 09:30 PM

    I know it's called soaps for a reason, but i too am tired of ALL the love triangles. Their are too many on B&B right now...I think everyone is in a love triangle and i am confused ! I do not like Wyat and his psycho mom never have. He is not a good fit with hope. The chemistry is not there. I love Liam..don't like how he would put on those puppy dog eyes and say but...well it's not like that or i don't know what to do because she is pregnant! I am super glad Steffy is gone because she never respected their relationship either. If you think about it what girl would put on someone else's ring before it hit the shelf? Rings desperate. I really hope Liam gets the girl and does right by her for once! PLEASE don't let her be with Wyat..

    Posted by Emmiekay at Thursday, May 01 2014 09:33 PM

    I am with Nana11+1!!

    Posted by Emmiekay at Thursday, May 01 2014 09:34 PM

    Who is pregnant in real life? I must have missed that one!!

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