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    The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Spoiler Video: Ruthless Decision.

    Friday, April 18 2014


    Coming up on "B&B," Brooke has the power to put Bill back in as CEO, Liam gives Hope an ultimatum, and there's a secret love affair going on. Watch the sneak peek below.

    Read's B&B Breakdown Weekly Blog for more on Brooke and Bill, and then get The 100 spoilers and much more in's Primetime Dish.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by lisapol3 at Friday, April 18 2014 03:05 PM

    IMHO There is absolutely no justification for what Brooke did to her sister. Not at all.

    Posted by leslie1 at Friday, April 18 2014 03:37 PM

    Are you serious she has no problem doing this to anyone...she has done more to her own family than really to anybody else... she sits there all high and mighty... she has been forgiven, but look at how her kids are around her... it's pretty pathetic...

    Posted by Diamondash4 at Friday, April 18 2014 04:11 PM

    Brooke has everyright to give bill those papers sister there help her easily do it when u get push you just has to push back Katie already said she not sorry for what she did so brooke like some one said help your stallion back to his comfort seat, don't feel sad, Katie care less of how you feel only if she knew those papers will get her out CEO seat pretty fast just a matter of time she be out fast as ever she doesn't belong there power get to her head

    Posted by Ambiguous9 at Saturday, April 19 2014 12:21 AM

    I'm not into the new aggressive Katie. I never cared for Heather Tom as an actress and will never understand why she wins all the award when the actress who has played Brook has never won anything for her years in the high profile role? Makes no sense? Also, Katie with Ridge now? How stupid! They should have never recast Ridge and kept him in Paris with Taylor and his kids. Now that Deacon is coming back that would have been a far better dynamic for Katie to fall in love with. (Hope's dad)

    Posted by hatethe logans at Saturday, April 19 2014 08:15 AM

    Brooke wants both her sisters to always be looking up to her and looking to her for support. Brooke thought she could do whatever she want to Katie and Katie should just take it and like everyone else. just forgive her and get over it. Katie may seem to be on a power struggle, but I see it as her standing on her own two feet. She has no reason to trust the people in Bill's circle. I hope Brooke over-hears Bill/Quinn and decide not to give him those papers. She thinks Katie is being vindictive, but look in the mirror, Brooke, it's YOU! Oh, but I forget, Brooke is entitled to take what she wants and kick you to the curb when she's done with you. That's a real women for you and that's what all the men on the show seem to admire so much about her. But any other woman, she's power hungry.

    I agree, I do wish Ridge had come back to town with Taylor. The writers are never going to let anyone else on this show be happy. All the men are only happy when they're with Brooke. LMAO! So pathetic.

    I do find it unbelievable that Brooke has never won an award for her role, but look at the substance of her character. (But she has been nominated?) I wonder will she ever be able to obtain other work? Once people see you a certain way, it stays with you throughout your career. She has probably made a lot of money on B&B, and prob why they cater to her character on a regular basis - so she won't leave. But it's been a long time and to have your character constantly portrait as a home wrecker, gets old and ugly. She should be tired of the same s/l and want something different. It didn't bring the excitement they thought it would bring (maybe from a few) but overall, everyone was starting to like Brooke as she was starting to see the error of her nasty ways. Now she is just down right nasty and selfish. She is out to "punish" Katie but feel Katie should not have been so angry with her. They are both wrong, but IMO, Brooke is by far the worst abuser. And, words can describe how disappointed I am in the role he plays now. Writers messed this one up too!

    Posted by grannielyn11 at Saturday, April 19 2014 01:52 PM

    Get over it people, Kathy is no better than Brooke! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!2 wrongs don't make a right

    Posted by gml0603 at Saturday, April 19 2014 03:22 PM

    I can't see this video, not sure why this keeps happening

    Posted by Diamondash4 at Saturday, April 19 2014 05:38 PM

    same thing am saying Katie wants to play dirty now she think she has love like see what happen when its taken away she be going crazy and lonely once more taylor will need to come back and give her more therapy session on ridge in that big house she wish she make better decision I was almost feeling sorry at one point for her but she really ask for it this time

    Posted by mfriskel at Saturday, April 19 2014 07:19 PM

    I am so Pro Oliver. I am "Oh Oliver". He is so very handsome and genuine. Oliver was a gentleman; now his character reflects the 1940's movies that a penniless ambitious man believes his way to the top is to make love and marry a wealthy unattractive woman. This old plot in the various movies was having the woman killed off. B&B twisted this script into a more youthful market. Oliver wants to grab for success by grabbing Aly's buns. So, it appears Oliver has to climb the ladder by climbing on this fractured fragile "just out of teens" wealthy gal. Aly is so gullible; she's going to be duped and hurt. But hurt so bad that she will either hurt herself physically or hurt Oliver. With teens and young adults trusting nature, be it on the internet or colleges, the plot is diving into dangerous waters i.e., teen and young adult suicide, teen killing sprees, teen alcohol an drug overdose. Please consider a positive storyline. Surely, you can make it fun, interesting, some music and dancing. Of course, every movie, even Disney has to have a good vs bad plot. Keep the evil with Quin and Wynut.(An aside a barber can't help Wynut's hairdo; it's gonna a lawnmower.) Back to Oliver, I would enjoy seeing his presence a lot more and develop his character as a genuine good-looking honorable young adult. But leave Aly alone, this naive gullible young adult needs to bring Aly in a refreshing positive role model as Hope doesn't have the guts to do it. B&B creates a storline about pets, underprivileged and making wise decisions on sex be it casual or the "real thing". How about showing positive teens/young adults taking an interest in education. Show teens recently awarded for high honors not for sexometry but for geometry,etc. I note B&B is also shown in the Spanish dialect. The young Mexican girls think, "Sex before marriage, casual sex, any kind of sex is okay." B&B shows it, all soaps show, the movies show it. Half of the Mexican girls in the USA are pregnant; then go on welfare. Give these kids a break and encouragement. Hope was to give the message of helping out these young bewilded teens. Instead, she flipped a "360" on these kids and is now a nymphomaniac all the time teasing Liam into refusing sex. I felt sorry for Hope and was rooting for her happiness. Now, "Hope is a Soap on a Rope" -useless as a role model and definitely "Wyatt is a Rat". Pregnant Hope with Wynut having to deal with a baby and marriage (with his sexual appetitie in high drive) throughout the B&B series is a loser for a continuing script). Lose them in the background. B&B does not realize the influence of the characters, the plots, the dialogue, the settings and the wardrobe has on their audience. If B&B has respect for their audience and reality of the babies born out of wedlock teens across the board, i.e, Black, Caucasian, Hispanics, please cool it scripts that impact on easily persuaded troubled teens. The return of Taylor who accidently killed Aly's mother. B&B is piling on. I believe Aly is a highly talented good actress;she could play that part and receive many accolades. However, I personally don't want her to be portrayed as a psychotic; she's already visualizing her beloved mother; leave the kid alone for the sake of every teen, troubled or not.

    Posted by Diamondash4 at Sunday, April 20 2014 06:02 AM

    @ Mfriskel totally enjoy reading your post 100% agree with you and the Wynut was a good lol, but right on point I like

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