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    The Bold And The Beautiful On Location In The Middle East.

    Tuesday, February 25 2014

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    Posted by bethonly at Sunday, March 16 2014 05:18 PM

    how would ridge be any better at raising will than bill would be raising rj?

    Posted by bold n beautiful addict at Tuesday, March 18 2014 09:56 PM

    brooke has a right to go over seas with Bill, he loves her, regardless of his fling with quinn, and ridge figures out that he will not get katies company so he can be in charge, but it turns the wrong way, brooke has the papers Katie signed and it will give back power, although he will never be broke lol...then once that happens he will follow brooke and bill to the middle east and try to stop their relationship, while katie sits home worried, but then brooke and bill will get married. ridge doesnt realize he will be wills step father and Bill will be R.J's i cant wait till the shiznit hit the fan...

    Posted by magpielewis12972 at Thursday, March 20 2014 01:30 PM

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.... I am so tired of the Brooke show. She's been with everyone in the show. Where do the writers get that poor Brooke, Katie did the same thing to poor Brooke that Brooke did to Katie. Do these writers forget what they wrote. Hello, Brooke wasn't married to Ridge when they fell in love. Brooke screwed Bill while he was married. Why do you say Brooke and Ridge have been in love their entire adult lives. Are you kidding me. None of her adult children belong to Ridge, they belong to everyone else in the family if you remember right. Oh yeah, and her daughters husband. She is a pig, a hog... no one wants to keep watching Brooke the pig show. Really, why for heavens sake can't you get that we would love to see Katie and Stephanie happy for a change. I mean happy. Not Ridge chasing Brooke half way cross the world because he gives a rat's ass that she is with Bill. No one cares. Let Bill have her. Get on with something else... please.

    Posted by magpielewis12972 at Thursday, March 20 2014 01:33 PM

    Exactly, the Brooke list goes on and on and on and on. Brooke didn't raise anyone's child. The kid was in school in some other country. Are you kidding me. Brooke has never been with any of her kids... unless she wanted to sleep with their man... which she did both of her daughter's men. She's a pig. Let's move on. Is that all these writer's got. I mean really. There isn't a soul in this movie who doesn't cheat or sleep around. Really. Can't you find something else to write about other than sex.

    Posted by magpielewis12972 at Thursday, March 20 2014 01:41 PM

    Personally, I wish they would take her off the show for an undetermined amount of time. That way they would have to actually think of something to write about other than her indiscretions. She is worthless, homely as hell, not sure why anyone thinks she is pretty... cause she isn't. Yucky!

    Posted by roxiefoxie at Thursday, March 20 2014 02:32 PM

    Good get ridge out of her they all act like they better than her and none of them are no better than any of them I love but I think she is right afterlife he is no good for hereveryone talks about what being a homewrecker but look what Taylor has done she slept with all the forsters and even ridge he slept. With brooks daughter the oldest one,

    Posted by roxiefoxie at Thursday, March 20 2014 02:36 PM

    So what I wish

    Posted by G GIRL at Friday, March 21 2014 01:01 PM

    I don't think any of them actually raised their kids Taylor kids where missing for a while then showed up after they where teenagers. Donna son was adopted the same will be said for Will after a while, that's how soaps are you never see the moms with the children like you do in real life. The nanny has them they are in school abroad etc. I think Stefanie even said Brooke was a good mother, Ridge spent time with RJ in Paris however you never saw them together on the show?????

    Posted by G GIRL at Friday, March 21 2014 01:03 PM

    As far as Ridge chasing after Brooke, like everyone said they are not married!!!! So Ridge go home to Katie and read some poetry and play in the park lol

    Posted by Broker at Saturday, March 22 2014 06:38 PM

    I have enjoyed the show since the beginning and never had an issue with the casting but now I do it is in regard to the
    New ridge,
    This guy looks dirty and nasty. Brooke should say thank you
    That he is with katie

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