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    Friday, February 14 2014

    The VP. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown for the week of February 10 - 14:

    It's been an interesting week on "B&B, mainly revolving around the Brooke/Ridge/Katie/Bill quadrangle. Thoughts:

    The end.
    After Liam spotted her rather intimate moment with Ridge and asked about it, the possibility that she might actually want to swap ex-spouses with her sister became all too real for Katie. She told Ridge in no uncertain terms that they could only be friends and sent him back to Brooke. Clearly it wasn't an easy decision for Katie, who proceeded to behave irrationally by making Liam the vice-president of Spencer Publications. He must have thought she meant vice-president of her life, because he's done nothing but try to tell her how to run it ever since. While it's nice to have Liam focused on something other than his own love life, he's been a bit much - Katie had to leave her own office to get away from him! I wonder if it will ever occur to him that his reasons for Brooke and Ridge not being together also fit for him and Hope.

    Set the date.
    During the bizarre Forrester meeting that dissolved into a discussion about Hope's love life and then put the spotlight on Carter and Maya tying the knot, it became clear that Maya is beginning to have doubts about marrying Carter. Here's hoping they put her out of her misery soon since she had more chemistry with Oliver in one kiss than in her entire relationship with Carter. Even in their love scenes it feels like Maya is pretending or trying to convince herself she feels something she doesn't. She needs to let herself off the hook.

    Engaged? (CBS)
    Not the most loyal bitch...
    Just when viewers had almost written Quinn off as a dark, manipulative, scary psycho, she showed us her fun, flirty, wise-cracking psycho side, and just like that, we got excited about the character again! Kissing Bill came right out of the blue, but it was hot, and caught our interest, no question. Bill's cocky confidence that she 'wants him' is a sure sign that they might just 'go there'. Is this something you would like to see happen? Let know by voting in our B&B Poll: Should Bill and Quinn hook-up?

    A brand new chapter.
    So, Ridge proposed to Brooke and they're going to get remarried. Anyone else feel this won't go off with a hitch? Brooke made a beeline to Katie's office to share her news, remaining utterly oblivious to Katie wanting Ridge (man is she going to be blind-sided), but she forgot to let Bill know, so he turned up brimming with flowers and optimism on Valentine's Day only to get turned down. You almost had to feel sorry for the guy, who just cannot comprehend Brooke being able to resist him.

    Doing nothing.
    Wow, Hope wouldn't leave the hotel room in Hawaii and she didn't want to go out for a nice dinner on Valentine's Day. Guess she just wants to stay in and have...Wyatt. You have to respect that.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, February 14 2014 01:40 PM

    Katie is to be matron of honor and she passes. This gives RIDGE and Katie time to refocus on their feelings. If Brooke gets rejected by Ridge, she might go back to Bill and give him the papers Katie signed out of revenge. There was a little foreshadowing today to this. I would think Katie could have them voided under the circumstances they were signed anyway. Seems like Donna is parking herself at Eric's side. Quinn and BILL deserve each other but watch out. I would hate to be their target. Bill is so stuck on himself. A male diva. Still don't like Wyatt. Where does Hope get all her power at FC? She doesn't design or contribute much. She sur. makes a lot of company decisions. Rick will really hate Ridge if he delays the wedding and takes up with Katie.

    Posted by JadeLola at Friday, February 14 2014 02:08 PM

    Kate deserve better.Can't take Logan now.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, February 14 2014 04:08 PM

    Okay, writers, here's your scenario: Brooke and Ridge are reuniting, in part for their nine year-old son. Great, but they are not going to invite said child to take part in their joyous occasion (because it's going to be small and intimate, which apparently would not include just the two of them and their son?) and they are not even going to tell him about it until it's taken place (because he needs to concentrate on his studies!!!!!) and they are not going to bring him home until they know they are stable (which will be AFTER the marriage). Right. That they are concerned about the studies of a NINE year old child (who presumably will be taking his SATs next week and then applying to MIT) is ridiculous enough, but that the child is a Forrester and comes from a family in which 18 year olds are given executive positions without ever stepping foot on a college campus makes it all the more laughable. Why did the writers bring this character back if they are going to treat him in this ridiculous way? Just saying......

    And why is adult Hope allowed to live with her mommy, but child RJ is not?

    I like Katie with Ridge, and the fact that Brooke is going to be totally blindsided by Katie's revelation (not to mention Ridge's) is going to be delicious. Heather Tom as the highly conflicted Katie is fabulous.

    Posted by Suzann 2 at Friday, February 14 2014 10:33 PM

    I think Liam really cares about Katie now that he see's she not against him . Liam knows Ridge and Katie have true feelings for each other and are not being honest with themselves . Liam can see right through them and wants Katie to be happy . I have a lot of respect for Liam now for trying to help them not to make the biggest misstake of their lives. Ridge and Katie are good together , Katie is nothing like Brooke so I don't understand why she wouldn't allow this relationship to grow their both single.

    Posted by FanFromTheBeginning at Saturday, February 15 2014 06:18 AM

    I came back and watched again on Valentine's Day. Did you miss me? Anyway, the Ridge/Katie pairing is capturing my interest - seems like feelings based on respect and depth of character, which is nice. I like the poetry, too - really. It would be fun to see these two pair up - how many times did Brooke say to Bill, "Katie will come to accept this and she will move on." might be your turn, Brookie! The "destiny" thing might be wearing a bit thin anyway. One last thing - I am tired of people saying Brooke "thinks with her heart." I do believe it may really be somewhere downstairs...

    Posted by hawkeyeruler at Monday, February 17 2014 08:07 AM

    With Taylor and Thomas coming back to B&B and the picture of Ridge in Paris with the LBGT flag. I wonder if Thomas's character will be gay. Just a thought, but wouldn't be surprised. They talk about a Forrester secret coming to light. Who knows...

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