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    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Charlie's Secret.

    Thursday, January 23 2014

    I've been hiding something...

    On Friday's episode of "B&B," Brooke doesn't want to wait any longer for Ridge, and Charlie prepares to come clean to Pam about what he's been hiding about Wyatt. Watch the sneak peek below.

    Find out when to get the B&B novellas Forbidden Affair and Collision Course. Visit's Primetime Dish to find out about ex-"All My Children's" Colin Egglesfield's role on Drop Dead Diva and more.

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    Header photo: CBS

    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Jigglea at Thursday, January 23 2014 05:49 PM

    Is Brooke kidding me!! Oh boy she got that man eater look in her eyes again!! She just needs to go sit down somewhere! I hope Ridge tells her to go kick rocks!!
    Is Charlie kidding me!! I just don't get the big deal about this Wyatt's PR stunt....he should be hailed a hero because his stunt actually thwarted a real and potential dangerous jewelry heist....come on writers do better by Wyatt and make this just go away!!!!!!! I don't see him as a bad guy!!

    Posted by vlmram5360 at Thursday, January 23 2014 05:54 PM

    you'r taking this too far, one, hope is an air head, enough of the wawa, you drag this too far kick it up. and bill katie,ridge, brooke come on this is so far fetched that none of it fits. ridge cant condone what brooke did when she has been loose through this show.ridge bonding with katie / defeats the reason for why they are where they are.whytt is a true mammas boy but COME on the Whole story line is way out you need a new writer who can bring this sic soap to their name //BOLD and/ BEAUTIFUL NOT stupid

    Posted by debbie65 at Thursday, January 23 2014 07:29 PM

    Just let Liam and Hope be together and be happy for a change. Just so over the on again and off again with them. Put Wyatt or Bill and Steffy together. Because they would be better together, because they are more alike. Or let Bill get with Quinn and let him find out that Wyatt isn't his son. And when Wyatt's ex girl friend come back, let her have a kid that is his. And let Ridge and Brooke be together, because we've waited so long for them to get back together again. And let Thorne and Katie get together and have some fun with each other for awhile. Let Eric and Donna get back together and have a baby. And then let Quinn try and come between them and start trouble for them. Just need some new story lines!!! And let the Bold and the beautiful stay on an hour like the soaps does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by synergyangel at Thursday, January 23 2014 08:23 PM

    I agree with-debbie65- I am tired and frustrated with the storyline. Let Hope and Liam move on and get married. Wyatt can go back with Nicole who had his child but Mama Quinn interfered and an Wyatt thought she had lost the baby? Thorne and Katie make a great pair and Brook and Ridge are the never ending love story! Not so sure about Eric and Donna. Who knows maybe??? One thing is dead on--Quinn and Wyatt need to be dismissed!!! Maybe Quinn and Bill is reasonable, but vicious. Thanks

    Posted by leslie1 at Thursday, January 23 2014 09:24 PM

    I agree with debbie65, especially Wyatt's ex coming back with a kid, a different story line anyway...the fact that hope for the future, is supposed to be addressing young women on fashion that is good, because that is hope's's not a vision of lets do a crime to promote the line....and say it was just a stunt....don't think that Hope would condone an act of stealing something to promote anything to do with her line...just saying...stealing for any reason is wrong....Wyatt doing this, just shows that he would resort negatively in trying get what he different than his learn what you are taught..

    Posted by leah70 at Thursday, January 23 2014 09:55 PM

    @vlmram5360. Bold and the Beautiful is indeed in need of a new writer. Someone who actually watches this show. Brooke did not give a fart about Katie and her family when she got down with Bill. She doesn't deserve to be happy with Ridge.She deserves to walk in on Katie getting a real hot and heavy smooch from Ridge. I really hope Dope ends up pregnant for Wyatt. Liam's an idiot.

    Posted by renacat at Friday, January 24 2014 10:04 AM

    I agree Charlie should not tell on Wyatt. It was going to be a PR stunt, but REAL robbers came through the door to rob them of the Hope Diamond! Wyatt had no idea real robbers would come thru the door. Really poor writing of script that the robbers doing a lie detector test and passing. Dum... those robbers really came thru the door and they need to be convicted for robbery! Wyatt better not get into trouble with the police on the show or I will be disappointed.

    Posted by renacat at Friday, January 24 2014 10:29 AM

    Liam is not good for Hope. Think of all the breakups with Hope--and how quickly Stefie tricked Liam within hours of their breakup--and then Liam and Stefie were together again. We need to remember how Stefie tricked Liam into the 1st marriage--and Liam did not have to be a nice guy and go on with the wedding then. Duh. Then Stefie gets pregnant on purpose to trap Liam, and Liam dumps Hope again. Liam apparently never found out that Stefie stopped taking her birth control pills on purpose so she could trap him and take him away from Hope! To me Liam was always too loyal to Stefie and not to Hope. I always saw Hope left alone and watching Stefie and Liam together. If I was Hope I would remember that she was always #2 when Stefie was around. And remember all the dirty tricks everyone did to stop Liam's and Hope wedding in Italy. Stefie was in on that big time with Bill, and Liam never really learned what happened or maybe he would have never been with Stefie ever again! Another turn off is Liam's demanding behavior to Hope. Liam pressured Hope into sex since he said he couldn't wait any longer, and then recently he demanded to Hope that they needed to get married right away. Yuk. Only reason Liam wants Hope is Stefie is gone for good. (Stefie is not on show anymore). Now Liam will see what it is like to see your lover in another relationship, and he has to sit back and watch like Hope always had too!

    Posted by Synth at Friday, January 24 2014 11:01 AM

    Why can't Liam let Hope be happy with Wyatt. He should go back to Steffi he knows Steffi loves him. He is just too selfish .he turns my stomach the way he keeps trying to get Hope back. He should be a real man and let her go and let her be happy.

    Posted by sassynclassy at Friday, January 24 2014 11:38 AM

    There was no heist. Wyatt made it up to try and win Hopie. He is a bad guy. Likes to manipulate to get what he wants, just like his mother!

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