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    Friday, November 22 2013

    Give in, girl! (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown for the week of November 18 - 22:

    Bill got some just desserts this week, the Wyatt/Liam rivalry heated up, and Ally returned. Thoughts:

    Hot off the presses.
    While at Liam's house, Hope was pushing for Liam to accept Wyatt as his brother. It boggles the mind that she expects that to happen while she simultaneously has them competing over her. Wyatt showed up with the photos, knowing Hope wouldn't be able to resist them, and ended in a series of goofy challenges to prove he's manlier than Liam, who wound up with a ping-pong ball in the kisser. Cheesy, but funny.

    Brooke did this?
    It was also good fun seeing Bill, Justin, and Alison staring dumbfounded at the leaves that fell from the fated envelope. It was interesting that Bill ran back over to Brooke's with his tail between his legs rather than roaring as might have been expected. In other news, Katie began to thaw a bit toward Brooke this week. Do you think it's time? Let know by voting in our B&B Poll: Do you think Katie should forgive Brooke now?

    Bill and Liam were a riot going back and forth about Bill living in the Malibu house and whose house it actually is. It was surprising that Liam agreed to have Bill intercede on his behalf with Wyatt - seems parental interference is fine when it's in your favor. Of course, Bill was mainly doing it to try and win points with Brooke, which Liam should have realized - he's pretty Bill-savvy by this point.

    Skeery Quinn. (CBS)
    Thorne's daughter, Ally, returned from law school with dreams of designing a shoe line for Forrester dancing through her head. Speaking of dreams, she'll also happily follow in the footsteps, or lip prints, of her cousin, who's not actually a cousin, Hopie, whose life is currently raining men and accolades. Some viewers were affected by Thorne and Ally's emotional scenes, and others weren't so much, perhaps because Ally is a virtual stranger given that we didn't watch her grow up onscreen. Either way, the flashbacks and memories of Sally and Darla were awesome. With Thorne and Ally agreeing to move into the Forrester mansion by week's end, perhaps we'll be seeing more of Thorne? Here's hoping.

    The Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle is in full swing now that the parents are jumping on board to weigh in and try to manipulate the outcome. Seem familiar? Gah! The trouble is that all of this drama is surrounding Hope and many couldn't care less who she's with, although all dearly wish she'd pick someone and stick with them. Wyatt and Liam's relationships with Hope are boring when it comes down to it. They revolve almost completely around them telling her how special and amazing she is, and stealing kisses. Meanwhile, she leads them both on and slaps them down on a regular basis. If she loves Liam, why not marry him? What is she waiting for? If she feels passion for Wyatt, why not give in to it, like in the steam room? When Liam was enthusiastically telling her how Bill was going to get rid of Wyatt for them, why didn't she admit that she'd been letting Wyatt kiss her at every opportunity - she doesn't want him gone.

    Revenge tastes so sweet.
    Okay, so Quinn is clearly more of a loose cannon than we ever thought. Stabbing Bill and licking his blood off her fingers? Yike!

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by shocolate at Friday, November 22 2013 01:47 PM

    I CAN'T STAND QUINN!!! BILL SHOULD HAVE SPIT WHEN SHE DREW AND SWALLOWED HIS BLOOD! Liam is right there is something wrong with Quart and his mamma. And another thing, looks like Hope is a chip off the old block...... Kissing brothers etc.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, November 22 2013 06:08 PM

    Hope is disgusting just like her mother, letting two men practically make love to her. Liam was the same with her and Steffy and look where it got him. I hope it will come back to haunt her. Agree about her caring so much about the brothers, who share nothing more than a bit of DNA, behaving like loving brothers. They didn't grow up together or even know about each other until a month or so ago. She acts like family with people who are not her family so why does biology matter? If Liam and Wyatt weren't blood relations they would not spend five minutes together.

    Ally was not in law school; when she and Hope were talking, Hope said she thought Ally was pre-law, which is college. She is an undergraduate who now won't graduate because she is going to be fabulous shoe designer with no training, just like Hopie was with her fashion line.

    Looking forward to more Thorne -- maybe he will get a love life.

    Bill is acting like a pathetic wimp right now. Blah.

    Quinn had better hope Bill doesn't have HIV or some other disease that can be transmitted by blood. She is a freak, and much different than the way she was portrayed when she first arrived on the scene.

    I was hoping Katie would be hating Brooke for longer, but I guess the great thaw was inevitable. Taking those papers was a big step in the direction of forgiveness for Brooke. Oh well. I just hope they don't go back to a giant sister love fest. I do love that Brooke threw him out, but why does she keep taking his phone calls?

    Bill to Brooke: "Every good thing hurts someone." Really?

    Posted by Realismreality at Saturday, November 23 2013 01:18 PM

    Come on, don't you think we should wait to determine if the papers were destroyed first! We ARE talking about Brooke here. Let Katie give it a minute or ask about the papers or see their ashes or shreds before she completely lets this skank who was with her husband back in and around her child. Brooke should take this opportunity to rebond with her sister and go from there in the right direction and not allow her libido to drive her, she has a head and a brain she should use it. About time these writers allowed these women to use their heads.

    Hope is having fun and really liking what she is getting from Wyatt that she has not been receiving from Liam who is a dirt bag wimp.

    Bill is not all that and I think Quinn is messing with his head, she does not back down from him, leave her alone, he deserves it. He is disgusting trash that should be thrown out. Now has Katie fired those two in her office yet, she should do so immediately!

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