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    Friday, November 15 2013

    Snore. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown for the week of November 11 - 15:

    There was some pretty shocking stuff this week surrounding Dollar Bill. Everything else was fluff. Thoughts:

    It's not that simple.
    While it seemed like a fun idea for Hope to lead on both Liam and Wyatt, it's actually been a yawn. Liam whining about getting married, and Wyatt boasting about the publicity-generating heist just makes them both seem unappealing. Hope has also adopted this odd way of talking to them sometimes that sounds rehearsed or like she's not really feeling what she's saying - it's distracting. Bottom line - listening to Hope and Liam discuss their relationship six ways to Sunday is just so boring at this point.

    Dear ol' dad.
    Wyatt and Liam discussing Bill brought some snappy lines and a touch of brotherly agreement for a change. It will be interesting to see if they both react the same way when they hear what Bill did to Katie and Brooke.

    Short-lived triumph. (CBS)
    Exploring her options.
    Was anyone else tempted to explore other options rather than sit through that insipid conversation between Hope and Caroline this week? Ye gad. Caroline sing-songing to Hope about Liam and Wyatt made me want to smack her. She wasn't supposed to be such an airhead! Further, why would Rick and Carter have become 'close', and why on earth would they ever dream of pushing for Caroline and Maya to socialize together? Dumb!

    Lies...all lies!
    Wow, so Bill really pulled a cruel move on Katie and Brooke, and boy did it make for a lot of entertaining scenes. Many think Brooke deserved nothing less given what she did to her sister, but Katie not so much. Unfortunately, Katie buying into Bill's scam so easily was relatively unbelievable. Even if she bought into the feigned romance, Justin showing up at the door bright and early the next morning with paperwork should have been her first big clue that she was being played. What was up with Justin anyway, wanting Bill's mojo back in the boardroom? Overdoing the cheerleading just a bit... Anyway, Katie signed the documents and Bill made his way over to inform Brooke that they could now be together again - nevermind that he had boinked Katie just hours before. You have to admire the sheer audacity of the man! Brooke, who normally might have applauded the sheer genius of her man and leapt back into bed with him, decided that although they'd both screwed Katie over before, it wasn't okay for him to mess them both around. Katie conveniently wandered in as Brooke was freaking out. Bill tried to make them see, ahem, reason, but got kicked to the curb. He headed straight for Spencer Publications to hang out with Alison and Justin, who were practically salivating for the opportunity to kiss his behind. Their boozy celebration was short-lived however, as Bill soon learned that he'd been once again bested by a Logan woman. We knew those leaves had a purpose... Pretty entertaining stuff all-in-all. What do you think Bill should do next? Vote in's "B&B" poll:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, November 15 2013 05:02 PM

    I'm not saying what Bill did was right but seriously, why shouldn't he have pulled what he did when both Brooke and Katie have both been so stupid to fall for his b.s. before? I mean they seriously make it so easy for Bill. I will say though I am pleased Brooke pulled that with the leaves, it doesn't excuse Brooke getting with her sister's man to begin with but I am glad she didn't fall into bed with him this time.

    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, November 16 2013 12:03 AM

    Katie's response to Bill's moving back in was a letdown. She is smarter than that. Justin was obvious to me with his presence the next morning. At least Katie made some moves after not finding Bill at the office. Katie may forge a relationship with Brooke but it hasn't redeemed Brooke in my eyes. Hate that Ridge will come back and he and Brooke might reconcile AGAIN. Break up Liam and Hope for good and have goofy Wyatt leave the show.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Saturday, November 16 2013 07:53 AM

    Hello Posters: I am glad that Brooke finally did right by Katie. Brooke and Bill should have never crossed the line. Bill is so cocky and smug, on all he does and thinks he is always right. I want Brooke to resist Bill and to let how he did her and Katie be at the fore front, as a reminder of how dispicible and underhanded he really is to people. Brooke also has let everything slide, also on how he did Hope. She has a lot of ground to atone to and make up for. This paper swap was a good start. Bill needs to feel some of the pain he has caused so many with no consciecious or payback. He should be shunned by family, friends, and the public for his sins. What he did to Katie was the lowest, dirty action done to the mother of his son; who almost died to give birth. Bill needs to lose everything to Katie and Will. It was bad enough that he treats Will, Liam, and Wyatt like possessions; he has tried to run their lives, as well. I think Katie needs to come back with a strong vengenance and pull SP to the top. She needs to fire Justin and Alison to start with. Katie needs to set Liam straight on what she expects from him as an employee and if he has a problem with it fire him to. Katie needs to move forward and not look back concerning Bill and his wants; as he did this to himself. He has showed Katie no respect or compassion when she was sick, pregnant, his wife, immediate family, and has treated her like a unthinking, weak, and like a doormat, and as one of his possessions to use at will and throw away. Katie has enough knowledge of his illegal doing that she can have him put away for a long time. This would be good to see is Bill serving time for his evil ways and away from his family. Katie needs a man who will help her and respect her. I don't want to see Brooke with the new Ridge. This has been played enough over the years. Brooke needs to get help for her needing men; send her to a therapist so she can deal with her problem. We need to get the triangles over with and move on to some substanical story lines. Let Wyatt and Hope get together for awhile and let Liam suffer for awhile.

    Posted by Nightshiftrrt at Monday, November 18 2013 05:12 AM

    I think ole' Dollar Bill should find a stockholder willing to sell him enough stock in the company to help him regain control with the promise of greater dividend checks. And, maybe use of the Spencer jet and use of the Aspen home... and let all the viewers see how that favor he so richly needed spins out of control. And, of course it will baffle all of the Spencers and Forresters... "Who is this man?" and "Why is Bill "friends" with this wierdo?". But, of course he doesn't want to reveal his source... until he's just had enough. "The Manipulator" is being manipulated by some stockholding goof ball. That would really push his buttons and would make for good t.v.

    Posted by cay65 at Tuesday, November 19 2013 08:07 AM

    There are no other stockholders only Karen 50%, Bill 49%, Katie 1%. I'd like to see Bill get some payback for all the dirty tricks he has played on everyone. This would be good if everyone turned their back on him while he is dealing with the law and I'd also like to see Justin and Allison get the rug pulled out from under them and maybe have Deacon's release from jail come to haunt them all.

    Posted by chairer at Friday, November 22 2013 04:03 PM

    I would like to see Brooke destroy those papers and/or give them to Katie, for as long as they are around and Bill knows/suspects they are around, he will do ANYTHING to get them back. It seems to have taken 3 years for Bill's day of reckoning to dawn I hope this sticks and that it is not just a fleeting episode.

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