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    Friday, September 27 2013

    Dazzled. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown for the week of September 23 - 27:

    The show seemed to get a little bogged down in the stuff surrounding Hope and Brooke this week. Thoughts:

    Quinn's plan.
    Honestly, for someone who wanted nothing to do with the Spencers and Forresters and their money or lifestyle, Quinn sure is an eager participant now! Her sudden penchant for scheming, not to mention dropping in on people uninvited cast her in a more negative light. She seemed to have more integrity when she wasn't acting so dazzled by the wealthy people and so determined to stay a part of it at any cost. Has your view of Quinn changed? Vote:

    Whirlwind Wyatt.
    We get that he's into Hope, and some of his flirtatious talk and one-liners are adorable, but the negative is that it's so constant. It's a recurring problem that this show tends to beat viewers over the head with things until they are utterly annoying. Every single conversation Wyatt has now, has to include a stab at Liam or a plug for his and Hope's relationship. Pass the aspirin please. For insight from Wyatt's portrayer, read's Darin Brooks interview.

    Liam's desperation.
    While it's nice to see Liam squirming and getting a taste of his own medicine, it might have been even more entertaining to see him be supremely confident about his relationship with Hope and be blind-sided by her interest in another guy. His whining is making him really unappealing!

    Awkward. (CBS)
    Romancing the stone.
    Perfect storyline for Hope - a magical diamond with special powers that leads you to your destiny. Too funny that Ricardo used that dreaded word.

    Such an icky situation with Katie showing up at Brooke's house right after she and Bill have just done the deed. I don't know what was more awkward - that Katie stuck around to talk about it, or that Brooke acted like Katie had some kind of problem because she hadn't accepted this by now. Ack!

    Soon the whole world will know.
    I'm sure the whole world already knows thanks to the tabloids. Anyway, Bill proposed to Brooke before he's even divorced from her sister. Jeeze, what is with the marriage obsession on this show? I'm thinking there's not a chance that Brooke will say no, and won't be able to resist sharing her exciting news with someone, like Donna, who was so sure Brooke wouldn't commit to Bill. Hmm...

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, September 27 2013 04:38 PM

    Quinn and her son have done 180's. Don't care for either one since their integrity seems to have been bypassed by stardust. Rumors say that Brooke and Bill won't make it to the altar. Don't really care for these two and what they do. Hate that Katie wants Bill back. When will she ever learn. She needs to be strong and walk away from the worthless man she is married to. She will never learn. Hope, Liam, Wyatt is as annoying as Hope, Liam, and Steffy. This show needs some intriguing storylines. They are repeating bad storylines. Weddings, engagements, divorces. Oh my gosh, who writes this stuff?

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, September 27 2013 06:00 PM

    Quinn and Wyatt are have changed completely in about two weeks. Suddenly Quinn is dropping in on total strangers (how did she get past the gate?), taking on Brooke about their children and kissing a man she just met (who employs her) smack on the lips. Cheeky. And Wyatt has been obnoxious about Hope since day one. Don't like either of them, they are both after the money and the power when they were so down-to-earth and hard-working. Oh well. I hope Quinn doesn't become the latest Mrs. Eric Forrester. Stephanie's portrait will burst into flames!

    Brooke is just disgusting. She acts like everything is Bill's fault, like she is under his power or something. She keeps saying she doesn't know what Bill is going to do. How about what YOU are going to do? You could choose something else, you know, Brooke! You do have that option. And Bill asking her to marry him and saying he loves her is ridiculous. Take a breath, people. Lust is not love, no matter what they might think. Kate is going to freak when she hears Bill proposed. There will be more wrath, which will be great because Heather Tom does wrath really well. And Brooke will just stand there and cry quietly -- why don't you support me, Katie, I always supported you! There is nothing we can do, it's out of our control, we can't help ourselves. Ugh.

    I like seeing Liam sweat a bit, but he is completely boring and whiney now. I am glad he is getting a taste of his own medicine but it would be nice if he used his backbone.

    The diamond story is boring. Maybe they'll lose it and have to play Keystone Cops -- that would be funny!

    Missed Maya and Pam this week.

    Posted by Realismreality at Saturday, September 28 2013 04:05 PM

    Great rant! Wyatt should have his mind on business at the appropriate time and give us a break on professing his feelings for Hope over and over again, it is overkill and I want the two of them to get together, but even I am tired of hearing it. Liam is a jerk, and can you get him a real barber to get his facial hair together, just wild hair is not sexy, it should be brought together in a unified manner. I am tired of his wimpy whining, and he was better with Steffy! It is so obvious he lets others make up his mind instead of using his own brain. He and Hope do not fit to me. Do any of these people ever have their minds on their jobs they seem to have such concern about.

    Rick and Caroline do not fit, she is an airhead. Carter and Maya don't fit and neither does her saying yes to him. He is a whining, begging, unlikeable pain. Maya seems to be in a fog and needs to speak up and become mature. She does not appear to be realistic! Rick cannot obtain a clear thought about what he really wants.

    If Brooke gives Katie another of those speeches attempting to place the blame on her I will get nauseous! She is with her sister's husband, there is nothing right about that EVER! donna needs to get her head out of the clouds and be realistic, her sister is a skeezer that is with her sisters husband and there is nothing right about it. I cannot believe Brooke and Bill expect people to accept this and I cannot believe the writers are going to write it as though they will. this is sick and wrong regardless of how much money you earn! Brooke is trash, so is Bill and surely he is going to get over himself! This is not acceptable in any society. I want to see Katie continue to stand up for herself and realize the world does not revolve around Bill and she can do this on her own, don't make her a wet mop!

    Liam and Hope together is pathetic. Bill staying at Brooke's and always in her bed makes him look whipped and less of a man's man he tries to portray.

    Posted by Neenee50 at Monday, September 30 2013 03:53 PM

    Ugh, Brooke and Bill just disgust me. How in the world could you even glimps at your sisters husband, let alone marry him. She does not think about nobody but herself and always in the bed with someone else's husband. She has been through all of the Forrester men now she's starting on the Spencer's come on Brooke do you have any respect for yourself? All she think about is getting in the bed with any man no matter who he is and who he's married to. Bill, I have no respect for you to ask your not yet X wife's sister to marry you. You are such a dog. Victoria, keep your head up and don't fall for the first man that approach you, don't be anything like your big sister Brooke or should I say your sister that stabbed you in the back. Watch out Donna, oh Brooke has already had Eric and Storm and Ridge. If you get another love interest watch out.

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