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    Friday, August 30 2013

    Getting her man. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown for the week of August 26 - 30:

    There was lots of drama again this week on "B&B," with the focus remaining on several storylines and a variety of characters. Love this!

    Licking their wounds.
    It was so disappointing that they made Thomas and Thorne look like Dumb and Dumber. The fashion show still made for some solid viewing, even though the outcome was no surprise thanks to the many teasers that come out ahead of time. Regardless, there were some good moments of tension, and it's always a kick seeing Pam trying to make things better with her lemon bars.

    Dirty little secret.
    It was surprising that Rick jumped into bed with Caroline so easily as he hasn't even seemed turned on by her in recent weeks. Despite Maya's dirty little secret hurting his pride, Rick should have had a bit more loyalty. Caroline's self-congratulatory air when Maya arrived the morning after was bang on. One couldn't help but feel for Maya at first, but by the time she was in Rick's office doorway pouting and giving those long exaggerated looks she gives, I was pretty much over it. She shouldn't have kissed creepy Carter in the first place. Caroline and Rick were pretty cute cuddled up on Friday's episode, but I'm hoping this situation doesn't deteriorate into weeks of longing looks from Rick and Maya as they half-heartedly romance Caroline and Carter. That would be predictable and boring.

    Intense! (CBS)
    Shacked up.
    Bill and Brooke's announcement to Hope and Liam that they are moving forward together didn't go over exactly as they'd hoped. I actually enjoyed Hope speaking her mind, although she had forgiven Brooke for sleeping with Bill previously. Liam needs to grow a pair. He just accepted everything without a peep. Later, at Spencer, I loved Katie telling Brooke it's gross that she's shacked up with her sister's husband! Real talk! This is a soap, and Brooke is Brooke, but even she should have the decency to stop trying to force herself on Katie, and pushing her to accept her and Bill together. So...insensitive and unsavory.

    Foaming at the mouth.
    Katie dished the dirt on Bill to Wyatt, who, despite kissing his half-brother's sister in his own house several times, is now the defender of all that is moral and right. One has to giggle. As for the Wyatt and Bill clash, it was divine. Bill versus Mini-Bill. Wyatt gave as good as he got and made a lot of solid points. Not that logic matters to Bill, which makes it all the more fun to watch them go at it. I'm looking forward to seeing this rivalry go deep and play out; all this familial conflict and taking sides makes for lots of big drama. Here's hoping Liam and Hope end up on opposite sides of the issue as well. What do you think of the Wyatt and Bill bust-up? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bbfanalways at Friday, August 30 2013 11:18 AM

    today was the first day I had watched B&B for a couple of weeks. I never trusted Wyatt and I am glad Bill is kicking him to the curb. Now that Wyatt has such an interest in Katie, who is to say he and Katie will join forces against Bill and become a couple. It would make this soap more interesting. Leaving Hope with Liam, which will never happen. Depends on the writers perspective of course. I have seen so many negative posts against the Logans and the Foresters. Well now the show evolves just Logans and Spencers with just a couple of Foresters. Logans becoming Spencers, Spencers becoming Foresters and Wyatt waning to be a Specenr and a Logan Makes me dizzy lol

    Posted by titans at Friday, August 30 2013 02:24 PM

    Funny how Bill sure didn't like it begin thrown in his face about how he has been an absent father.....I know that it wasn't his fault as he didn't know about Liam and Wyatt, but for him to sit there and treat Wyatt that way was awful. I have been a Bill fan as he brings something to the show no one else ever has, but the fact he is all the sudden blaming Katie for everything that is beyond crazy. Also, he just found his son Wyatt, and because Wyatt has an opinion different than his, then he disowns that one does blow my mind. Bill may be a lot of things, but he does love his I am a little baffled by that one.

    And for the record, Liam can't say anything about his daddy leaving one sister for the other....I know technically Hope and Steffy are not sisters, however, Hope considers Ridge her father figure and they have been step sisters so Liam can't be mad at Bill for doing the same thing he is doing...besides, Bill is his family, not Brooke or Katie......However I am glad Hope stood up to Brooke and let her know that what she has done is not okay. Sure she will forgive her....she is her mom......but I am glad she didn't just accept it like it was all a blessed event.

    Posted by titans at Friday, August 30 2013 02:28 PM

    Rick and Maya, I don't really understand....the romance of them in the beginning was really good but not sure what the point in all of it was if this is where it led.

    Rick kissed all over Caroline and couldn't break up with her for a long time.....and Carter spends the night at Maya's and Rick goes berserk.....however, the very night he finds out, Caroline not only spends the night but they have sex.

    When he sees Maya, he wants to make it work, not knowing she already knows about Caroline.....

    And all this started because Rick needs honesty. Come on......Rick doesn't need honesty because he doesn't understand the definition.

    Again, writers trying to make a character something they are not......Rick is no saint and is was of the least honest people on this show so I don't get it at all.

    Oh well.....that makes more sense to me than the Brooke Bill pairing.

    Posted by EricaBoDerekaMissAmerica at Saturday, August 31 2013 09:36 AM

    Oh, Baby!

    Maybe Brooke will get pregnant again??? As anyone who has even a thread of knowledge about conception in older women, that stuff was just stupid. One roll in the hay and POW, Pregnant.

    Almost as amazing is how fast the kids grow up. Anybody want to take a guess oh how old Will is going to be by, let's say Christmas???

    Posted by mj72 at Saturday, August 31 2013 03:56 PM

    I am glad that Wyatt is in Bills face.Liam is such a brown noser and a loser.I hope Wyatt punches Liam too. Im not crazy about wyatt but its about time someone shakes things up with the Spencer losers!

    Posted by Realismreality at Saturday, August 31 2013 07:15 PM

    I cannot believe that piece of trash Brooke actually had the nerve to have that conversation with Katie and find fault with her, her tongue should fall out! Katie needs to call security and have her thrown out and not listen to the garbage. Katie needs to really tell her off and put her in her place, call her trash and then throw the garbage out on her butt, literally, have security throw her out and tell them in her presence she is never to dock in any doorway again, she is trash!

    Where Bill and Brooke get off is beyond me, he is pathetic, I enjoyed Wyatt telling him off but he should have gone further and had the last word! Liam is a jerk and looked pathetic, what a worm! Come on Steffie, I can't wait for you to return and rock his world! Guess Wyatt will rethink how he treated his Mom and why she did what she did regarding dear old dad now!

    Rick is unbelievable to be so into Maya and in love with her then fall for Caroline's immature antics, Maya didn't really do anything, that was so sad to wind up like this. Then on Friday with Caroline, he looked really pathetic! Our Rafael should reap something from his part in this, and Carter needs to man up and grow up and find someone who wants him. Please don't let Maya turn into sick garbage like the rest of these libido owned idiots, let us have someone with morals in there somewhere!

    Bill really needs to get over himself and pay for his way of thinking!

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Tuesday, September 03 2013 07:43 AM

    Caroline lies to Rick and manipulates his life but he can forgive her. Maya withholds a truth (and is on her way to tell it) but he can’t forgive her. Rick spends the night with Caroline and was surely not going to tell Maya. Hmmmm…so much for all that “honesty and integrity” huh, Rick? And by the way, you certainly know how to “move on” quickly, don’t you? Maya deserves much better.

    Caroline – no such thing as a prince marrying a commoner? First of all, Rick is not a “prince,” he is a wealthy, entitled brat (sound familiar?). Second of all, why don’t you ask Prince William Windsor and his commoner wife, Catherine, if this is true. Maybe they’ll let you babysit.

    It looks like Brooke “I hope we’ll have your support” Logan is unable to remember that she is currently sharing her body and her bed with the man who manipulated and tormented her daughter. Okay. I wonder if Brooke also remembers that Bill is the main reason she lost the love of her life, Ridge, after Bill illegally broke Deacon out of jail (in order to ruin his son’s wedding to Hope) thus bringing him back into Brooke’s life. Hope has forgiven Brooke for dozens of things (including sleeping with her boyfriend) so I guess this newest thing is just one in a long list of actions that make Brooke not a candidate for mother-of-the-year.

    Loved Brooke’s scenes with Katie – “in a perfect world” and “we are family” doesn’t work this time, sweetie. Did you really envision happy Christmases under the tree together, passing Will back and forth? Yes, Bill is now your problem and you might not like the reality as much as you love the fantasy.

    Oh, and for the last time – Katie might have pushed you and Bill together, but she didn’t hold either of you at gunpoint. It’s called free will. At any time, you could have thought about Katie and/or Will and decided that getting romantic was NOT the right thing to do.

    So interesting that Bill is now begging Liam to get Hope to be on his side after all he did to split them up and make sure she didn’t end up as part of his family. Heaven forbid she should have her own feelings about what Brooke and Bill are doing. Now that he wants something from her, she is just expected to fall in line like a good little soldier. After all, family is supposed to “rally around” despite what they think, right, Bill?

    I am glad Wyatt is seeing the truth about daddy dearest. Now he owes his mother the biggest apology he can muster.

    Posted by Glamorousgeek at Tuesday, September 03 2013 10:58 AM

    First of all...after years of watching this show...the Bold and the Beautiful is really simply Brooke IS the Bold and the Beautiful. The storylines always revolve around her. Love or hate her...she makes the show, Period.

    Since Ridge's exit, she has to be paired with the Alpha Male of the show....Bill. It's too bad Ridge isn't coming back, because it would be funny to see just how quickly Brooke would dump Bill to be with Ridge. That is the ONLY man she has every truly loved. Whatever she does...she will be forgiven. I would be shocked if by Christmas Brooke, Bill, Katie and the rest of that disfunctional family aren't all having Christmas dinner together.
    Katie...really. What a wimp. Brooke would have cried really pretty, cajoeled and manipulated and gotten exactly what she wanted. Katie you don't deserve to be with had all the tools to be Alpha female and proved that you are still only an Omega female. Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together!

    Maya and Rick...boring. Carter...turning creepy. Caroline, so sad. She started off as a really smart sexy character and has deteriorated into this pathetic, needy woman. She's not even good manipulative like Brooke.

    Thorne, seriously...what is his purpose on the show. Either give him a backbone or let him go off to wherever Taylor is hiding.

    I like Thomas...let's beef up his role and give him a good love interest. I really thought he and Caroline would be the next Ridge and Brooke...but both of them are far too weak to fill the shoes.

    Liam...another one. No freaking back bone...Wyatt is a little bit slimy...but he will make the show interesting.

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