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    Friday, August 16 2013

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    Posted by maxxx at Monday, August 19 2013 01:50 PM


    Posted by Cassiopea at Wednesday, October 23 2013 01:53 PM

    When i read such articles on boards or mags, i understand why the pile of crap about B&B keep building up and Mr Bell feel he owns the world! SMDH! As a B&B fan from the beginning and A Forrester fan yes that's right, for which this show was created once upon a time, before Junior's era of destruction and daddy Bell was running B&B, God bless his soul, THESE TWO VERMINS WOULD NEVER HAD SEEN THE LIGHT OF THE DAY had NEVER as a couple. But the most insulting and cold thing Mr Bell and Mrs Lang did w/o blinking twice, was rubbing this awful couple and sl in other fans 'face knowing how much STILL was loved and how hard we fought for their reunion in Italy. Well Mr Bell couldn't be bother, or cared just like he didn't with Tridge years ago, humiliating Tyloar since her return, all this so his precious "PET" KKL could have it all! When RM decided to leave Mr Bell was left for a dilemma what to do w/ Brooke; so that scene at the restaurant, was just a omen for the real creep-tale we have now. STILL Steffy and Bill had to be the lamb of sacrifice, to give the "w HO re" a man, of course Mrs Lang cannot be humiliated or back burn contrary to the others, so he trapped Steffy in a lame hideous hell triangle, stole her/our STILL sl, and give to the old hag, rubbing it in our face with lascivious romantic locations scenarios and dresses!!!And people wonder why all the actors leave, and only losers and old people stay? It is funny to see how Bell is trying so hard to repair holes in a boat that is sinking faster than the Titanic, hiring new people, won't change a thing. We B&B fans whose characters have been sidelined, crippled, underestimated,and treat like a propping frock, made miserable for all the wrong reasons, we have the consolation that after this biased crap will be canned, the likes of Mr Bell, Mrs Lang and Mr DD will never work again,the audience is powerful machine and ruthless, and we do not forget!I m just ashamed that such great legacy we all grew up with, and loved has been reduced to this shrine of decadence, grotesque writing, boring innuendos and triangles >So long B&B created by William and Lee Philip Bell, we won't forget.

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