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    Friday, August 09 2013

    What the... (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of August 5 - 9:

    Once again, "B&B" had lots going on and put in another solid week. Thoughts:

    Setting them up to fail.
    It was a kick how Donna lectured Katie about spying on Brooke and Bill, yet couldn't resist showing up to watch each session. Ha! Predictably, they did nothing but talk about how great Katie is, and Bill even turned down a wonderful scotch. Not necessarily believable, but necessary for Katie to decide she wanted to reunite with Bill after all. It was all so perfect until Bill found out he was being spied upon. Yike!

    Ballistic Bill.
    It was thoroughly enjoyable watching Katie and Bill have it out when he confronted her about the spying. She stood her ground too, even though she wound up being walked out on and crying in the end. It's kind of too bad Bill was able to twist it so he was the wounded party, when Katie really couldn't be blamed for not trusting Bill...or Brooke for that matter. Sure it was a little devious, but Katie made a good point - it was exactly what he would have done!

    Who creates better buzz?
    No one creates better, ahem, buzz than Brooke, which is why she's gone to Monte Carlo to promote her lingerie line and Bill's hot on her heels. Something tells me Donna, who seemed to enjoy the story about Bill dropping his towel quite a bit, is going to find herself in the way once the stallion and his filly reunite. It's kind of exciting that Bill's pursuing her, and yet it's still so awful. Weird! In any case, the spying will provide Brooke with a convenient excuse to be angry with Katie and bed Bill again.

    Bad boy? (CBS)
    Butt out of the basement.
    There may be a reason the 'dream team' is still in the basement. They simply aren't as motivated as Crazy Caroline. It's a fabulous idea to move Thorne upstairs, however, they're going to need to bring their 'A' game and then some to overcome the resourcefulness of a woman on a mission to get her man back. As for that situation, it's getting boring watching Maya and Caroline go in and out of Rick's office.

    Slugging your brother.
    So, Wyatt has nice guy qualities, but there's no getting around the fact that he brazenly kissed his half-brother's girl in his own home. If he's capable of that, what other surprises are in store? Anyway, it was good for Liam to have a taste of his own medicine. As for Malibu Barbie, aka, Hope, she just needs to stop all that giggling. It's amazing how, with Steffy gone, Hope and Liam seem like a match made in do-gooder heaven. If Steffy returns, perhaps she should take a look at Wyatt instead - he's got a little more of Bill in him, which is intriguing. Who would you like Wyatt to be paired with? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, August 09 2013 04:19 PM

    Bill's reaction to Katie's spying was unfair. He slept with her sister, all she did was make sure it wasn't going to happen again. Jeez. He obviously wanted Brooke more than Katie as he did exactly what she did -- yell and run away. Right after Brooke.

    I hate how Thomas and Thorne are threatening Eric to give then Rick's job almost as much as I hate how Bill is threatening Liam and Wyatt to get along. Although I did always think it was a stupid idea to choose a president by having a design contest. What does that prove except that you can hire a good designer? The job of president is about business.

    I feel like slapping the giggle out of Hope. Ugh.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, August 09 2013 04:39 PM

    I want Wyatt with Hope only because I just really want to see Liam wind up all by himself after his constant waffling between Hope and steffy for the past...what 2 years?( seems like 10).

    Posted by ShadowKat24 at Saturday, August 10 2013 10:46 AM

    Bill's reaction was classic $Bill. He is just too egotistical to be made a fool of by his own game! Katie just needs to keep the company b/c that will hit him where it hurts the most!

    I thought Thorne didn't want a position of power?

    Hope would be better off with Wyatt b/c let's face it, she will never have a happily ever after with a wimp like Liam. Liam deserves to be alone anyway.

    Posted by suzieskorner at Saturday, August 10 2013 11:50 AM

    Really??? Bill is playing VICTIM now. How sick is that!! After he SLEEPS with his wife's SISTER.. and she gets PREGNANT... he's wears his feelings on his sleeve because Katie SPIED on him. Like she should have just TRUSTED HIM beause he said he's "sorry"? Just like Liam/Steffy/Hope "ridiculousness". REALLY WRITERS? I know your objective, for the most part. is to stir the emotions of your viewers but this is a bit much! So much so, that although I have been watching BB "since" it first started when I was in high school.. I "WILL DEFINITELY" be fast-forwarding through anything that has to do with Bill/Brooke nonsense... or just stop watching and see what DAYS OF OUR LIVES is about. Soap operas are soap operas...and been through a lot of immature storylines lately. Like Hope/Liam/Steffy ridiculousness. I was just about to start fast-forwarding through those scenes. Didn't because of Wyatt came in and Hope has begun to not allow herself be a doormat anymore. But when it starts getting intellectually "too ridiculous" to sit and watch Bill and Brooke act like Romeo and Juliet when, in fact, I can't use the words to describe "WHAT"they are acting like... now their characters are childish and "BORING!!!" To boring for me to watch.

    Posted by Nonesense at Monday, August 12 2013 06:15 PM

    I would like to see Thomas, Steffy, and Thorne get some back bone and take over the fashion house. A shift of power would put a new life into the Bold and Beautiful. It is time the LOGANS get knocked off their high horses. No one gets by with as much as Brooke. Steffy has 25% of the company, and Thomas has 5% they are power players that need to be heard. Come on guys make your voiced heard. Do not take this any more.

    Posted by Nonesense at Monday, August 12 2013 06:53 PM

    Katie knew what she was getting when she married Bill. She is not the goodie girl she pretends to be. Bad Bill is just who Bill Spencer is. Katie acts and Bill reacts. I agree with dramaqueen333 that fake laugh of Hope's is a bit too much. Brooke is the one that has wronged her sister. You just do not sleep with your sister's husband regardless. Brooks has slept with both daughter's husband and boy friend. Also, Eric and both his sons (Thorne, Ridge),and Ridge's brother Nick. It is a FAMILY AFFAIR. I'm sorry no one has been forgiven as many times as she has been. Only on the soaps people are not that forgiving.

    Posted by callynana at Thursday, August 15 2013 01:51 PM

    Ok, does Hope know how to talk like an adult without laughing every time she opens her mouth. The whole Hope/Liam/Steffy story line is another Taylor/Ridge/Brooke story line 25 yrs later. I say let Hope be with Wyatt and bring Steffy back to be with Liam. After all Hope says she loves Liam yet she kisses and allows her soon to be brother in law kiss her in Liam's house, Steffy would never do that. Ok now to Brooke and Bill. I'm sick and tired of Brooke getting every guy on this show. She slept with all 3 Forrester men, Ridge's half brother, her daughter's husband and had Hope, slept with Hopes' boyfriend Oliver and now her sisters husband gets pregnant by him but ends up losing the baby. I have watched this show since the day it started and now all I do is fast forward through the Brooke and Bill bulls$%^. Katie needs to keep his company and find another man who will be spending time with her and his son and see how fast Bill comes running back.

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